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I have been a loyal onyx member for many years. I just found out today from air miles that they (Sobeys Corp. and this Safeway location) took 2, 200 of my air miles because of an error they made, and I will not be receiving it back. They are thieves and steal from their loyal members. Air miles allows companies to take your air miles whenever they feel necessary, and that it is not their problem. All they do is give you BS on how they can't put air miles back into your account, which of course they can because they are AIR MILES. They do not care about their members at all! They cannot be trusted with your air miles and it does not matter how long of member you have been Very disappointed and upset with air miles. They did not resolve anything and just kept saying that it is not their issue. Unacceptable!!!

Sep 13, 2017
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      Aug 25, 2018

    That's terrible! 2200 Air Miles is worth over $230.00. Very unfair. Especially when it was not your fault at all.

    I think Air Miles, as well as Sobey's, should do a thorough investigation into this to find out how the Air Miles were stolen and by whom. What error? Was the error deliberately made?

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