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Aic Kia / Bad service

1 9100 Centreville RoadManassas, VA, United States Review updated:
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First and foremost let me inform you I will be filing a complaint with the Better business bureau,,, Kia Corporate, Hyundai Corporate, and since I work in the TV news business as a reporter, you can guarantee this will come up as a story idea!

"How car companies still treat their customers like dirt, despite the fact that they're struggling."

Let me tell you, I have never been more lied to and disrespected in a business transaction than in my unfortunate transaction with your company.

In November my husband and I, purchased a 2008 Dodge Magnum from your location. When we picked the car up, the tank was absolutely empty!!! We almost didn't make it to the gas station. Our Salesman, Greg Brown, told us he should have made sure gas was in it, and that you kept gas cards in the office, but the sales manager had left for the day, and no one else had access to them. He and ANOTHER salesman told us, when you come pick up your tags, we'll give you the gas card.

Since the vehicle was approaching 30, 000 miles, my husband took the vehicle to a Dodge dealership, to make sure there were no issues that would be covered under the manufacturer warranty. There were none. The tech did receive a code that the transmission fluid needed to be changed. We called your location, and were tranferred to maintenance. The maintenance tech told us, they could not chane the transmission fluid because of the way the vehicle was made, it had to be done at a Dodge dealership. So obviously they tried to.

When we purchased the vehicle, we asked Greg if all the maintenance was up to date. We were told yes. This obviously was not true.

One manager said the dodge dealership was trying to "upsell" us. Despite the fact that the vehicle was due for a transmission flush based on the mileage alone. The general sales manager said we're not required to do a transmission flush, and that the salesperson was referring to the state inspection. We did not ask about the inspection, we asked if the "MAINTENANCE" was up to date.

When we talked to the general sales manager, he told us that to "rectify" the situation we would get a gas card when we picked up the tags. (Although they were giving us one anyway!)

But guess what, when we picked up the tags, we were told "we're not required to give you gas". And the manager who said he would give us the gas card to '"rectify the situation, did not say a word!!!

This whole situation leaves a sick feeling in my stomach. My business has never been so unappreciated, I've never been treated this way as a customer, and you can bet your life we will never do business with your company again. Not only AIC Kia, but any Kia or Hyundai dealership, because I refuse to give my hard earned money to a company, so disrespectful and dishonest... Or a company that condones such unethical behavior.

This situation is not what about what you are "REQUIRED" to do. It's about the "RIGHT" thing to do when you tell a customer something. What's funny is that no one has denied what we were told. You have just decided not to stand by it. No one has even apologized!!! Your mother would be proud.

I don't expect a response, although one would be nice. Your company obviously does not care about your customers, and you'll just file this complaint with the rest that I'm sure you have... Or if you don't, the ones you're such to accumulate. Or better yet, you may just hit delete. Unfortunately you cannot delete this complaint from your BBB file, and until we receive an apology, a gas card, and reimbursement for the transmission flush, it will remain unresolved.

I can assure you my efforts, and all the places I'm filing complaints, will deter at least one person from buying from you. I'm sure that will cost you much more than $150 and a gas card. Maybe the reasons car companies aren't doing so well these days, is because of the way you do business. Something to think about.


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  • Ki
      28th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    aic kia is a total scam. there is no bank that approves everybody. they have the fake banking right in there account department. and there are girls and guys they have calling broke people and they lie to them to get them in. total fraud. aic kia of manassas total fraud.

  • Do
      13th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I strongly agree, they are a scam and fake. I just had a bad experience last evening March 12, 2009 with their loan officer. Today I submitted a complaint with the BBB. Please submit your complaint with BBB. Together we can stop them from hurting other people. I just found out that NLS Financial Services, Hagerstown, MD...approve the loans and then forward them to AIC KIA.
    Again, please submit your complaints with BBB.

  • Wa
      25th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I strongly disagree. I called NLS Financial, have horrible credit and very little money down. I had been to multiple dealerships and none of them could get me financed. I was very dissapointed and ready to give up until I went to AIC KIa after being referred by NLS. They took great care of me, treated me with respect, found the perfect car for me at an affordable payment and I drove it home that night. They also got me insurance thru a low rate broker. I have never had such a wonderful experience purchasing anything. I have sent 2 friends of mine to them, both who purchased vehicles. Leave them alone, they are there to help those of us that cannot get help anywhere else. The other dealerships treat us like 2nd class citizens and would not help us at all.Thanks AIC Kia, you guys are the best!!!

