ABC News / 54" cut ztr mower

I purchased this mower in person at the local Baton Rouge store on March 12, 2017. I paid $69 to have it delivered with delivery being set for March 15th. That morning I get a call that my delivery has been delayed and rescheduled for Saturday March 18th.
no one could or would tell us what caused this delay, finally after several phone calls and transfers and being hung up on by the rudest foreign speaking customer service department ever we find out this mower is out of sold me a mower knowing it was out of stock without informing me so I could make a decision as to get another model, wait for this one, or purchase elsewhere?????? AND you took my cash money just like a slick con artist running a scam of which Sears is no better than.
I predict and look forward to the day when every Sears/Kmart store is closed, bankrupt, because the way they do business that is all they deserve. They are crooks, liars, and cheats. Outsourcing an important job like customer service out of the country so they can pay $1.25 an hour to a non English speaking, untrained, rude individual to further insult their customers.
I believe taking someone's money for the promise of something in return and not delivering is fraud plain and simple and will be calling the state attorney generals office to pursue this as far as possible.

Mar 19, 2017

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