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Not a living wage

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I have been working as a transcriptionist since 1984 and used to be paid $20/hr working in a hospital. I now work for a U.S. company that was recently bought by Accentus and have been making 1/2 that amount. I do not work as a subcontractor but have experienced much of what is cited in this long list of complaints against Accentus. I am wondering if Accentus will soon change our status to subcontractors so that they won't have give us any medical benefits. We have about the same rights as farm workers before Caesar Chavez. The medical benefits we do have come with $100 co-pay for visits to anyone except a primary care provider. That is no benefit at all. In these times of high unemployment, I am fortunate to have a job but I am aware on a daily basis that I am being taken advantage of and being paid less than minimum wage for the time I spend on this job. They can get away with this by citing that their contract with us says that we are paid solely for the lines we produce. What appears to me to be illegal is that there is a long list of things that are considered part of our job but don't produce lines and for which we are not compensated. When I listed for myself all the things I do that are part of my job but which don't produce lines, it showed that I spend, AT THE VERY LEAST, 30 minutes a day without being compensated for my time. The company's software frequently fails, and we are expected to use our vacation time or work on weekends or outside our scheduled hours to make up for that. I love this work, but we are no longer compensated adequately for what was once a profession at which a person could make a decent living.
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A  15th of Oct, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I'm sorry to hear that Accentus has expanded beyond Canadian borders and is how making the lives of our neighbouring MTs difficult! Unfortunately for us Canadians, many hospitals are dumping in-house MTs for Accentus due to cost savings, which is similar to American doctors sending transcription to India. The virtual machine crashes frequently and I was lucky to have a day where I spent less than an hour on misc. stuff without getting compensation, like logging no dictation files, sitting around waiting for IT help, waiting for the team lead to get back to me on something, or waiting for a job in my inbox. Unit clerks don't work for free during lulls, how come we do??
N  11th of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
okay, now we have complaints and in Canada we are working as contractors. They now moved our team of about 40 people to a new system and from one day to the next tell us that even the transitional training fee for training on new systems/accounts is being waved. We are now expected to work for 4/hr for the next couple of weeks until we get used to the system and the system flaws are being ironed out. They give us prep talks so we keep going, slaving away. Yes, I know we are contractors but changing rates like that and make us work for less than minimum wage. How can we get this changed. I already contacted several institutions that deal with labor law and nobody seem to be able to help.
A  13th of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Accentus contacted me 7 months ago to work for them. I initially didn't respond to them due to the comments here. They kept calling, so finally I talked to the girl. She was very nice, professional, I have no complaints about her. She hired me immediately and sent out the contracts. Of course, I didn't start until two months later. It took them about a month to get their "credentials", have the IT guy set up the system (which I'm fairly certain is screwing up my computer, as it was brand new right before I started for them). This wasn't a big deal as I was working full time at the time, but I was moving so I wanted to be working and not have to worry about finding a new job when I moved.
Anyways, so after two months everything was set up. I was put into gating. I had two team leads--both were fine. The one could be a ### at times, but she seemed more stressed out than anything so I didn't take it too personally. I was in gating for probably two months before I had to ASK to be taken out of it. I had been getting 100% on all of my reports. They agreed to take me out of it and everything was going great. I was making a decent amount of money but found it difficult to stay focused all day every day to make the amount I need to live off of, so I got a part-time job two days a week, and I was making the same as I was working full time in hospital between the two.
I was very happy. Then out of the blue, the account I was working on ended. It took them another 3 weeks to get the credentials for my new account...so three weeks without pay of any kind, and then I got placed back into gating for the new account. I have now been in gating for probably another month, however this team lead is so picky that I don't foresee getting out of gating any time soon. I'm talking tiny, tiny nit picky errors. I type them, review them, put the blanks in where I don't understand, and I am yet to get over 96% (you need to get 98 for a week straight before getting out of gating).
So now I am allowed to type 15 minutes a day, and each day I am more and more discouraged to the point that I end up job searching instead of typing. I cannot live off their 20 dollars a day, not even with a part-time job, nor should they be allowed to do that.
The first account was great once I got out of gating, but I am sick of never making any money. I wanted to work from home so badly, but by now, I am willing to take just about any job that will pay the bills.
I wish I trusted my gut and never contacted them back to begin with. They have put me in the hole with their false promises. Even if I did get out of gating again soon, I can only imagine something else would come up that would stop the work flow. I have never been so disappointed in a company.
N  17th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Hi all, It is not only Accentus but there are a lot of companies like that who even pay less than that and they do not commit minimum wage. It is the trend now, outsource your work and increase your profits that is what these companies are doing. I applied to Accentus in 2011 and never heard back for almost a year. Last year, HR called me asking if i am still interested. I went ahead and said yes. Everything was being set up, when they come up with the issue that their platform does not support AMD computers...ah...thankfully i did not buy a new computer and even if i did, nobody would have gotten back to me yet. I called them several times after that to at least try the software on my computer and if it does not work, then i will probably think of buying a new one. Well, i never heard back from them and now I am really not interested. Moreover, after coming to this forum I would not work for them. Thanks guys.

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