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ACS a Xerox Company


Wrongful Termination

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Contact information:
ACS a Xerox Company
100 N. Mustang Rd.
Yukon, Oklahoma
United States
Phone: 405-350-6130
I was employed with ACS a Xerox Company for over 6 months. During that time many rules and regulations were setup inside the call center located in Yukon, OK. Most of the rules and regulations were put into effect without the knowledge of the company we were working for (US Cellular.) On 3/26/2011 I was called into the office of one of the Operational Managers who then informed me that I was being placed on suspension due to misconduct. The misconduct was that after receiving a call from a customer, I deliberately hung up on them. The OM advised that I would be placed on suspension until a full investigation was completed. This happened at 230pm and the following day at 1036am I received a text message from my immediate supervisor advising me to call him. After calling him I was advised that the investigation showed that I had hung up on customers and was being terminated. After speaking with the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission I was advised that I wouldn't be able to receive benefits due to being fired. The investigation that ACS had given to them showed that they looked at a total of 25 calls and 2 of which had been released. ACS refused to complete a full investigation and couldn't prove that the calls weren't hung up due to system error (since the systems are always crashing and malfunctioning.) This company is a huge company ans some of the centers might be well worth working there. Just be cautious when applying to the Yukon, OK branch. They are more interested in making sure the have the right number of staff present then to worry about employee relations. Just an FYI.
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N  4th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
I agree with this. As a former employee of this center, on the management side, I can confirm that the management staff there is all about numbers. There were many processes put into place that would appear to set agents up for failure. This site was the first to ever go live with Windows 7 and voice over IP telephony equipment. All of the software that was used was designed for use with Windows XP. Many of the vendors didn't support windows 7 at the time, and as stated previously, the software would crash often. The IT staff there were unable to correct these issues without support from the software vendors, which was unobtainable as they didn't support windows 7. This was ignored by upper ACS management and the entire IT staff was terminated with the reasons of poor performance.

The IT manager, who was supposed to have at minimum, a desktop technician at the onset, did not. Was told they would have a network administrator and possibly a network engineer on staff, which he didn't. Once the center was approved for occupancy by the respective authorities, the IT manager on site had very little time to put in place over 500 PC's and phones. It would have been impossible if it weren't for the assistance of technical minded agents to assist.

Once in operation, a desktop support technician was finally approved, he was told that his pay would be adjusted for coming off of the floor into IT. This never happened.

Approx 1 month prior to the annual bonus's for management, the IT manager was hired without warning. His replacement was in the center 15 minutes after he was escorted out. The reasoning was poor performance. However, with daily staff meetings, it's suprising as the assistance general manager had no knowledge of the event taking place until it occured.

