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Adore Organic Innovation / sleazy scam

2 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
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I got scammed by Adore Organic Innovation on December 13, 2016 at Market Mall in Calgary, AB in Canada. Their tactic is to lure you in with a free sample of their product to try. If you show any interest, next thing you know, you're being sat down inside the kiosk with them putting some type of product on your hands or your face (on my hands, in my case). For me, they rubbed their cleaning gel on my hand and it looked like all the dead skin on my skin just came off. The skin on my hand looked cleaner after. However, reading other scammed people's experiences online, this is more of a trick to amaze you as the gel would do the same even if you rub it on some other surfaces that’s not even skin.

They compliment how great your skin is, and in my case the sales lady said most of her customers are Asian and they all loved her products. This is probably just because I'm Asian, she acts like she cares about my skin and wants me to take care of my Asian skin. She tells me to bring my friends to see her because she will “give me a discount.” They were very pushy on giving me more "discounts" each time I said I want to think about it or don't want to spend money right now. The discounts they give you are just for shows as their products are really overpriced, I later found the same stuff (and other similar products by other brands) online for much cheaper than their "discounted price." If you decline a product or say it's too expensive, they will "discount" it a little and throw in more "free" products so that you get a "good deal." All just sleazy sales tactics.

Now the kicker here is, I asked if I could return the products if I changed my mind and the sales lady said I could. There was NO indication anywhere at the store that the sales were final or there is no return on the products. The sales people did not mention it before I paid for the products. There was no paperwork saying the products would be final sale or no return either. ONLY AFTER you paid them for the products do you see a "No Refunds, Exchanges within 14 days" at the bottom of the receipt printed out by their machine. I had not even noticed this on the bottom until I came back to return the product later when they pointed it out. This is how they scam you of your money, sleazy sales tactics and no mention of final sale or no refund. I'm sure it's illegal to NOT inform the customers that it's final sales or no return on products before they purchase it.

What's even more frustrating is that when I went back to them to return the product (same day), as soon as I walked up and placed the bag with products on their counter, the other salesperson working there straight out said "we can't refund it." I had not even said a word yet and they already expected this coming. My intuition just tells me they've already scammed a lot of others before me so they're used to seeing people coming back for refunds. They know they're running a sleazy scam and their attitude is horrible when you go back to ask for refund. When they lure you in, they were all smiling and making you trust them, but once the sale is done and you go back for refund, they just want you to go away.

I talked to the sales lady to refund the product because she said I could, but she just denied she ever said that. She even gives some excuse like she can't do refunds on her machine. Then she gives me a number to call to "hopefully get a refund" she said. She then went on about how "things happen for a reason, maybe it's karma" and other stuff as if she's having a guilty conscience (if any) or she's just trying to get me to just suck it up and take this scam for the team or something just so she can make some commission. There was no way to get anything out of these scammers at the store, so I tried calling the number she provided to call. I called a few times and nobody answered. At this point, I really thought the whole Adore Organic Innovation company is just a big scam. So, of course, their customer service line wouldn't have quality service, if anyone even cares to answer at all.

I was very angry but couldn't do anything so the rest of my day was just ruined. The next day I called the number again and managed to get through with someone named Nicole. I told her that the kiosk didn’t refund the products even though the sales lady said I could. Nicole told me to send an email to her with a photo of the receipt and explain the situation. I emailed them and told them I would complaint to the head office at the mall where the kiosk is at and write a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. As well, I would write reviews of my bad experience on all the online review sites I know of. I left them my phone number as well as she requested. I didn’t want to play the waiting game with them because they will delay it as long as they can.

The next day, they tried to call me (Canada) from a Florida (not toll-free, area code 305) number. Which I didn’t pick up because I didn’t want international call charges. And why would a big company like them try to reach me from a 305 area code number from Florida when they have a 844 (toll free) area code number? This is another red flag that this company is just not legit at all. So I didn’t pick it up and emailed them to contact me through email. However, they apparently don’t want to do that and tried calling me again the next day, then again the day after that, which I still didn’t pick up. I assume they want to only contact me through calling for some shady reason, because there’s no reason to not communicate through email when I clearly requested it. Especially when I mentioned I didn’t want international calling charges.

After a few days of not emailing me and trying to call me instead, I got fed up again and emailed them that if they don’t resolve the issue by December 21, 2016, I will go ahead with the complaints and reviews I had previously mentioned. I made the purchase on December 13, 2016. Also, I had not been aggressive in my emails, I was actually being polite even though I was furious. I was just asserting what I will do if they don’t resolve the issue. So after they finally realize I won’t take their calls and I’m getting close to pursuing further actions, they finally emailed me back on December 19, 2016 and wanted me to call them through phone. I told them no. So they finally said they’ll “forward the receipt over to the operator and see if he will authorize a refund.” They also asked if the products are opened, which I told them no.

After a week of no word from them, I emailed them again asking the status of the refund. I added that it was taking too long to resolve, so I will wait until January 2, 2017. If there is no word from them by then, I would assume my money is lost and I would go ahead with the complaints and reviews of my bad experience I had mentioned. I had not received any replies from them since December 20, 2016 so here I am warning others of their scam.

Adore Organic Innovation

Jan 4, 2017
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  • Ca
      23rd of Jan, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Con-artists. Pudding in a jar scam. Liars.

  • Jm
      8th of Mar, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Similar experience at Market Mall kiosk. Terrible company, awful liars, con artists preying on women's insecurities. Reviews from all over the world online suggest the same experiences everywhere!

  • Ca
      21st of Mar, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Agree with all the scam reports. Had an awful experience with Adore cosmetics in Cookstown Outlet Mall in Ontario. I was lied too, sleazy sales tactics, crap product which I had an allergic reaction too, outrageous prices that constantly change when you say their prices are ridculous. They would not allow a return even though the products were bought the day before and were not opened and made me break out. The products I was stupid enough to buy were not organic. Shady history. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SCAM COMPANY!

  • Lu
      21st of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    I was in SF walking by the store. There was a man outside with the eye serum. Of course he had to show me inside. That alone was 475.00; then eye cream 175.00 and some other creams. I explained to him I already had botox and my eyes done 8 years ago and I did not have wrinkles that required all of that. He was very aggressive and when he told me the total price I said I could not justify spending that kind of money. He then said he would trow in one of those gold facial treatments...again I said no. He then asked me how much I was willing to pay for the cream the the serum I said 200.00 and that is what he gave it to me for. I felt pressured into buying SOMETHING or the sales pitch would continue.
    I did find the eye serum makes a difference - even gave some to the Chanel sales person, whom I deal with all of the time
    I do get emails from time to time (had them finally blocked) from them offering specials, not interested.
    They prey on women, regardless of the age. To those of us older, it is to make us look younger; to those of us younger, it will help with the aging process. There are other companies doing something similar at the malls, I think that one is the Dead Sea products. Sales people are the same, but the products actually do not work at all -

  • Ka
      22nd of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    Wow- so many of the reviews sound like me! I did get offered a sample & then was brought into store to try some of their products. I was impressed. I did end up purchasing 3 of the products for $500 after telling him I could not justify paying more. He showed me online how much the products are - which of course, I felt I was getting a good deal.
    I have to admit, I am impressed with what I am seeing - especially around the lip area. I had several lines from smoking for many years & I feel that they are not as pronounced as they were. My upper eyelids are not as droopy as they were either. I was also given a "receipt" to come in for a free facial at some point. Of course, I will be taking advantage of that! The products are extremely expensive. Not sure if this is because of the quality? or is it because they can?
    To the person from Calgary - maybe you should have answered the phone instead of assuming.

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