ADP Total Pay Card / they have $300. 00 of mine and don't know where it is and do not care

United States

I had an acct. With adp total pay card through my job. I had a need to transfer money from this card to another card because i needed to make a purchase that the other card was affiliated to my paypal ebay purchases. It was dec. 6th when i did this. I called and asked them when i could expect the money to transfer they were very hard to understand the multiple of people i kept being transferred to and could not answer any questions. I called them for 1025 straight days with the inquiry of where my funds went. I kept telling them they never reached my bank acct. They said several times they would mail some complaint forms to fill out finalyy after 15 days they finally sent them. I filled it out faxed it back and about 10 days later i get a typed letter with no letter head or proper signature stating that my time has expired to request research into this matter so my $300. 00 dollars are lost??? What the conclusion here. No one would answer my questions they kept saying check with th e company the money was transferred to. Moral to the story this is now january 31st still no answers. I contacted the attorney generals office in hopes of getting some resolution. I cannot afford to be out of $300. 00 why and how can these card companies get away with this???

Jan 31, 2015

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