SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / trade assurance

I have been filling disputes in regards of this order # [protected]. There was an agreement that has been reached then supplier failed again to comply. I want to escalate the dispute to a claim under Trade Assurance Services Rules (the u201CRulesu201D) Version No.: [protected] Updated: [protected] article 2.4 for the breaching the contract:
1- Supplier failed to comply of shipping terms CIF Cairo-Egypt.
2- Supplier failed to provide Certificate of origin.
3- Supplier failed to provide certified Commercial invoice.
4- Supplier failed to provide brokerage services on the port of entry.
5- Supplier failed to deliver goods to destination port.
6- Supplier failed to comply with a new agreement reached to cancel this order and start new order to be build new pumps and to be delivered in China to my shipping forwarder.

All evidence have been previously submitted and copy available upon request.

Apr 13, 2016

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