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This company provides administration of medical flexible spending accounts. They are TERRIBLE!!! It is a nightmare to deal with these people. I have had flexible spending accounts for several years, but until I ran across this company, they have all been great. These people deny every claim, request additional information, then deny receipt of that information. Their web site has a place shere you can look up what you have submitted, but there are no documents there, even though I have receipts and copies from THEIR OWN WEB SITE that indicate I have submitted them. I had a suspicious spot removed on my back last November. First, they paid the claims, but now they want to deny them in the amount of $110. Their first reasoning was that the procedure was cosmetinc. My physician sent the documentation they requested. They then said that the claims were submitted after the end of the year, so they could not be processed. My plan has a 3-month period for filing the previous year's claims. Now they say they were not submitted on "paper." I submitted them ELECTRINICALLY by the means they provide on their site. I called the toll-free number on Friday and spoke for 45 minutes to someone out of the states who spoke horrible English. I had to ask him to repeat everything he said and still couldn't understand him. I kept asking if there was someone I could speak with who spoke English. When he finally agreed to transfer me, the office "in the states" was closed. This is the worst customer service EVER. And all they are doing is trying to keep my money, PLUS GET MORE. I am going to investigate what I have to do to file a complaint with the IRS.

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  • Ma
      14th of Dec, 2012

    i have to agree with this post. EVERY purchase is questioned . even the ones coming from the same physician for medical care that has already been substantiated. what is worse, they will not accept a recpt until i pay 60 dollars which was for a semi cast for a hair line fracture in the ulna. they are about to keep 480 of my dollars ... they are rip off artists that hide behind a wall of bureaucracy ... its MY MONEY! NOT THEIRS! there are not enough bad words to express my frustrations with them.

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  • Er
      26th of Feb, 2013

    I had the same results from Manley they are the worst to deal with ever!!! They supended my card and left me holding the med bills, I had 3000 taken out of my salery and they kept it all. I don't recommend them to wype my ###. The phone assistance was the worst, they can't speak english or any form of a language that can be understood!!! I sent them all the information they asked for and no results!!! DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE !!!

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  • Wm
      25th of Apr, 2013

    I have been waiting for 4 months to get my ADP card and when i finally got it i needed to use it. I called ahead and made sure the item I was purchasing (an air purifier with a Dr's note and prescription) was eligible and I made sure the location I was going to was eligible. The woman (outsourced) assured me that everything was in the clear. I went to the store and started the purchase. I was denied! they said this was not an eligible expense. when I attempted to call back, I got a woman who gave me a number to another department stating that they were open until 10:00 PM since it was only 7:00 PM here I went ahead and called and they were...surprise, surprise...CLOSED! I called multiple times requesting a supervisor with none available, one lady even said they didn't have any supervisors. I requested call back from someone multiple times with no call backs. I have written multiple letters and emails requesting help with no response. I do not know what to do at this point and I am furious beyond measure with all the lies and stealing that this company has done so far to me and my family. I would never ever ever in any world recommend this to anyone. this is a scam and robbery disguised as a benefit.

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  • Mm
      9th of Jul, 2013

    My husband did not realize the card's funds had been expended for the benefit year, which ended June 30, 2012. He put through a payment on the card in April for $20, which I don't understand why the charge went through if there was no balance left - just like a credit card purchase would not go through if you were over your limit. I sent a fax to them explaining what happened, but no response from them. July 1st our cards are funded with $2, 400. July 2nd I went to my doctor to get my med's all renewed and the card was denied for the office visit. I came home and called ADP. They said because this $20 charge was paid, our cards are temporarily inactive until we reimbursed ADP for this louzy $20. I explained that I will be out of necessary heart medication before a check is sent, received and posted and then they would then be WILLING to send my medicince, which would then take possibly another 10 days in transit. I had to beg the man to ask if they could over-ride the status to allow me to get the medicines at my local pharmacy. Finally, they agreed to let me use the card for 1 day to get my medicine. THEIR POLICY OF HOLDING PEOPLE'S MONEY, BENEFITS AND MEDICATIONS HOSTAGE TO WHAT IS AN INTERNAL PROBLEM ON THEIR END IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.
    At my husband's doctor the receptionist said she has a different flex plan and they do not put the screws to people over being reimbursed for a doctor's visit with the extent of documentation required There are guidelines, as set forth in the IRS Publication 502 of "qualified expenses" for flexible spending accounts, which is basic and not the New England Journal of Medicine. I do not have time to take off for frivolous visits to the doctor. (Quite frankly, if someone wanted to crap away their medical reimbursement on unnecesary doctor's visits, that should be their perogative, as it is not a medical insurance policy we are dealing with, but an adjunct of out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance.) They have gone way beyond the boundaries of "medical reimbursement", turning themselves into a company that administers medical insurance. This is what happens when you are the payroll giant ADP - absolute power corrupts.

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  • Ta
      7th of Nov, 2014

    They are hold 750 dollars that was loaded on my card this year because I submitted an "unacceptable" receipt from my dentist. They are holding 532 dollars to cover the cost of my dentist appt which is 100% allowable along with 750 additional dollars that is on hold until I submit a "acceptable" receipt. The complaint was that the receipt was not itemized properly so they gave me the itemized invoice. However ADP says invoices are not accepted it need to be a receipt. now the date of service is more than 365 days ago and now they are saying it is too late to submit a new receipt and close to 1300 dollars in now on hold until it will go to ADP at the end of the year. these guys are criminals!

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  • Na
      9th of Dec, 2014

    Continuous denial of claims. No matter what, they deny the claim and shut-down the card and keep your money. Reporting them to the Attorney General of Ohio for unethical and illegal business practices.

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  • Jd
      6th of Aug, 2015

    Yes, ADP is the worst I have dealt with. The cut off my access to funds twice during cancer treatment a few years ago. They don't seem to care about their customers - maybe they care about the employers that pay them (but I'm not even certain about that). Ju8st trying to get your account unlocked is a nightmare scenario.

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  • Jd
      6th of Aug, 2015

    ANd trying to change your password is a nightmare too! First off - the password they give you is 13 characters long (really - 13?) and mixed with upper/lower case letters and numbers. The computer only gives it to you once! Hope you got it written down correctly! THEN - heaven help you if you try to reuse an old password - or one that is too long or too short ... each time, you have to reenter that damn 13-charachter password, only to be told, "Sorry, you used that password once in 7th grade - find a new one" (OK ... slight exaggeration there ...). I really really hate ADP and all of its incarnations.

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  • Ch
      26th of Oct, 2015

    I completely agree. I hate using ADP for flex reimbursement. They are the most incompetent group I've ever dealt with. Every claim is denied for the most ridiculous reasons and it's like pulling teeth trying to get them to process a claim.

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