1 month later, the desktop support technician, after moving approx 300 work stations, and packing up approx 100 for shipment to another location, was terminated due to lack of performance.
Word has it that the unemployment was disputed by ACS but they were unable to provide any documentation.
N  30th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
its strange almost the same thing happened to me and it was the same department (U.S Cellular) terminated using a verbal warning ACS have there money in the labour laws people pocket hence we wont get the eal help we need to stop this from happening.
A  29th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
I was employed with ACS a Xerox Company for over 5 months. On 6/26/2011 I was called into the office then informed me that I was being placed on suspension due to misconduct. The misconduct was I gave out information to a non verified account they also said I did not note the account and gave the wrong information The supervisor advised that I would be placed on suspension until a full investigation was completed. I received a text message 3 days later from my immediate supervisor advising me to call him. After calling him I was advised that was being terminated. I applied for and got Unemployment that the OM decided he wanted to fight, Under oath the OM and one of the Supervisors was caught lying the call showed I did nothing they accused me of and transcripts were given to me from the Tribunal This company is a huge company it represents a lot of the Other calls centers like Sprint and some of the centers might be well worth working there. They lie about raises that they never gave not even to this date, and if you do not do what they want they lie to fire you,
A  13th of Sep, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I worked at the ACS Call center in Lacey WA for verizon wireless.. I think this treatment must be company wide. Our center used to be located in Tumwater. It was burned down late in November 2010 due to arson from an undisclosed / unknown employee. The call center manager walked off his job just over a year ago due to his disagreeing with the corporate policies about treatment of employees. I worked there for over 3 1/3 years until I was walked out due to failure to comply with adherence for not working 5.17 hours of OT in less than two days of notice. I do not miss working there. I went from having a verbal warning to being walked out 2-3 working days later. Plus they have seniority lists that were not based on seniority at all. There were people still in training class who had never been on the phones at all who were being ranked higher than the seasoned reps. And the systems and phones crashed all of the time too. I don't miss it there.
A  14th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I also worked for ACS in Lacey. I became really sick in October. I started with Bronchitis, which then turned to Asthma. The asthma then turned into Pleurisy. I was very sick and was not able to go the doctors. When I missed work due to my illness or doctors appointments, I was written up and threatened each time with being fired. I brought in all of my doctors notes and all the information that I thought was needed for my absences or my leaving work to make it to a Dr. appointment. I worked 6am - 5pm I only had Sundays off at this time as they had me working everyday to make up time loss and of course the mandatory overtime. I was started on new medications ( steroids) to assist with my illness. the medications did not agree with me and I found myself in the restroom with my supervisor sick to my stomach. My supervisor asked me how I was feeling and in between throwing up I told her not so well. She told me to get it together and get back on the floor. I went back to my office and was given a trash can to throw up in while on calls. I told the Assistant General Manager that this is not proper customer care as I had to continually place the costumers on hold to throw up. I was told by the
Assistant General Manager to go home. On my way home my direct supervisor called me on my cellphone to insure me that I would be written up and that she is going to recommend them fire me. Now had I been a crappy employee I would have understood this, but I was one of her top customer service reps. It was between myself and another employee on my team. ACS does not care about their employees it cares about the dollar at the end of the day. in my opinion it is much easier to allow a sick employee to go home rather than start more training for a new employee. Unfortunately the Lacey
ACS did not agree. I finally had to quit in November as per my doctors they felt the work conditions that I was in was only making my illness worse. I have worked for several companies in this area and I have not one bad word to say. I can not say this about ACS.
N  4th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
This is the worst company that i have ever come across, its just sucks the employee for work with no benifits nor rewards and recognition, when in recession nothing no promotees but during good times it will go into aquisitions and sesze the promotions and benifits
N  4th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
I just hate this company upto the core and not even for my enemies i will refer this company, in the five years there not evena single rupee that has revised
A  7th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I also worked there for 11 months, I enjoyed the people that called in mostly. The management and supervisors with the exception of two were horrible. They are all liars, they change things without telling antone and expect you to read the olr with 100 calls waiting. My supervisor changed 7 times, so about 1month to every other month. They expect way more than they pay and even with me going to the technical side it was still the same pay but way more work. I was eventually fied because a butt hurt supervisor had his boyfriend (conflict of intrest) fire me, he always had something negative to say about my calls but quality found no wrong. But one day I called in late and missed a team meeting Christmas party, so I went to another team meeting, by the way we were REQUIRED to attend weekly. I then was fired for call avoidance because I wasn't on the phone and in a meeting. That place has the worst management and are liars.
N  7th of Oct, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I was recently released from Xerox/ACS in San Francisco. They said they needed a trainer. What they, in fact, needed, was a parole officer. It is the largest group of unhappy, unprofessional, rude, disgruntled rejects I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. 90% of the people staffed there were horrifyingly inept at their jobs. The other 10% made it tolerable to be there which was barely. I would listen to reps regularly berate their customers while the management either sat idly by, afraid to approach them or listen to the so-called Quality Assurance (OMAR) team speak horribly about each of the reps as if there was no helping them. And the minute I brought concerns from the reps back to the Quality Assurance department (which amounted to the reps thinking the Quality Assurance team played favortism and were outwardly hostile towards them) the OMAR team turned on me, accusing me of saying inappropriate things. This, after one of the OMAR staff gave me the blow-by-blow of her "love life" which, amusingly enough, lacked both love or life. But what she lacked in grace and professionalism, she made up in cheap hair weave. I advise anyone who wants a small shred of happiness at a job to steer clear of this place like the plague. It was a tiny piece of hell I never want to revisit.
N  4th of Aug, 2014 by    +2 Votes
I too will not recommend this company to my friends because it is really a **ing one with rude and Not time keeping employees (HR) in its kochi Infopark India office. They always conduct interviews but will not select good ones instead will place their relatives there. Please some one help me to complain about their HR dept.
N  10th of Sep, 2015 by    +1 Votes
Ethic xerox
From Robert Raynes

