Al Habtoor Motors / habtoor service center - alquoz branch

I gave my car to the 20000 service and after i took it and paid 1200 + 700 AED for sth they said i have to replace while it was only the second service, very expensive for a lancer, however after taking the car it was slightly going to the right side while driving, I brought it back for them to check it, they said I'll have to pay again??? For what ???? They fixed it and after i took it it was strongly merging to the left side while driving it was very dangerous to the road, I called and I complained and nothing happened i have to come and give the car for the third time
Also said i have to pay !! Why i have to pay for your mistakes in destroying the car
And the staff is a different story, very racist as when they see arabic guy they serve him in a totally different way
I would rate them 0 in everything
I do not recommend anyone to buy the cheap Mitsubishi to pay double its price in service

Nov 20, 2017

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