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AHMSI / Complete lack of communication

CO, United States Review updated:
AHMSI clearly has NO regard for individuals. We were ready to close on a bank-owned property that is managed by AHMSI when the latter suddenly, two days before the closing, froze assets without any clear information as to why there was a freeze, nor how long it might last. They have given absolutely no guidance as to whether or not an amend-extend can be signed so that the sale can go through. Simply informing us as to the nature of the problem and how long we can expect this to upset things would have been fine. They just act like no one matters but them.


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  23rd of Jan, 2009
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AHMSI has to be just a front for collecting Government funding as they are not attempting to work with current customers or new customers. They have repeatedly given us the run around and have no information ut a script that is read to you everytime you call with no regard to what you are asking. There should be an investigation as to the business practices they are using and following. I will go to foreclosure based on the run around they have given me for the last 5 months. They would not entertain a short sale because I was current on my payments...???? So to get help from them I had to be behind on payments and my military orders (a copy was sent to them along with the hardship letter) moving me out of the area had no impact to the script every time I have called. If you are considering working with this company, hire a lawyer to do the work for you as you will get no where with them!
  10th of Feb, 2009
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Since AHMSI took over the "servicing" of my mortgage my life has been a nightmare! I pay my modest mortgage on time, as I always have, but they don't credit my payments to my account. Instead the money is getting parked in some "suspense" account for days or weeks. All the while I receive several calls a day from their bill collectors trying to get a payment which is in their pocket. Ultimately the money just gets directly deposited back into my bank account, and AMHSI claims that they have no record of ever having received it, and tries to collect late payments. Last month I had to send 3 payments before the money was properly credited. This month I've resorted to mailing a physical check, thinking that perhaps they just couldn't properly credit web based bill-pay payments from my major bank. Nope. Once again I see that my payment is setting in a "suspense" account somewhere, and this moth's round of bill collectors have started calling. I can only hope that they dump my loan on another company soon!
  16th of Jan, 2010
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AHMSI - Excessive Fees
United States

Since the company hass changed hands I have had nothing but problems. I tried to get a loan modification and was told not to make any payments it would be tacked on the end of the loan. It took them more than five months because they wanted to pay my homeowners insurance instead of my taxes. The end result I didn't get the modification because I refused to sign papers for something I was already paying. The they started diverting small amounts of money from my principle for trumped up charges. I am really sick of them.
  26th of Feb, 2010
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AMHSI took over the servicing of my account from Taylor, Bean and Whitaker in October and its been a nightmare ever since. I never had a problem with T B & W except they were shut down, assets froze and one payment I made in July of 2009 was never taken out of my account. AMHSI sent me a letter stating the payment had not been taken out of my account and I needed to pay it in February of 2010. Their letter also stated that there would not be a late charge that they could not charge me a late charge. Ever since they got my account they have made adjustments, parked my money in suspense accounts, told me payments were returned to my bank when they were not and created false lateness and charging me late fees and misapplying my money in general. Under charging one month over charging the next then telling me they had made mistakes in my escrow accounts. I hate this company so much I am willing to tell them to fight for it with Citi and GL! I call up and no two people have the same information and its just crazy. A child can do math better than them. I am going to see if I can get this loan refinanced just to get rid of AHMSI and put a clause in the loan that it can never be sold to them.
  31st of Mar, 2010
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They suck! Because of their of professionalism and care for those who pay their bills, they are causing us to deal with foreclosure of our home. Putting a close into your loan not to have them service you again sounds like a smart idea.
  31st of Mar, 2010
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Complete LACK of professionalism
  29th of Oct, 2010
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I made my payments on time and was never late. Then suddenly I received a letter that stated that my mortgage payment would increase $900.00 the following months. They could not explain the reason for the increase.
  17th of Jun, 2016
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AHMSI - Poor service bogus fees,I've never been late.
United States

My loan was sold to AHMSI last year. All of a sudden I'm receiving debt collection calls. They say you're behind on your note even though my account has been debited my house note.

I call and they say yes you did pay on time but I'll have to send a letter requesting the debt collector stop calling me. Why would I send a letter when I wasn't late? I'm extremely upset with customer service telling me that I owe you $15.11 and that's why I'm receiving the calls.

Even when I tell them the collectors are saying I owe $811.00
  17th of Jun, 2016
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get this guys help they will mess with you till you cant stand it that is if ahmsi hasn t fixed it yet ChallengingForclosure.com

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