  • Ka
      6th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I disagree as well, I went the the Aic kia of manassas when i referred by nls financial and when i got there they had the vehicle that i wanted waiting for me. The salesperson that i worked with was a nice woman that had explained everything to me up and front and worked with me. After i signed my paperwork i drove home with the car that day. I had read this same website the day of my appointment and was skeptical but NLS had explained to me that as long as all my information was true on the application then i was "good to go"

  • Ki
      7th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    hey sweetheart the type of people that go to aic kia throught nls dont use so many commas and paranthesis half of them cant spell. You must nwork for them

  • Do
      9th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I disagree.They helped me obtain financing for the vehicle I wanted.I had been to many other dealerships and none of them could get me approved.The sales staff were respectfull and honest and very upfront.I am very happy with the service I received as well as the vehicle I bought.The gas tank was not full bit I was not expecting to get a full tank.What is important to me is a good vehicle and good financing.

  • Lo
      11th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I wonder what kind of complaint the complaintant should receive from all of the creditors they took money from without any intent of re-paying. This is a typical bad creidt customer wanting to be treated unlike how they treat others (creditors). I feel we should just remove loan opportunites for these people and as a result, reduce the risk of more economic termoil we are now as a nation experiencing.

  • Sh
      12th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I like the first guy was called by NLS Financial after filling out and online application for a bad credit auto loan. They assured me that everything was legit. Well I drove there after work, after being on the phone with the company all day just to make sure that what they were claiming was infact true. I have seen sumerous emails from people who have made complaints about the same company. As I stated on my way to KIA Of Manassas, I spoke to Melanie who was the loan officer that I was supposed to meet. She was very friendly and gave me the correct directions to the dealership. I called as I was pulling into the parking lot and she told me to come right in and have a seat. And that she would be right with me. She said she was finishing up with a customer. I was greeted at the door by two black men that were dressed like broke down pimps. Needless to say, when I walked up I asked to see Melanie Brooks and they shot each other a puzzled look, and said that she wasn't there. I told them that I had just gotten off of the phone with her and then they changed their story to say that she was in the back some where. They insisted that I fill in an application and they would help me. At that point I demanded to see Melanie Brooks from NLS Financial...they both walked off and said they would be right back. I called her cell phone again and was immediately sent to voicemail. Strange! Just then a guy came out and I asked if his name was Chris Wahlberg, he said yes...he seemed very nervouse and he smelled of cigarettes and had spots on his shirt. Anyway he suggested that I fill out my information on the electronic tablet, I asked if he was from NLS Financial and he said no at first then said yes. At that point I called 18665902530 - the number that my contact Melissa gave me. I told her that I was at the dealer and that I was waiting for Melanie Brooks, she said that Melanie was finishing up with a client and would help me as soon as possible. I told her that I was told that Melanie was not there, she said that at the at point I should talk to Mark Bailey, and that she was going to check on a couple of things and call me back. Melissa never called back. At that point Mark Bailey walked up and asked me to sign in, I told him that this was not what I was told and he yelled and said well this is the way we are going to do things, NLS Financial sent you here to get a loan so this is how it has to be done and if you don't like it you can leave. I told him that I didn't have time for the ###, I drove all the way here from DC in traffic with a baby! At that time I called the head office again, and when I asked to speak with Melissa, I was told that she was gone for the day and Amanda Johnson got on the phone, she told me that I had been approved for a loan and that I had to fill out the electronic tablet in order for any of the loan officers to first meet with me. She also said that I could pick a car from their lot - which at the time I only saw six cars! She told me that they had over 2000 cars in their inventory to choose from. She also said that if I didn't see a car that I liked they would get that particular car from another dealer after I signed the papers. I told her that wasn't what I was told she said, that this was the only way it could be done. She said she didn't understand why I asked so many questions. She said they they were trying to help me out. Amanda Johnson also said that either I do it this way and not the way that was explained to me over the phone or I can leave.
    I hung the phone up with her and a gentelman came over with the electronic tablet for me to fill out the information, and just as I was about to give in, Amanda Johnson called me back and stated that they were longer going to give me the loan because I was nasty and asked too many questions. It wasn't that I was nasty in fact I was very polite, the porblem was that I asked to many questions and I had figured their scheme out. Meanwhile, she claimed that the sales people and loan officers were scared of me and that they weren't going to come out of the office until I left. They felt threatened. I don't know how, being as though I am about 5 feet 6 inches and only weigh 120 pounds and I was carrying a baby!
    On my way out of the door a spanish Gentleman came running out of the door telling me that he could get me in a car that day with nothing down, I told him several times that I wasn't interedted in a KIA, he got mad and as I was pulling off he told me drive my piece of ### car!
    All I have to say regarding NLS Financial is even though you may have bad credit and you can't get financed anywhere try some where else. These people are in the business of ripping people off and giving you a ridiculous loan with a high interest rate. I wish I hadn't been so niave about giving up my personal information. I think this is just a scheme through KIA to get business because obviously they need the business bad, from any person.
    I have reported this to the better business bureau as well as 7 on your side. I hope and pray that too many more people don't fall for their "Trickery"
    And for the people that it worked for good luck, because I am sure that you will be tied into that loan forever! And you may even work for the company! Who knows all I know is that they are SCAMMERS

