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Advanta Bank Corp / Outrageous rates, harassment, no cooperation

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Thank you for your reply and for reversing the lat charge. The additional $42.00 has been sent through our online account to this account as usual. However, you did not address the other two items that I discussed in my first message. I want the billing date moved to the 10th of the month. This allows our company time to take care of some administration of our accounts and pay on time. A closing day at the end of the month is most inconvenient. Also, Please do not call me any more. All future communications will be written via email. So what about lowering the interest rate to something reasonable like about 7%? Can't you just get this handled without countless back and forth which is a very inefficient use of my time and yours. The prime rate is less than 2%. I would agree to something between 3% and 7%, but not a tick more. If this is not possible immediately, then close the account effective today and just bill me and I will pay down the balance at the initial rate you offered me when I opened the account. Please no more phone calls.

thank you,

S. Harden Lemke
General Manager
Baby Girl Enterprises, LLC
------------------------------------------------Dear Sonia Harden,

Thank you for contacting us about the late fee that was assessed to your Advanta account.

Payments received any time after the due date indicated on your billing statement are late. We must receive all payments on or before your due date to avoid assessing a late fee.

As a courtesy to you we have waived this late fee. This amount should appear as a credit on your next billing statement.

Since the credit will not appear until your next billing statement, please do not deduct the credited amount from your minimum payment due on your current billing statement. If you deduct the fee from your current payment, your account will be past due and additional fees may be assessed.

Our records indicate a lower rate may be available for your account. If you would please contact our Customer Service Department at the toll-free number indicated below, we will be happy to review the Annual Percentage Rate for your account.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your business needs. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Center. You can visit us online 24 hours a day at or call us toll free at [protected], Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

Mildred Q.
Account Manager
On Thu Mar 05 12:56:53 EST 2009, wrote:
> I have received the last few statements late, after the due date. You have charged me late fees and I want all the late fees charged to this account reversed! Also, since when is my interest rate gone up to 35.17%?!!! Have you people lost your minds? I opened this account because you offered me a reasonable low interest rate. Now you have hammered me with this ridiculous rate and I am not happy nor will I tolerate this abuse on your part. You will bring this rate down to prime plus 1 or I will close this account and I will also require you to recalculate the balance by a reduction of 60% any remaining balance to an interest rate of 7%. Since the majority of the balance is just accumulated interest that has been compounded over time. That is prime plus 3.
> Another problem is that the most recent statement which I received states a minimum payment of $192.00 due by Mar 2, 2009. Now I am looking at my current statement online and it says that the minimum payment due on Mar 2, 2009 is $42.00. ???????????? Plus you charged me $39.00 late fee and I know that this account was paid on 26 Feb 2009!!! What the hell is going on in you accounting department??????? Your accounting practices are suspicious to say the least.
> This action on your part as a bank is equal to shooting yourself in the foot.

I am not going to contact you collections department as they are in Bangladesh and it is impossible to get them to understand anything. Furthermore YOU have not answered my questions about the interest rate nor have they as they have called and harassed me at all hours of the day and night which is illegal in the United States and furthermore your accounting practices are suspect to begin with. I have paid you on time and even sent an extra payment and you are still clueless as to what is going on with my account. I have the confirmation from Wells Fargo Bank that you have been paid and furthermore you will issue me a written apology, drop the interest rate to Prime plus 1% a and drop the outstanding balance on this account by 60%. I will file a complaint against you with the SEC and the FBI regarding your shady business practices and harassment of customers. You have be stalling on your customer service and I have had it and I will publicize the fact that you treat your business customers like dirt even when they pay you!

Here is the proof!

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Wells Fargo Bill Pay Notification
Tuesday, March 10, 2009 12:31 PM
"Wells Fargo Online" <>
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Send OnSorted Descending Amount Expected Delivery Reference # Payee Status Action
03/09/2009 $50.00 03/11/2009 XBNBIHXU ADVANTA BANK COR Paid View/Inquire | History
02/26/2009 $150.00 03/02/2009 4BCBUHWM ADVANTA BANK COR Paid View/Inquire | History
02/26/2009 $125.00 03/02/2009 FBCBUHWM Cardmember Servi Paid View/Inquire | History
01/29/2009 $125.00 02/02/2009 9BCBKH56 Cardmember Servi Cancelled View/Inquire | History
01/29/2009 $125.00 02/02/2009 TB7BZH56 Cardmember Servi Paid View/Inquire | History
01/27/2009 $150.00 01/29/2009 1BJBJH56 ADVANTA BANK COR Paid View/Inquire | History
01/27/2009 $150.00 01/29/2009 DBCBKH56 ADVANTA BANK COR Cancelled View/Inquire | History

THis is the direct download from our Wells Fargo account. YOU need to check your books! DO NOT CALL ME again. I have had it with your company! Further more you keep changing the due date! But when I asked you to set the due date permanently on the 10th of the month you ignored my request which was more than reasonable not once but twice. What kind of Customer SERVICE? is that????? What a bloody joke!@ Pick a due date and leave it there@!!

March 10, 2009
Payment Sent *
Payee Name Amount Date
ADVANTA BANK COR $50.00 03/09/2009

Get this done or I will see to it that you are fired for lack of performance and insulting a customer! If you don't do what I ask I will start a CLASS ACTION against ADVANTA BANK and don't you think that I can't. If you are treating our company like this, I know that you are treating many other small businesses in the same manner. I will see to it that you get national publicity for your notorious and unscrupulous business practices. I will make it happen.

S. Harden
Gen Mgr
Baby Girl Enterprises, LLC

*Payments sent electronically may take up to three business days to be posted to your account at the payee, and payments sent by check may take up to five business days to be posted to your account.

If you have any questions about your Bill Pay service or need assistance, please sign on to Wells Fargo Online Banking and click "Contact Us" to send a secured email. If you prefer, you can call us anytime at [protected].

Wells Fargo
Online Customer Service

Dear Sonia Harden,

Thank you for contacting Advanta regarding your account.

Please contact our Collections Department by calling [protected] and an account manager will review your account.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your business needs. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Servic

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      21st of Mar, 2009
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    I am working with an attorney in NY who is working on legal action against Advanta. E-mail me at if interested in participating.

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