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Admiral Services / Unauthorized billing

1 United States
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John Conley came out to my home representing Admiral Services. He inspected my ac units and claimed that all 4 complete systems (compressor, furnace and coil) had to be replaced. He claimed that damage was due to aftermath of Hurricane Ike. I did not believe John Conley's assessment so he offered a demonstration of one of my outside units. He used a gauge to show that that coil would not take freon due to an obstruction, and that I had no choice but to replace the coils.

John Conley went up into my attic claiming that he attempted to repair my coils so he could 'help you out a bit' but he could not repair the leak. He claimed the coil costs $3, 650.00 but would reduce the price to $3, 350.00, again claiming to help me out. I negotiated the price down to $3, 000.00 and the new unit was installed the next day.

John Conly came out the evening after the installation and offered a proposal that he could change out the rest of my systems and that since the damage was due to Hurricane Ike, he could get my insurance company to pay the entire claim. He further noted that I had a 'fiduciary responsibility' to make necessary repairs to my home.

I was skeptical with John Conley's offer, but he was very persuasive. He would not only put in updated systems with whole house filtration, and new touch screen thermostats, but would hold my check until the insurance company paid. He asked me to put my check in an envelope and put 'hold until insurance pays on claim.' Which I did.

The following morning of the installation, (October 13, 2008) I called John Conley around 7 am letting him know that I was very nervous about this transaction, primarily because I had nothing from him in writing as to the nature of this offer.

Mr. Conley insisted with me that he was a police officer and he could not engage in any type of illegal activity. He assured me that he could get the insurance to pay in 2 weeks. That he has done over 200 homes just like this since Hurricane Ike. He managed to ease my concerns, but not completely. The entire day I mentioned to the 5 installers that he sent to my home, that I hope this will be covered by my insurance.

The installation was competed on October 13, around 6 pm. John COnley noted that he would return to my house on October 16 to help submit the claim. When I did not hear from him on October 16, I called his office on October 17 and left at least 3 messages. I finally heard from him on October 17 and he had a totally different tone and attitude towards me. He asked me if the check for ($42, 000) was any good. I said absolutely not. I asked about the agreement we had. He complained that he had put a lot of equipment in my house and that he needed to get paid.

It went downhill from this point forward.On October 20, 2008, I received a returned check fee of $32.00 on my bank account. I went pale as a sheet. The check for $41, 201.00 was deposited, and of course, I could not cover this amount.

Another check for $6, 000.00, and another for $3, 000.00, made out to Admiral Services, was also cashed.
The $3, 000.00 was for the first set of coils replaced, which was also being billed on the invoice for $41, 201.00. So this unit was paid for twice, and John Conley refused to offer reimbursement.

The $6, 000.00 check was for services that were supposed to be rendered on the day that all 4 systems were replaced, but the company never got around to this job. The check was cashed anyway. Mr. Conley offered reimbursement and had me waiting around several days in a row for him, and when I got tired of the run around I confronted him and also file a police report. The 2 police officers who showed up at my house were of no help. They actually put my life in danger by telling me, in front of Mr. Conley, that Admiral Services could legally have me arrested since I wrote a check I could not cover. They did not care about the arrangement I had with Mr. Conley, because, as I suspected from day 1, nothing was in writing.

The officers took off and left me with a very angry man, who proceeded to tell me that I must cooperate with him so he can get paid from the insurance company. In short, I submitted my claim and underwent a sworn statement with the insurance special investigations department.

No one can offer me any protection. To date, I am being pursued by John Conley. He showed up unannounced at my house 2 days ago telling me that he will get me arrested if he doesn't collect his money by Friday, October 31, 2008.

I don't know how else to alert the public, except by this medium. By the grace of God, my family and I will come out of this ordeal unharmed. John Coley is very capable of using his delusional powers to cause me physical and emotional harm.

I told him that I had an autistic child and that it saddens me that he has taken advantage of me in this manner. He claimed that as long as I cooperated with him, nothing 'bad' with happen.I'm trying desperately to get this story out. Perhaps someone can offer me some help and/or advice.


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