  • Ka
      20th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    aic kia of manassas is a total scam... NLS ISNT EVEN REAL they work inside of aic kia of manassas. There is a fake credit department right in the back of the dealership behind the dealers broken down tables. It's all a scam we need to stop them from hurting more people.

    report them to the BBB


  • Ai
      20th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    My experience is almost identical to Kaelynsmommy...except now they say the company name is CLS. And I HAD MY VIDEO CAMERA WITH ME. I saw a late night infomercial for "Drive for $99", luring people with poor credit to call for a "guaranteed approval to purchase a car. I called the number, and within days a woman named "Haley' called "Congrats! You are approved based on your income up to $34, 000!!!) to set up a time for me to go to visit the dealer in Manassus, Va. She told me she was calling from the lender, Complete Lending Source. She told me she would have to call the next day to set the appointment because it had to be within "24 hrs."

    She phoned me on Friday and said I was to meet Julia Brown at AIC in Manassus on Saturday morning and gave me Julia's cell phone number as 240-310-2500 and said that the boss of CLS is named Lonnie Hatch.

    "Haley" called me at 9 am Sat. am to make sure I was on my way to Manassus. When I questioned her, she told me that AIC "used to be" Kia, but no longer work with them. She assured me that the cars were "used, but some are 2010's and your interest rate is depending on the age of the car."

    I suspected a scam so I brought my Flip Video with me. That was a good thing.

    Mind you, when I spoke to "Julia" she told me I would meet HER there. She said that "SHE" was the lender and I would NOT be meeting with a car salesman. I told her I suspected a scam and wasn't too worried because I have a Ch. 13 and all deals must be approved by the judge and it takes 30 days to do so. No pushing this buyer into a way. I tried to find out the name of the dealership and she would only tell me AIC.

    I researched AIC in Manassus and found Kia at the address I was given. "Haley" said their website was "under construction" and gave me the website address of www.pfc/cc which seemed to have nothing to do with AIC.

    Today, Saturday, Sept. 19th, I was scheduled to meet Julia Brown at AIC in Manassus at 9919 Carriage.

    I went in and asked for Julia Brown. An African American man said, "She's not here...(when I questioned him further) "uh, she might be on her way from the Hagerstown office...that's her boss, Lonnie (and pointed to a white man wearing black) and all that matters is that he is here."

    I asked if he was from Complete Lending Source and he said "yes."

    "Tony" said he needed all of my documents to prove what I had said on the phone...that I am indeed, a teacher in Howard Co., who makes $58k a year, etc...I asked him where all of the cars were if we were supposed to be there to buy a car..."Well, we have 3 satellite dealerships we pull from when we get to that part." He would not look me in the eye.

    The room was quickly filling up with people who you could tell were of poor means.

    A short man who did not identify himself (but is on the video I filmed), sat down without introduction and told me that since I have an active Ch 13, the process would take too long (30 days), therefore they couldn't "help me." I asked him where "Lonnie was" and he said, "Lonnie's not here." When I pointed to the man wearing black and said that "Tony" told me that this man was "Lonnie" this man denied it.

    In fact, he practically snorted at me because he said "What?? Lonnie's BLACK." The man I pointed to was white.

    I asked him what the problem was with the 30 days because I told both "Haley" and "Julia" on the phone about the 30 day wait...This man (on the video) said that the loan is only good for 24 hours.

    Well, well, well. A bank only giving out legit loans for 30 days?

    I told him that what they were running is clearing a scam...that they are pushing people into deals with used cars that they can't get out of and because they couldn't do that to me, it was over. He DID NOT DENY THIS.