Saint John NB Canada
Email robert.raynes@hotmail.com

To whom it may concern

Sometime ago I went to the Xerox Ethic Board based on a very serious issue and they were no help to me because I was connected to a third party agency, and with that connection they claim that they were not able to help me because my employer was the third party agency not Xerox.

So on June 19th 2015, I was fired from my job and the reason was, no reason, hard to believe after working for Xerox for close to 6 years, they fire me all because I ask for a meeting with the head of our GDO through my GDO former manager.

So like so many other people who have been fired for reason unknown, they seek for answers and when you try to email people within the company you have given 6 years of your life to, and find out that it is a waste of time because they not only fire you they shun you as well.

I emailed top executive as well our own CEO, explaining to them that I was fired for no reason, and I also provided them a time line that lead to the day I was fired, nothing, not one of them would even take a minute of their time to email me back about my plight.

So now I know the WHY, I was fired, now how were they able to fire me for no reason, that was a puzzle, and who made the decisions to have me fired.

My job was taken away from me, and it was taken away from me by two people within the GDO department, one being my own manager and t he other being the head of GDO, now the question was how did they do it so quick, no notice, nothing, even had my stuff ship to me that very same day, now that was quick.

Lets move to another direction which both of these directions will meet up at the end of this letter, now their is a term used by the Americans and its call EMPLOYMENT AT WILL, if you don't know the meaning of this terms it is worth looking up.

What does at-will employment mean? Many people are surprised to learn, whether from an employment contract or employee handbook, that they are an "at-will employee". But what does being an at-will employee mean?
Being an at-will employee means that your employer can terminate your employment at any time, for any cause - with or without notice. An employer has every right to walk up to an at-will employee and say, "I don't like that your favorite color is purple. You're fired...
Now that we have an idea what the terms means, allow me to say that this is not legal in Canada, according to Canada law one needs a reason to fire someone, but Xerox is smart because they go through not one but three to four different Third Party Agency to hire their staff, which means that the agency becomes the employee and the client Xerox becomes the assignment.

Third party agencies are staffing companies, and they are paid by Xerox a fee for every new person who they hire, its like a horse race on the job bank, so many ads for Xerox, last check was today, 18 different ads, and three different agencies trying to get Business from Xerox, at the expense of the job seeker, which we will get into that meaning soon, as our third party continue to seek new hires for Xerox, now allow me to share with you that your Saint John Call Center has a very high turn over, now it is not unusually for high turn overs at call centers, but these turn overs are alarming high, it is like they hire these new people one month, put them in a one month training and after the training they go to the floor and once they are on the floor they meet the long term contractors, and some people were there seven years, after seven long years they are still a contractor with the third party agency.

Xerox prides themselves on Ethic, which according to the world wide web, they have the best ethics out there.

Back to the turn over, every third months, two months after the new hires are hired on and put on one of the two GDO teams one being the Canadian and the other being the American, 75 % or higher quit, if you do not believe those numbers check for yourself.

Now again we are back to the why, it is simple and one message I have been saying since I started addressing this issue and that is CONVERSION.

Your own management is causing this problem, allow me to explain, every new hire through the third party agency, would have the opportunity to meet with two GDO managers at their interview, which they would be ask some questions, allowing the two interviewers decide to hire them or not, today they hire anyone because to be honest they are running out of people.

So back to the interview, so during that interview, the interviewer would tell each and everyone that after 6 months to a year that Xerox goal is to hire you as per conversion, now that was said to every new hire up to June 19th which could have change by now after I started addressing the issue.

