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AHMSI / Preditory loan modification

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888 275 2648

Requested a loan modification because they cut down on my husbands hour at work. AHMSI raised my payment by $300 plus added a large fee for doing the modification. I've tried to call to speak to someone and all I get is people from India that know only what they are told we have no one to talk to.
Cl McSpadden

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  • Mi
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    I tried to do a loan mod through them, impossible, talking to the cusotmer service was ridicoulous. No matter what you say, they end by asking you to pay. I snet my information in as requested and was denied. I finally went through a mortgage company specializing in loan mods that has worked with them. I just got mine back with a considerable reduction in %. My conclusion, you need to go thru a mortgage company that has loan mitigation experiance. Otherwise forget it, you'll never get thru their BS. They are truly awful in customer service. How do youlike paying a service fee to pay online???

  • Da
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    AHMSI also increased my payments and added a $600 legal fee...They told me I have the option of doing a "short sale" if I didn't like the results. So much for making home affordable!

  • Ve
      9th of Feb, 2010
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    I sent them e-mails (with attachments) at the end of December for loan modification. Now they tell me the e-mail is not an option any more because they had too many problems. It's scarey to think that all this info is being sent to AHMSI that they cannot keep track of

  • Tb
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    Green credit solutions took my money for loan modification with AHNSI and I ended up doing most

    of the work myself. In the end I ended up with a modification that had a balloon

    payment after 30 years that states I have to pay Option One/AHMSI the principal in

    FULL $544, 000 plus interest and fees.

    This was definatly preditory lending, when I asked for the name of the loan officer

    that did my loan I was told they did not know. There was no explanation for the

    reason this addendum was signed by a assistant secretary and not my load officer.

    Something needs to be done about this, at the end of my life they can seize any

    assets I have and I will have nothing to leave my daughter whom I a raising by

    myself. I was with Specialized Loan Service, this was something in another loan from

    American Home Mortgage (Option One) That is following me around. There was no

    negotiating done regarding this “Balloon note addendum”

    This company took my money and did not do any research and AHMS took advantage of

    this. I want my money returned and I need a TRUE loan modification with no balloon

    note addendum. Something has to be done about this.

    AHMSI gave me a loan I was satified with then added an addendum that still gives them the house after i PAY for it.

  • Up
      2nd of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    They did the same thing to me, my loan was posted on, but when I got the docs to sign there is a balloon payment at the end. This is how they are using the bail-out money. They get paid now from Uncle Sam, and they will get us later.

  • Tb
      2nd of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    We have to find a way to fight them. We will NEVER own out home even after paying for them for 30 years!
    I had my loan modification doc's that are at the California State Bar sent to me. I would like to see what AMSI sent to the fake loan modification company. If they did not disclose the ballon payment then there was not enough information to do the modification right.

    If they did disclose this information the company I hired did not even look the paperwork over. Either was I'm going to fight that ballon payment.

  • Up
      21st of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Before you call someone a [censor] you should listen to what they say. I got talked into doing a refi with a loan company that was promising me payments close to what i was paying and using my equity to vacation or add on to my house. Seems funny that the first tries to refinance into a good loan always failed but Option One was always there in the final hours to give me a loan at inflated rates. Then the crash, Option One goes under, AHMSI emerges to service their loans. They are rude, and most times their english is so bad that you cannot get across to them the problem you are experiencing. I finally wrote a letter and after 5 months they agreed to review my loan, to make a long story short my loan was modified, but the first papers they sent me to approve were far different from the papers in the end, first letter stated my loan would be paid in full in 30 years, after I made 3 trial payments I still didnt have a signed agreement, they finally contacted me and wanted me to sign docs backdated 60 days, which would make me almost 90 days late on a newly modified loan, They must have got caught doing this as all of a sudden my loan was current and the two payments they claimed were late were put to the rear of my loan interest free, along with an apology from ahmsi. I finally received mod docs but they were different from the first ones, my final docs have me paying a balloon payment after 27 yrs. So if you do the math they are still going to get the inflated value of my home eventually, its just now for the present time they have lowered my interest but they are getting federal money every month to keep me from walking away from this property. The brokers that made all these hollow promises are walking scott free looking for the next scam to lure you into

  • Tb
      1st of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Hey [censor] Bob, you don't know [censor]. You must be a [censor]ing scamming broker. You calling me a [censor]? I don't know were the [censor] you have had you head the last couple of years. There has been so many people scammed by the banks and their misleading practices. I don't need to explain a [censor]ing thing to you, just glad I checked this complaint site and seen your [censor]ing post.

    When your [censor] makes a financial decision you need ALL the information. Maybe you live in poverty and you are happy for all those who got screwed. Fact is...I don't care. There are so many hard working Americans that got sucked in by banks that lent to anyone even multiple families. Over inflated our home values and the next thing I know I have YOU living next to me!.

    Of course you know now what many of us didn't know when we got our loans.

    Kiss my [censor]...

  • Tb
      1st of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hey BuilderBob,

    Perhaps you built a bunch of homes you are NOT getting paid for because of bad loans?. I know about that too, had a house built by Harden homes in FL. Same scam different place. Still building? or just pissed off that people had to default on there misleading loans?

  • Kc
      8th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    These stories sounded like my own. I have managed to change the momentum of their own game. Get with me and I'll explain.

  • Av
      6th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    The banks did predatory lending all over the place, because they knew they could sell the "bad" loan to some poor other investor. They also separated the note and the mortgage when they sold it as a "securitized bundle" (whatever the hell that is) A note and mortgage must be kept together, otherwise it is AN UNSECURED DEBT. Once they sold it, they made their profit. So, when they come back to foreclosure on someone's home, they are making profit No. 2. AND The federal gov't is paying them money for the default--payment no. 3.

    Pls check out our website We are a small law firm specializing in helping people who are having bad mortgage issues. We are charging a very reasonable price for a customized legal document which is admissible in court, and you will represent yourself.

    I am also a victim of AHMSI. I have been in foreclosure for 2 years and 10 months and still hanging in there trying to get a loan mod. You will find third parties to help you with a loan mod, but beware of up front fee scammers. I have also tried some of the "free" help in loan mods--not so good! I finally did what I should have done in the first place Sue the Rats!

  • La
      8th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is a dirty filthy company who swooped in on Homeowners in their time of need and just stole what they had with no disrguard to the Law! My loan was through AHMSI they took my house threw me and my kids on the street. YES they do attribute to the Housing Crunch YES they did it out of GREED! 15 years in my HOUSE 15 to have nothing and no place to go not to mention the nice 7 year forclosure to my credit!!! And not to mention a Storage Bill!!! YOU HIT HARD destroying lives for MONEY! You even corrupted Judges and Attorneys to get what you wanted I saw it all! You did not properley foreclose on my property but you do not OWN it...YOU STOLE IT! I WANT MY HOUSE I did everything humanly possible to save it! And in the end you took it and made your profit! You didn't deserve it...And I will be appealing to a higher Court to demand that you undue the injustice you have done!

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