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Phone salesman continue to call even though we have asked them not to, as we have found better prices elsewhere for our building supplies and tools. During one phone call, the salesman said he had some stuff lying around he needed to get rid of, and would like to send them free of charge, including shipping. Agreed to this and a box of miscellaneous items arrived, with an invoice of '$0.00' next to each item. The following month, a bill for $400 arrived for this box of 'free' stuff which they now say we owe.

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  • Ri
      Dec 03, 2010

    After being contacted repeatedly by Ace Industrial Supply, my boyfriend finally gave in and agreed to purchasing $200.00 worth of grinding blades. We received the package today. The box included the blades plus a brand new grinder, drop light, safety glasses, and drill bits. 2 minutes after the package arrived, my boyfriend recieved a text from an unknown number that read "Hahahahahaha". We looked up the area code, and sure enough, the text came from Ace Industrial Supply, located in Burbank, CA. We have not yet recieved the invoice for how much we owe, but after reading others' comments, I'm sure we won't only be charged for the blades, but also for everything we DIDN'T order!

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  • St
      Jun 19, 2012 the funniest lie about a company.. really have nothing else better to do then make up some appalling story.. 98% of our customers are happy the other 2% are like any other company have had a bad experience due to their own misunderstanding and they take it out on the company because they were in the wrong...

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  • No
      Jul 18, 2012

    Steve11629...I have yet to see a positive comment about this company on multiple sites. You must have a lot of customers if we are the 2%. How about providing me with a good phone number (THAT YOU WILL ACTUALLY ANSWER) so I can tell you about the products I received from your company privately.

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  • Th
      Sep 18, 2012

    @steve11629 i know about these texts ur company sends, at least all the got was hahahah the whores at your company wont stop with the harrassing phone calls, pornographic texts and emails and sex toys sent with tool packages! it all goes in the dumpster, ur company is a joke and so are you fool!

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