AAA.comroad service did not come nor follow up

I contacted triple aaa at 8:39 a.m.. My car was caught in an edge of a snow bank at the end of my road. The front passenger tire was stuck in a small indented area of ice. I contacted them online. I received a confirmation stating that help would arrive in 180 minutes. At 12:30 p. M. I called to inquire as to where the tow truck was. At first the representative stated that they do not assist cars caught in a snow bank on residential property. I retorted by asking why i received an email online confirming aaa was on the way to assist me. The rep. Than rechecked his records and stated that a driver had been at my residence and left because "no one was home. The car is disabled in the road so it was visible and obvious. No one knocked on my door. My son and i were watching in the window constantly for assistance and no truck ever came from aaa. I confronted the aaa rep. With these facts. The rep. Responded by saying the only reason i received a confirmation email was because i requested service online. He told me that had i called via phone that i would have been told that aaa does not assist customers in helping them get a vehicle out of an icy area nor snow ditch on residential property and that i needed to find another company and pay them to come and assist. I am livid. What do we pay an annual fee to aaa for? They have lost a customer as i will not be renewing with them. I will also make sure others know about their inept customer service.

Feb 20, 2015

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