Myself and the 100 plus contractors at Xerox were told the very same line when we were interviewed many years ago and because they continue to use that line with the new hires up to today, would explain the high turn over, because the new hires would meet the long term contractors, and once they meet the truth of conversions will be reveal to the new hires.

Your problems are being caused by your own GDO department management for the ongoing lie they are feeding about conversions.

Now mind me before 2011, Xerox done the conversions as they stated but after 2011, they stopped but never stop telling new hires.

So now we can see how the problem begins, but why, in my opinion is the deals that have been made with the many third party agencies that recruit them the people and the contents of the contract that the new hires need to sign, which allow Xerox full power of all decisions, which there is nothing wrong with that, but there are clauses in those contracts that allow your own GDO managers the power to fire someone without reason.

Why would they convert for GDO, because they know once a contractor quits, they just have to call one of the many agencies they have and the agencies have a number of people waiting for work, not knowing the facts about their jobs contract content.

In my opinion something happen after 2011, the head of the GDO department, stopped all conversions, and this was done without no one knowing, so those 100 plus agents who are still waiting are now waiting for nothing, as long as they stay with the GDO department, they will not be converted, but if that was the case, why would they mislead all of the new hires with the same line.

So I believe a deal was made with the many third party agencies they have on their check book, and all of them are running looking for more and more people to work at Xerox, and that is good for the agency because they will receive a fee for every new person as well as long as they work, they would be paid for the hours that they work, and Xerox, well they know with the type of contract that they have with the agency that they can get away with it, and we need to remember these agencies are like any other business, they are there to make money, but at the cost of so many contractors who must put their trust with them.

Now for those who have been fired, that decisions is always made by the client, but because of the deal they have with the agency, the young victim hands are tied because of threats of court action from the agency if they try to reach out to Xerox for a reason.

The contractors within the third party agencies are the lowest positions within your company but when you look at the contract that they sign with the third party agency most of the contract is based on the terms of termination, as if this contract was designed for those job seekers to fall anytime they want.

Please read section 11 as per contract which one needs to sign to work at Xerox, now I don't know if this contract is the same for all of their clients but it is designed for Xerox.

Now lets compare that line 11 to the American Term EMPLOYMENT AT WILL, and see if they are close to being the same or are they different.

What does being an at-will employee mean?
Being an at-will employee means that your employer can terminate your employment at any time, for any cause - with or without notice.

As you can see there is no difference with the American term EMPLOYMENT AT WILL and the THIRD PARTY AGENCY CLAUSE IN SECTION 11.
However, there are legal restrictions upon the employer's ability to terminate an employee without any reason. The At-Will Employment doctrine varies from state to state. Those states which are more protective of employees than others have established "exceptions" to the At-Will doctrine. Even when there is no formal contract courts will "imply" a contract between the employer and employee. This notion of an implied contract protects employees from discharge or demotion without cause

Now as one can see both of these clauses are very close to a point that they are the same, so with this in mind, I was fired all because of a clause made available to fire someone at anytime and again for no reason.

Now you must be asking yourself, why don't I just drop this and go on, I can not drop it because of how this was done to me without any idea that something like this could happen to me after being there for close to 6 years.

Now a manager within one of the many team within Xerox, should have step that they must follow before firing someone, let alone someone for no reason, these managers should be working towards a solution not assuming that all solutions that need to do is fire someone.

There are over 100 plus long term third party contractors there as of June 19th, now if one of those contractors ask about conversion, would they be fired as well, where is the justice with all this, as I mention your own managers cause the problems in the first place by telling each of us that we will be converted within that time period.

To this day Xerox never reach out to me, as if I did not exist, once they fire you and seem to erase you from everything, and to me that is not acceptable, I spend many years working there and at lease I do deserve the reason that both my manager along with the head of GDO department thought it was nessuary to fire me instead in meeting with me, your the Ethic board and need to look at the concerns as well issues that may affect the many third party contractors, you can not look at them with a blind eye because they are not a Xerox employee.

