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Alibaba / Stay away from Alibaba for business!

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Alibaba has TERRIBLE and NASTY customer service when it comes to responding to questions on why my accounts were closed. I have been scammed over 10 times on alibaba, and each time I asked Alibaba for help, they told me, that since I was a free member, to deal with it on my own with the local police and police in the countries of the scammers, which I did. I have lost over $250,000 and it was never recovered. I contacted the scammers and told them I would report them, they threatened me back, and complained to Alibaba. What did Alibaba do? THEY COOPERATED WITH THE CRIMINALS AND CLOSED MY ACCOUNTS!!!

Stay Away from Alibaba for business!!!

Beware Businesses, Watch Who you Deal With in the website.


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  25th of Feb, 2009
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You're an idiot and deserve to be scammed. After one time, maybe two or three times, of being scammed, you still continued using the site. You're a ###.
  26th of Feb, 2010
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Shanghai minyue electronic co, ltd www.shiptrustco.com, Hi Kathy Aiying Becky are all freaking prostitues now they dont come online i tried catching them with different id they are still scamming lot of people so here are there new details they are scamming

Be care this are real freaking prostitute kathy, becky, aiying the master of this prostitutes.

The are opeating with new id




Number - Tel 8615963550235

Beneficiary Institution Bank Of China, Putian Branch
ACCOUNT: 455230701880085644
Bank Address: 76 wenxian road, chengxiang district, Putian, Fujian, China
Company Address: No 258, Wenhua Xi Road, Weihai City, Shandong Province, China
Tel 8615963550235

any other request please you contact me.

best regards
yahoo: shiptrust01@yahoo.cn
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TEL: 86-15963550235/



### them all...they are real mother ###ers and scammers, , , god with punish them like any things, , , there childrens willl born with leprosy and aids
  2nd of Mar, 2010
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There is a good site on which there is constantly an updating of bases of swindlers to whom interestingly look there already more than 7500 swindlers and administrators constantly fill up base antiscammers.net
  9th of Mar, 2010
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since november 2009 I made contact with Guangdong Jiangmen City Yetong Electric Vehicles Company Limited, through a supposed international executive (it was shown on their website as such) named Samuel Xia, our fist contact was through alibaba.com, finally on february we decided to buy and so we order 3 vehicles for a total of 7853 us dlls

After two weeks of having made the deposit, the supplier, represented by Yunjin Guan, says the person that was our contact (Samuel Xia) does not work on the company since a while ago, but he actually send us an email from the very same email account, ( samuel_jmyetong@126.com) saying he didnt review that email often because he had no time!!!even it was posted on their website as their international contact. He changed it after all my problem.

I need help. We made the transfer 2 weeks go for $7853 usdlls, which were the savings of our lives.

I cant believe Guan says the person has not been working with them since a while ago, yet his name and mobile phone were listed on the website
www.jmyetong.com, on the contact us section, it said clearly Samuel Xia international executive, mobile 008613672988535

We started negotiations via email since november last year, our first contact with this company was via alibaba, and from there they reached us through the same email account, samuel_jmyetong@126.com
and since then they didnt checked the email or change it or cancelled it. Until now that we made the transfer. It seems quite illogical to me.

We acced to make the transaction since the company is in their 2nd year gold supplier member

If he stopped working with them WHY DIDNT THEM :

1) post and add in alibaba and their website
2) erase his name and contact info from the website
3) cancel the email they showed on their website if this person was still in use of it, or change the password, anything

To me it feels like the supplier's fault, (if even they're the same) by all that am enlisting on top.

After Yunjin Guan knew about the scam, I asked him for help since I am pennyless now and cant go to China, and told him it seemed to me he had some responisbility. The answer he gave is that he was very busy all the time, so he never had time to change the contact info (until now) and that he doesnt have time to check all the employees´s info. I asked him for help to contact this person, and he said he wasnt local. He couldnt reach him. He is busy.

I really need help.
  24th of Jun, 2010
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if any one was dumb enough to bet scammed on alibaba then you deserve to be riped off.
wake up fools that site is over run with scams.
people trying to sell drugs to jet planes that they don't have.
when some one ask you for cash up front walk away fool.
its a scam.
some scam people by shipping and others but sample cost.
remember it its to good to be true it usaly is.

if they ask for money up front its a scam.

if they ask you to pay shipping on a low cost product its a scam

welcome to the devils playground.
  10th of Jul, 2010
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contact onlinerefund@consultant.com for advice on how to go about the refund of your lost money online, they have help my friend before.
  18th of Nov, 2010
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We are making a unique forum where those who have been scammed by Alibaba, GlobalSources, Made-in-China can submit a complain. Apart form that this forum provides free of cost reports, how-tos and a definitive guide to those who are new in the sourcing business. To make this happen we need your assistance. This forum is an initiative taken by the people who have been scammed by these Chinese sites. Please contact us hujelabs[at]gmail.com with a subject "I was scammed".

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