    In fact, another family near me overheard all I was saying and the mom also said they were told "Julia Brown would be meeting them and they would not be meeting with a car dealer."

    The "manager" became arrogant with me once I stood up and told everyone to beware that they were in the process of being scammed. It is all on the video. This has all been sent to area TV stations and the AG's in MD and Va.
    On the way home, I phoned my sister and had her call CLS's phone...the number where "Haley" called me from that morning. When I first called and asked for her, they didn't come back and hung up. I suspected caller id. My sister's number got through and "Amanda" answered. My sister heard this. When I told her what had happened, she put me on hold. Five minutes..yes, five minutes later...another answered..."CLS, may I help you?" This girl said that "no one named Amanda works here."

    People are being taken for a ride by this scam, literally.

    The "Drive for $99.00...guaranteed credit..brings in the sales leads for these sleezoids. I believe what they do is push desperate people into buying a used car that is either a lemon or repo...and then they are stuck and can't get out of it. I knew it was a scam because I in years past, I have been vulnerable. I went with the video camera because I was curious, suspicious and wanted to know if indeed it is a scam, to have the AG and media shut them down.

    The cell phone for Julia Brown is 240-310-2500 and the 800 number for CLS is 866 590-2530 and the address of the "dealership" is 9919 Carriage Manassus, VA.
    ...this manager was pretty angry with me when I started waving the camera and told him it would be going to the AG's office.

    Thanks for listening and hope with all of us reporting them, we can slam dunk these scam artists!

    AIC hates Videos:)

  • Ls
      28th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Im glad I came here to read this. I was supposed to have an appt with this so called CLS later today. I knew it sounded like a scam!!! That's why I came home and researched it! Yes, all the numbers that you mentioned were the same numbers that contacted me. Except for the first person that called was someone named "Latoya" and the person I am supposed to meet with is named "Michelle Brown". I spoke to Michelle and she was supposed to send me an email giving me a number. When I didn't see the email, I started getting a little suspicious. Plus I asked her if they were BBB accredited and she said "yes". However, when I tried to pull up CLS on the BBB site, nothing came up. And when I searched them on the web, it sent me to another search page that didn't even list any sites for this so called financial provider. This is REALLY SICK! That people pray on people because they know they need a vehicle! WOWWWWW! I'm learning to research things before I go to venture out to see if they are in fact real.

    You need to really stop doing those things to people!!

  • Ho
      26th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    The same thing just happened to me today..Ashley called me from the 866-590-2530 phone number a few days ago after submitting an application online..She said we had two days to go to the Aic automotive dealership in manassas, VA if we wanted to get the loan. She said my husband and i had been approved for a loan and we get to chose to amount we want to pay every month and we don't need any money down. We drove 2 hours to go get a 2008 dodge caliber which when we got there they only had about 10cars on their lot!! We go inside and some man comes up to us and says he needs to get my husbands info.. I said for what and he said to run a credit check! (red flag) i told him that no we are here to see Ann Davis or Max Walker ( cls told me to ask for them) and he said that i can see them after we check in with him...So we check in and he asks for all of our proof of income and everything so we give it to him so he can make copies and he goes in the back room and I got pissed so i called the 866 number back and spoke with Ashley and she said that they shouldn't be doing this and that she is going to call Ann right this second to come out and get me...Well no ann ever came out and instead some guy named chris came out and i asked him where the [censored] ann or max was and he said ann left early for the day and that he was covering max's shift! I then told him that the other guy said ann was in the back and then they looked at each other and laughed.. I got really pissed and i tried to call the 866 number back and a girl picked up and i asked for ashley and she said ashley left for the day and she forwarded me to a represenative and no one ever picked up! I tried calling back a million times (while these men were laughing at me) and no one ever picked up!! i got pissed and the man said that we need a co signer and i told him i just drove two hours to hear the same ### that we have been told.. I stood up and told him he has a law suit coming his way and tomorrow morning i am contacting my lawyer and i'm pursuing charges because i do not trust this at all and they now have our personal info!!

  • Re
      15th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    WoW!! I had a hunch that this was a scam so I googled the "ALS" and sure enough, it's a scam. I was suspicious of the names, for example the girl named "Candice Parker" in Gaithersburg that was going to meet me in Manassas. I also asked about the website and they said it was a recently closed dealership and they were working on the website. She said they had 2000 cars in "inventory". How did these people get connected to CarsDirect?? I thought CarsDirect was a LEGITIMATE business.
    Why does some hater have to mention race and baby's mommas?? People are just trying to stop the cycle of poor people being ripped off!!! Good luck, tell everyone about this setup scam.

