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R Oct 16, 2018 Review updated:

I received a letter in the mail in 2018 explaining Acurian Health's research studies, with an 800# to call. I gave them some preliminary info and they sent me an eform to sign and send back, which would release my medical records. They also gave me the location of a clinic in my area that would be doing the study. When I called the clinic -- surprise, surprise -- they had not heard of Acurian Health nor were they involved in research. Acurian seems to be gathering HIPPA info illegally by promising money for studies that do not exist.


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      Nov 01, 2018

    It's strange that you say that because I was actually contacted by a legitimate study site about a week after I qualified. I got the voicemail but I haven't called back yet. I haven't seen anything to indicate that they are a scam.

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      Jul 21, 2019

    They are NOT A SCAM! In 2012 I received a form from them to fill out. It appears that I was qualified for a research study for those with Diabetes II. Long story short -- they sent me to a doctor for consultation. I was put on insulin for two years and after that taken off insulin. Nine years later, I still see the same doctor and there is absolutely no cost to me. While on the research program I was paid a fee of hundreds of dollars (tax free). I do not remember how much I received but it was pretty nice. To this day I get A1C, blood pressure and talk with the doctor about what is going on with my diabetes. Once a year I receive blood tests to check my kidneys, etc. and there is no cost at all to me. This is great, as I know there is a doctor who keeps me apprised of where my diabetes is and also coaches me as I progress. Without the insulin I am still at 6.7 with regular medications. Best doctor ever! Again, this is NO SCAM.

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