My fight consist of three areas, one being fired for no reason or or given any such notice and no idea such a clause was put in our contract which will become a subject of many debates as per the American term EMPLOYMENT AT WILL. Two that all contractors who have been there for over one year be converted as they were told once they were hired as well stop telling all new hires that they can be converted within that time period, and finally I get my job back, a job.

As we both know, none of these suggestions will even be considered by Xerox, but I will continue to fight for those changes as well the relationship with Xerox and the third party agencies and the type of contract that job seekers need to sign, they need to some changes in that area as well, this contract should be designed for both parties the client as well the contractor, as I said right now this contract is based on termination and you will see that word in there many times, like the contract was designed to fire someone anytime the client wants them fired and again no reason.

Xerox is a great place to work, I would never say anything bad about the place itself, while my employment there, I loved the job that I held and felt at that time it was my duties to tell Xerox that the conversion issue was causing all of problems and we need to update the long term contractors as well the new hires on where we stand on conversions within the GDO department.

So as you can see I was doing it for them and for the company, because I loved both of them, my company as well my fellow workers who I was seeing quitting in those alarming numbers, and they left because of conversion.

It so hard to believe that what I was doing, thinking it was good would have cause me my job, and what makes it even harder to believe that they fired me and the contract that I signed gave them the power, a clause that I had no idea was in there in the first place.

I really think you should be looking at your management with the GDO department meaning the head of GDO department as this would all fall on her, she is the one that makes the decisions to lie to so many people for so many years, and I believe she was one of two people who were responsible for firing me, instead of meeting me, they decided to fire me, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to see there was something wrong there, maybe they did not want to face the truth.

I think something happen after 2011, they done there last conversions for the GDO, and a new deal has been made with these third party agencies, now remember I was with three agencies in my five and half years.

The agency I was with and the one who fired me, I was with them just a couple of years, so my opinion, they change agencies with new deals made with the remaining agencies they have, as they have fired a couple of agencies in the past.

Let me try to explain this and again this is my opinion, but it also makes sense, 2011, all conversions were stop for the GDO department, but the contractors are not aware of that as they were not told, now not saying GDO contractors does not get converted, some do as if they apply for a different position to a different department.

So now we know conversions are over, so why do they continue to tell new hires the same line, my opinion with hopes that they will stay at-lease one year, but that back fired because they will quit within two months from the day they are hired, meaning about 75% and higher.

Local job bank is swarm with Xerox opening, there are three agencies that Xerox, and all three of these agencies need to keep ads on the job bank because of the high turn over which does not seem to bother the head of the GDO, as if she is expecting it, which I can not figure that one out, why would someone paid a fee on new people just for them to quit within a couple of month, and like I said 90% of them quit not because they hate their job, in fact they love their job, they quit because of conversions.

I have done much research and feel that these finding are close to the truth, there is a hidden agenda within the GDO department, now how high does this go, I have no idea and hope it just goes as high as the Saint John office.

And because I wanted to get an update on the issue and I was very well like by all of the whole call center they may have felt that I would have continue to push on answers on that issues, which I would have, because it was the fair thing to do, I was tired seeing so many people quitting and so tired seeing and hearing the 100 plus crying all of the time about the issue and I say that with positive thoughts.

These long term contractors some of them are moms and others are fathers and some are grandparents, and some are students, each of them have something in common, they were all told that they would be hired, allowing each and everyone of them hope for a future with Xerox, but instead they were all mislead with those words, and because they all need work, many of them have no choice but to work under those conditions.

You know there is a human side to this story, and if Xerox were to look at the human side, they would understand why I continue to fight for these people, I know I would never get my job back, I know that they may think I am a trouble maker, but they are so wrong, I am a man who seen a problem and wanted to help find the solutions so that both Xerox and the contractors can be happy and allow this company to regain its status back for being one of the best places to work, right now they are considered to be one of the worse places to work at, and if we were to take a look at the issue, the one issue that seems to deem this call center to be not a good place work but now with the many ads on t he job banks people now think that they are in dire need of people all the time.

