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Aeria Games Gmbh / Aeria games s4league unauthorized credit cards, unethical behaviour, pan handling, fraud, theft

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The Game S4 League is published by Aeria Games and a developer is Game On. Ok Aeria Games has had many tickets submitted about disconnections and crashes. They refuse to do anything. Players pay money to Aeria Games they get items which expire and can not play when it is crashing or disconnecting constantly. Aeria Games refuses to refund money they state Game On is responsible for the issue's. Where Aeria Games is who collects the money takes it. Game On does not. They block players who spent money for absolutely no reasons whatsoever. They had these issues for months now. I reported them to the Federal Trade Commission as fraud. Since they refuse to fix anything and now block my account after I spent over $200.00. Now I can not use it I have some permanent items too. GM Feralus has blocked me in forums. Where GM Kira on @s4league twitter said post in forums. I couldn't GM abuses authority. Now blocked me from even accessing my account for more evidence with all my transactions on it. They are fraud right! Aeria Games has closed other games for no reason's after collecting probably millions from players and state it is not profitable! Where the players try one day to play and find it has closed. Like I did with my account for s4 League and Aeria Games it states blocked and thy have no evidence of anything. So they should pay me exactly what I spent on the game since day since they blocked from it. I haven't called players names or cussed none of that never hacked or tried. So a company taking money then blocking banning you since you requested money back for fraud. Since they did not fix any issues at all. I recommend pay pal and any company refuse business with Aeria Games completely. So after spending money and requesting resolve and nothing done reporting them for fraud. They block my entire account. Yet to get back my money! Aeria Games GmbH definitely owes a lot of customer's money back. Or they must be fraud hmmmm.! the kids think it is normal for a game to crash a lot and not be fixed for month's and the Aeria Games say another company is responsible where that company never took the money. Also known as fraud. No wonder they closed California office in USA to flea. Just saying #fraud !

Aeria Games Gmbh
Aeria Games Gmbh

Nov 8, 2016
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  • Ae
      8th of Nov, 2016
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    I am "Karasakal" (mentioned as Kira above) from Aeria Games and I'd like to make some things clear against some false accusations.
    First of all, I'd like to say that I've personally replied the player via Twitter and on on both personal and public basis.

    When it comes to the details:
    1) User was simply muted from our chat panel because of inappropriate behavior, only for a few days. For those unfamiliar, this is basically the softest action we can take. The player can still post on forums, can play our games etc.
    2) After this, the player kept making forum threads that went overboard, spammed and somehow went against our rules. Because of this, several members of our team have locked or removed his threads (just as they would with anyone).
    At this point, it wouldn't be uncommon for the player to receive a short, temporary ban, but we didn't take that route.
    3) The player spammed tweets claiming we are scamming, false accusations that could hurt our business but we didn't take any action and chose to talk with the player to explain him.
    4) The player is now banned due to a purchase issue. I can't discuss details in public as it is against our policy. But the ban has nothing to do with forums, posts etc and it caused by an action the player did. So it wasn't done by going out of our way: It was a reaction that is regularly done with any player.

    As for problems the games have, we do not refuse to do anything! In fact, we always collect feedback and work closely with our developers. Unfortunately some problems persists, but this is due to other reasons and not refusal.
    So there is nothing illegal, there are no scams. No refusal of service. And definitely reasons for the actions taken.

    This is pretty much all I can say and I wanted to write here to show that we do care about our customers and that there is another part to the story.

    I'm still available to him to talk in private and our ticket teams are there to reply him.


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