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AIESEC's International / complaint letter about lc marrakesh project mynd

1 Marrakesh, Morocco

I make this complaint in order to get the accommodation fee back and get this problem solved.

I am an EP in the project held by Aiesec LC Marrakesh call “Marrakesh is your next destination”(MYND).

I am from China, together with me another girl is also in this project. I crossed half a globe to join this project only to find out that the LC is fooling me around with beautiful promises that never realized and all those excuses I am fed up with.

The first night I arrived in Marrakesh (13th Jul), my friend and I give the accommodation fee( 100 Euro per person, so 200 Euro in total) to the LC without any doubts.

We didn’t live in the EP house because there was no tape water that night and we lived in hotel ever since then.

In a week we followed all the activities they arranged and still lived in hotel. But we find out it didn’t fit us well and we decided to quit. Everyone has the freedom to choose, right?

After we make our request to quit and get the accommodation fee back, they promised to come to give us 200 euro back. But when we actually met on that day, they gave us a whole bunch of excuses and finally arrogantly announced that they didn’t take the money without any guilty. What a shame and pity to see the AIESECERs be like that.

Furthermore, we sadly get to know that they return the money to 2 Portuguese EPs who quit the project. So I think the problem here maybe more than the money. And ever since that unpleasant meeting, the LC didn’t reply to us anymore. No matter what messages I sent to them, they just ignore them. It’s hard to believe they are people from such a brilliant organization which gathers all the excellent students around the world—AIESEC!!!

And we are asking help now, both from Moroccan side and Chinese side.

Last and but most important, we know Aiesec is the world largest student organization, we trust Aiesec as we trust our dear relatives. 200 euros is not so large amount of money but we want to see a true Aiesec with justice, fairness and sincere guarantees to every EP.

Please reply me as soon as possible (Email and Facebook, both no problem)


Shiyang Jin(Jenny)

Shuyang Li(Sophie)

Aug 15, 2015

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