  • Do
      11th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    They helped me out. I have no problem with them. But i know every post here talking about how they could not get what they wanted or could not get anything probably have never paid a bill in there life. So maybe if you want to cry to the world because you cant get what you want pay the people you owe. If you had good credit you would not be on here posting your pathetic life away. I hate hypocrites.

  • Ju
      27th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree with most of you. This place is a scam. While I purchased a vehicle from there with no money down I now have other issues. I was issued my 30 day temporary tags from them and thought everything was smooth sailing from there. I guessed wrong!!! When my tags were about to expire I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to pick up my tags and come to find out my tag and title work had not been done in a timely manner through the dealership causing a delay in the process. My tags were to expire in a few days and I could not receive my hard plates from the MVA. I called to AIC Kia and told them about the situation and they told me I would have to wait until my tag work was processed and there was nothing they can do. I told her they need to extend my 30 day tags to 60 days or until my hard plates information was processed. She told me she could extend them but I would have to come back out to Manassas to pick up the tags and registration. The ride out there takes about an hour and I had already been out there 3 times.(All should have been Red flags) I told her I was not coming out there and they need to overnight them to me and they complied. I thought after that everything would be ok. Guess again!!! My fiance got pulled over while driving the vehicle and they almost impounded my car. Apparently when they extended my tags they were too lazy to print a new registration so they used white out on the registration and wrote in the new date. My fiance now has two tickets for $280 a piece for driving an unregistred vehicle and knowingly falsifying the information to the temporary plates. I called back out to AIC Kia and the finance lady(Diane) told me they do this all the time and this never happened before. I don't believe that at all especially after hearing all this stories about this place. What makes matter worse she told me she guess i have to park my vehicle and wait until the tag and title work is ready and there is nothing they can do about the tickets. I told her i guess she can't help me and I need to talk to someone over her. She told down my information and said she would have the general manager give me a call. There was never a call and I have called up there several times and get the runaround ever time. Thats if they answer the phone. My next step is to appear in court for these tickets and get them dismissed if that doesn't happen AIC Kia better watch out because judging by all these complaints they won't be in business too long and I will be contacting an attorney
    very soon.

  • Wh
      7th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    thanks too late for all this information
    i dont even have to write anything ... the scam is EXACTLY the same ... except the names ... lender was "Automotive Lending Corp" of Hagerstown ... contact who didn't exist was "amy brown" ... i sat in traffic 4 hours ... just look at the automotive "city" while on centerville rd. this practice must be legal in VA. i pulled them up on the scam right in the showroom and was told "get the hell out of here" ... when i asked for a manager i was told by this schoolboy brat "i AM the head honcho ... the goto man ... the big cheese come in here running your mouth ... my boss will chew your ### up one side and down the other" i've seen dope dealers who shoot straighter than these clowns.
    i've been in the auto business 36 years and have worked at some of the best dealers in the country ... and have seen what happens when a family run business is sold out to conglomerates or greed. A dealer principle I worked for once said “If you treat a customer fairly, he will return and you’ve done your job ... no reward or gloating needed ... and you will profit. Treat him poorly ... 100 people will learn of it and will never be your customer.”
    look at the general manager's "about aic kia" on the website ... incorrect spelling and all ... if family values are important to him, he will read the letter i sent. if all who complained here write him, maybe he will see the reality.
    i wrote letters to ...
    aic kia general manager
    better business of MD
    better business of VA
    kia north america
    md attorney general
    va attorney general

  • Sh
      31st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    The dealership and their partner Action Approvals is a scam!!! BEWARE!!! ACTION Approvals DOES NOT FINANCE VEHICHLES!! If you ask they will tell you that they do, but the dealership tries to find a loan for you when you get there. After your visit, the managers at Action Approvals will swear up and down that they don't do financing. Stay away from this dealership. If you want to go just to see what happens you will greatly regret it. These people need to be shut down for good and arrested. They called me today after several months and I told them off and that what they do to people is not right. Some of the representatives there think that they are helping people with bad credit! They don't even know their managers are running scam operations! After I told them off, a concerned representative called me back to find out why I was so angry. She was the first representative that actually listened to what I said. I kind of felt like she was new, and maybe trying to figure out for herself what was wrong with the place. But I don't feel sorry for the representatives. How could they not notice?? Although I just read a blog from a former employee, and he didn't notice in the beggining either.

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