SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Never received the book that I ordered on Feb. 5,2012 and it's March 22,2012 They charged my credit card, but I never received the book.

OK, United States

I oredered the book The Man Who Rode Midnight by Elmer Kelton on Feb. 5, 2012 and I was sent a notice with a tracking number by email stating that the book had shipped and I would receive it ON/Before February 26, 2012. Howeve it is now March 22, 2012 and I haven't received it yet. I tried to contact them on the request return/refund button that is displayed on the order details page, but no luck. They did charge my credit card as soon as I placed the order and the bill has already been paid. I am very upset with this so called company. I hope that others will read my comment as well as the other comments before they purchase from them. In my opionion they are a crooked outfit. I shall never ordered from them again and I'll tell all of my family and friends to avoid them like the plague.

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