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I have a Active Products 1450 pressure washer. It worked OK but not great. After a few uses an adapater (little cheap plastic thing that connected garden hose to the quick coupler) broke. Couldn't find part of anything compatible in any store. I called Active Products and they advised the part would be $22.00 with S&H with $11.00 going toward shipping for a part that might weigh an once. I told the CSR who answered the phone that I would buy another pressure washer from obviously another manufacturer (which I will) and never by another Active Product again before I pay $22.00 for that part. Her response? "That's fine sir". Great way to treat people who buy your product. They won't get my business again and I will buy another pw. It's a matter of principle as much as economics.


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  • Do
      Nov 11, 2010

    I bought a active product pressure washer after 2 hour of use it started to leak at the trigger .I called the company and they wanted to charge me $35.00 plus $11.00 shipping for an item that should have been under warranty.When I told the woman that it should be under warranty, she replied, sorry you have to buy it.I told her I would never buy another of their product again, she replied, that's fine sir.DO NOT buy active products, They are JUNK!

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  • Dr
      May 22, 2011

    I bought the ActiveProducts pressure washer (AP-1450PW) from Wal-mart. It worked OK for a few years then started leaking badly from the spray handle. I called the company and they said I had to buy a new wand. With shipping, it was more than the cost of the pressure washer. I've been trying to find replacement o-rings, but haven't been able to find the correct size. It seems like they should sell you a replacement for a few bucks, and not make you buy a whole new pressure washer because a 2 cent part wears out.

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  • Fa
      Mar 15, 2012

    Yes this unit is a literally not buy any products from activeproducts...they have no customer service...manual says call their hotline...called their hotline was then referred to the on site...could not even talk to a live person...went to on line place to order parts...this is all a not know how they stay in business...the trigger system on this broke only after a couple of times using it...I would think and hope they go out of business soon before anyone else is suckered into buying their can they stay in business with such junk and lousy customer service...very unhappy in Kansas

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  • I0
      Jun 28, 2012

    I bought this piece of junk and the first time I used it the nozzle fell apart...I called Active Products..."Sorry, we don't carry repair parts, just the complete unit."was thier reply...

    Save yourself trouble...Don't do business with these people.

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