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We had Alarmforce install service in prior home and then sold home. We asked Alarmforce to come out and transfer system; they did not and they said to leave it and the new owners would be offered the service. The new owners did not want the service and disposed of the equipment; Alarmforce then billed me $ 600 for equipment so I cancelled service in person and paid the $ 600.
They then billed me and indicated I must continue the service to the end of the agreed term even though they had previously agreed if I paid the $ 600 they would cancel the contract. In fact the installer who came to close out account wrote clearly on the service work order "service cancelled Paid in full" on the work order. Alarmforce continue months after this occured to take $ 28.95 from my bank account. My bank tells me I must close my Bank account to cancel the direct debit from Alarm Force. I have contacted Alarmforce and they refused to cancel. Alarmforce has a perpetual payment plan with zero service. Do not opt for this one!

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  • Jm
      Nov 08, 2012

    You experience closely parallels mine. This is a completely disreputable firm that practices misleading customer relations. Currently, they're trying to collect TWO payments from me, one, for a service account terminated 3 mo. ago.
    TIP: Phone your bank immediately and place a STOP PAYMENT order on their $28.xx. The stop-payment will cost you some dollars but is worth it; you will probably have to renew the stop-payment in a few months, but I believe your bank won't charge you.
    With regard to your own story, it illustrates how this company works; you were misled about leaving your equipment in the house; that seems to have been deliberate, because Alarmforce has never routinely advised such a practice. This is the third time I've heard of this happening in Ontario. They victimized you by getting you to do the wrong thing, in order to prevent you from minimizing your debt to them. Someone needs to alert justice -- this company nickle-and-dimes and practices consumer fraud.

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  • Dj
      Jun 15, 2017

    @J-Man SAME EXPERIENCE. Continued to be charge, even when the equipment wasn't working. Refused to come and take the equipment out...even though there was no longer a contract. OBVIOUSLY this company thinks since it is in Canada they don't have to worry about American laws and can do anything they want. I hope people see this and don't make the same HUGE MISTAKE I did...DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

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