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Susan Liddy is a liar. She said they would have my add in time for Thanksgiving as I am a holiday shop and the add was not even sent out until Dec. 10. Lots of promises short on Delivery. Susan Liddy apparently says anything to get the sale.

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  • Sh
      Jan 26, 2009

    Had no problems with them whatsoever. Getting results from the net and publication. I had to ask people though as they did not walk in with it or tell me on the phone. I have done print ads before and they are always late. I would do this again because I am making money from it even though my publication was 2 weeks late. I don't care. Runs for 6 months.
    Shannon P

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  • Ja
      Jan 29, 2009

    Adco MEdia - NOT A RIP OFF - I have no idea what that top person is talking about. Adco MEdia has been great to my company and as a matter of fact I was on my last leg when I found out about the program and have had steady gain ever since. I will stay with them for as long as this program runs. MY book was about 2 weeks late into the location but I did not have a problem with that. I can't get my local printer to my my personal printing out on time, so I can't imagine what they have to go through with the thousands they print all the time. When I first did business with Adco media I earmarked my mag when they first came in and it was gone by the end of that same day. That made me happy.
    Janice P.

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  • Ch
      Feb 06, 2009

    Why are there so many people on here who seek to try to rebuttal complaints. You would think Adco was a multi level marketing company. LOL.

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  • Ji
      Apr 29, 2009

    Susan Liddy is not a sales rep. She is the Regional Manager. I found her to be of high caliber. My business was in trouble and I could not afford this ad. Susan discounted the price and design the ad for free to help me and my family business. This Dunedin, is a coward who wont put his name or business name out there. Susan even gave me three interest free payments on a hand shake. Tell me you can find that in these times. Even the banks wont help us now. Thank god for Susan Liddy and Adco.

    ps We, the other advertisiers in the Dunedin book know who you are (Dunedin) if you contunie to discredit Susan we will put your name on the next post.

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  • Gl
      May 29, 2009

    My name is Gary Lavine and I am the president of Adco Media Corp. The owner of this company and I have been in this business for over 35 years respectively. We are currently servicing over 6, 000 advertising customers each year and are quite proud of our record. It's not unusual for a company to have a few complaints (whether founded or not) over a long period of time. The complaints on this site are from 2002 forward. Actually, even a dozen or so dissatisfied customers over the last 7 or 8 years is an insignificant number even though it is our mission statement to do all that we can to come to a mutually beneficial resolution when a complaint does arise. The internet is a wonder of the world. However, anyone can post a complaint and for that matter a favorable posting. It doesn't matter if it's a disgruntled independent contractor (sales rep), a competitor or any other person that is so inspired to place negative or positive postings. Keeping that in mind, I sincerely invite any of our customers or other business owners approached by our independent contractors and/or managers to contact me personally with even minor complaints should they materialize. My email address is [protected] or I can be reached at [protected], extension 112.

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  • To
      Aug 26, 2009

    AdCo's sales people do tend to "be in a hurry" because of "the deadline" thereby not offering you opportunity to ask in-depth questions. How about those 30-second commercial spots they offer that are only 6 seconds long? Hm?

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  • Ka
      Sep 02, 2009

    We are signed up for the Tri-Star marketing program; this morning after googling your company i found a couple of interesting comments about your company along with your email.

    Somebody did get in touch-a June Nelson but never mentioned anything about sending in materials etc.

    Yesterday, i received an email. If one reads the body of the email, it seems that it is a done deal and NOT a proof and actually as mentioned to the sales Director we only have one location. Terribly misleading. A proof is something that one gets to approve. This "proof" is so full of inaccuracies that i am already now regretting signing up with Adco and will sadly end up as just another complainant.

    I do hope that i am wrong about your company, but if not then i am greatly saddened that this opportunity has been lost and i now understand why sales are conducted in a "rush" manner.

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  • Ka
      Sep 02, 2009

    Sorry, I take back everything in the above post. It was caused by the body of the text from the art department; the President actually emailed me back instantaneously stating that I can revise the proof. I suggested to him that they change the initial email sent by the art department.

    How many company Presidents email back? Not many. So, they have been redeemed in my eyes.

    So. please ignore my presumptuous statement above.

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  • Ne
      Jan 27, 2010


    According to Adco Media's website, their CEO and President is Jack Brown. And yes, he has over 35 years as owner and chief executive. So, who is Gary Lavine?

    I got a call from some guy named John yesterday. He offered to place my company's ad on Time Warner's Cable TV spots (channels like HGTV, WE, etc.), website and California Style magazine. He said it is only $52 a week for 6 months of advertisement. He insisted on making an appointment today because he and his partner has to start another promotion in Temecula the next day. This morning, he called to reconfirm our appointment. I asked him for his company's name, website address and a phone number. I'd like to review it before I meet him. He then said his company is associated with ECO Friendly Living magazine and ignored my question about the phone number. He was very pushy about getting the appointment. So I sensed it could be a fraud.

    Any legitimate businessman would not hide its identity. They will not rush their consumers to make any business decisions and will offer company's information for their customers to review.

    Because all his calls were caller-ID blocked and his unprofessional way of conducting business, I was a bit suspious. I went online and check the name of the magazines he mentioned. Both of them were not found. Of course, I didn't attend the meeting. Then, he called me and finally gave me his first name ( unique!), and phone number [protected] with an extension. I search that phone number online and found it's Adco Media. After reading all these reviews, and a fraud CEO's name, I am more sure that it is a fraud.

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  • Ma
      Mar 03, 2010

    Do not do business with this company. My rep, Lou Capolino, lied about everything. Magazine never came out. TV commercials never ran. If this guy contacts you in New Jersey call the police.

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  • Ke
      Jun 13, 2010

    susan liddy is a liar

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  • Ht
      Sep 28, 2010

    Adco Media is a rude, unreliable company and has refused to fix their mistake on my advertising and is now accusing me of defaulting on an account that THEY NEVER FULLFILLED!!

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