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Signed up for ABCMouse .com for my Daughter in Pre K. She was and is ahead of her learning skills. She loved ABCMouse. I didn't like it very much, because she was ahead of it all and it had too many puzzles and coloring pages. Coloring pages on a computer to me are useless. They gave us extra time for a bonus. (Now I think they like to do this to throw you off your due date) You can't just buy a year. They sign you up for automatic renewal. They periodically send you e-mails wanting you to extend your membership. This is another major point for me. They always send e-mails wanting you to extend your time, but do NOT send you one when they are about to automatically bill you. Automatically renewed for 2nd year. Daughter loved the songs, aquarium and pet hamster, so let it go. Then the school gave her a year membership at end of Kindergarten. (Had a year and this extended through 1st grade) In the meantime the credit card I had used had expired and I was issued a new one. Same number, but the security code was different. ABCMouse had the old expiration date, but still charged the account. Noticed charge to account 2 days later and went to site canceled and requested refund. Rec'd reply almost immediately stating that the membership is canceled as per request, but they don't refund any money that has already been paid. BTW when I went back to the site to see if I could leave a review I was still logged in and it said "Welcome back" and asked if I wanted to join back up (purchase another membership)

Jun 30, 2016
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      Jul 01, 2016

    The have a 30-day guarantee on their site, so they should honor that. Usually with services like this if you tell them you plan to issue a charge back through your credit card provider, they'll issue you a refund. If they don't, I'd move forward with contacting your credit card for a charge back.

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