Afrihostline speed problems

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We have been having such horrendous line speeds, we are basically having to connext to mobile date to do anything internet related.

This is when we have a prioritized unshaped line... And paying for that service!!!

After doing all the possible checks and tests that we could do from our side, being knowledgeable on this subject, we co tacted the clientzone... Two weeks later... Guess what... NOTHING, other than we have checked your line, and itnis running at optimal speed. BUT on a 10MB line we are running at 200kb/s.

I have asked for attention to this matter, and since the client service section has moved to perth, i think, its about a day delay with each useless pointer they can throw at us.

Guess the only thing we can do is move on to the next service provider, as it seems Afrihost is now just as bad (if not worse) than telkom, when it comes to assistance and service. And that is a shame, as we have been customers of theirs for a couple of years, and have recommended them because of their service to many people.


May 18, 2017
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  • Ph
      May 05, 2018

    I am experiencing exactly the same. This is by far the worst customer service in South Africa. Paying for a prioritized unshaped 40mb Fibre line and not getting that service. Have been trying for longer than a week now to get someone of Mangement to contact me to resolve the matter.

    Afrihost is throttling us down. Sitting at home and trying to watch a movie on Showmax. Nothing Nada.

    See the photos below of the current download speeds.

    Philip Burger

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