When one see so many ads they would ask themselves, why are they always hiring, and most times they know the answer to the question which is simple, people are quitting all the time, and the worse thing about that, is that the new bunch of new third party contractors will do the same as a on going pattern.

Now if I was able to see the many effects of the conversion issue, why didn't the upper management see the many effects as well, the answer is simple they have seen the many effects, and as long as the three third party agencies were doing masses interviews, they would always have a new group ready to replace the old group that quit, and when that new group comes in, and after a couple of months, that group will quit themselves and the agencies would have yet another group of people ready to go in, which that would explain the number of ads that are place on our job bank.

You can avoid my letter, that is up to you, but if you do, your call center here in Saint John will continue to fall, right now as I mention your turn over is very high and they will soon run out of people, and right now they would hire anyone, so most of the people they hire right now, are not what they would have hired many years ago.

My manager, he was the one that I trusted, the one that always kept telling us if we have an issue or problem, his door is open, with an open door policy, and to know that he was the one who call my agency on June 19th and knowing at the time there were no grounds to fire me, but he knew that there was that clause that allowed him to fire me, I think he should be fired for abusing his position and I also feel that the head of GDO should be replace with someone who can make the GDO department a good and respected department, and again I think she should be fired for allowing my manager to fire me because I wanted to meet with her, she knew me and I believe she was also behind having me fired.

Your ethic group of Xerox, I have worked days on this letter or better yet a report on your GDO department, please do not avoid this issue and the issues that come after this issue.

Thank You

Robert Raynes
Sept 07/2015

N  10th of Sep, 2015 by    0 Votes
My question is if these two clauses are the same, how was it that they were able to get away with it so long, as I mention many times the American Term Employment at will is illegal in Canada, but when you read the contract that was set up for Xerox call center by the third party agency, their termination clause is the same as the Employment At Will, This Call Center is located in Saint John New Brunswick.

When you look at a Xerox contract with one of the four agencies, you will notice that this contract is more about termination than anything else, as well saying if you are fired and if you use social media or even try to contract Xerox, you would be sued by the agency, how can one be sued if the clause that they have in the contract is illegal according to our research, the bottom line is be careful and look at your contract and if you do see such a clause in that contract, think before signing.

There are a lot of questions that needs to be answer:

1, why would such a clause be added into a contract for a very low paying job in the first place, if someone done wrong, the client would have reason to fire them, just like any other job, but their clause go further, without reason.

2. When you are fired, you are not being fired by the agency, because as long as you work for the client, they make money for each hour you are there, so the reason you get fired is because of the client, and the contract gives them the power, believe the client hold full power on all of the decisions made toward you.

3, Client fires you, and some cases they do have causes, missing too many days, cant not keep a good stats, and other normal reason, but when they fire someone without cause, and again they are pulling all the string, so when it comes to lawsuits, they are protected again by this clause, now if by any chance this clause is illegal than that could change the clause, for possible law suits for firing someone without good cause.

4. Why so many third party agencies, they have a lot of agencies always looking for new hires, in any given day if you check the local job bank you would see not one but many different third party agencies placing job opening, like a race horse, agencies fighting for the new hires.

5. 75 per cent of all new hires quit within a two to three months time period, which causes all those job opening, why are they leaving in a very alarming numbers.

It call comes down to one answer, CONVERSION, not on paper, but on words, if someone were to interview 50 both new hires as well long term contractors, they would soon learn that most if not all of them were told that within a time period of 6 months to a year they would be free from the agency as well hired on, now we are talking about the GDO department.

Just be careful, read, ask questions, before you sign any papers with the third party agency, if you happy sign it.

N  18th of Sep, 2015 by    0 Votes
If anyone black here has been discriminated by Xerox or wrongful terminated please submit your contact information to the email address listed below. Please state your claim, and how Xerox discriminated against you or wrongful terminated you, if you know others please give them this information as well for an to be a part of a class action lawsuits.
N  6th of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
If Terminated from Xerox can you ever work there again on another Campaign?

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