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These guys sent me a traffic violation, saying I went through one of their tolls without paying, and requesting that I pay a fine. I was NOT anywhere near their toll road on the alleged day of violation. The violation notice read like a sales pitch for FasTrak -- their pre paid toll service, basically saying I wouldn't have any future violations if I signed up for FasTrak. After I spent time on the phone and via mail contesting the violation, they finally dropped it and mailed me another letter pitching their FasTrak service. I have a hunch this is a sales ploy, and that they falsify violations to see what will "stick." Despicable.

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  • Re
      25th of Aug, 2012

    I just received a notice, too. I have NEVER driven in southern California, let alone a week ago. I am going to have people from work sign a notarized statement saying I was at work and my car was in the parking lot in Mountain View at that time. I should NOT have to do this, and they should have to provide a photo of the car to prove it. It is a scam, no doubt!

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  • Pi
      14th of Apr, 2013

    I have also gotten a ticket from them for unlawful use from 3 years ago. Never received anything in the mail until they kept monry from my tax last year. No pictures. no dates just want money. I think its cause the state is broke and they are scammming anyone who is scard to chalenge it

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  • Se
      13th of Apr, 2015

    I received a ticket from them as well saying the same thing. The funny thing is that the vehicle on the picture they attached to the ticket is an SUV and I so happen to drive a TOYOTA COROLLA 93'! How do you like them apples? That vehicles plates look similar to mine except the middle letters/numbers are blocked by a metal ball that is used for towing/hauling. So did they just guess what they thought were the words or letters? It's so ridiculous how something as obvious as an SUV is mistaken for a smaller sedan. And now I can't renew my registration until this is fixed! Do they even actually inspect that the pictures they take prior to sending a ticket? Pff ridiculous!

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  • No
      21st of Aug, 2017

    I also received a notice of toll evasion violation from them. I live in Northern California not So Cal -- total scam. But how do they get your full name, address, make/model of vehicle, license plate #? Is someone at DMV involved in the scam?

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  • Ka
      31st of Aug, 2017

    I was in SAN DIEGO when my car, parked at home in SANTA CRUZ, was accused of driving itself to 91W Co. Line-55L#2. I sent copies of our flight info to prove that we weren't home, but not sure they will dismiss it. Such a pisser, those of us that commute in the Bay Area go through enough without being scammed out of very hard earned money.

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  • Vi
      13th of Jul, 2018

    I do use the 91 expresslanes but I ride a Harley. I have the transponder from Metro Expresslanes and it is good for any toll roads in CA. They send me a notice of violation. I send them a copy of my account and a copy of the vehicles on my account license plate numbers showing I have had the account since 2016. I send them a copy of my statement on or before the so called violation showing my account t is in good standing. They send me another letter of Delinquent Toll Evasion Violation. Do they have idiots working for that company. every thing there in black and white and they still don't take the toll amount. Here's the good part on my statement it shows where they have taken tolls before. I keep the transponder in my saddle bag, LIKE THEY SUGESTED I DO, yet their machine cant pick up my transponder every time. I have wasted more time and money, for stamps, mailing this info to them time after time. Once this is all cleared up I wont ever ride on their toll roads again. I can split lanes no problem. I am going to write a letter to the CEO of the OCTA and see if he can explain this incompetence he has working for him.

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  • Ro
      30th of Oct, 2018

    We live in AZ, my daughter (19) has personalized plates and has NEVER left the state of AZ in that car. Believe me when i say she'd never make it in CA traffic.
    She just got a $25 violation for using the 91??
    Let us know if you find an attorney for a class action lawsuit. Unbelievable that this is how this stretch of freeway is funded!!

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  • Pa
      2nd of Dec, 2018

    I just received a violation from 91 Express Lanes. I live in Scottsdale, AZ and at the time of the violation the car and license plate was physically located in Arizona. The plate was never off the car and the car was not in CA. I sent a dispute letter as the violation form instructed. Still waiting to hear if they are going to drop the violation. I'm not sure if this is a scam or if someone attached a counterfeit/ficticious plate to another car using my license plate information.

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  • Br
      21st of Mar, 2019

    @paul265 I also live in Scottsdale, AZ. Car is registered in AZ with AZ plates, I was not in California at the time of the violation. Did you learn anything more about this? Thanks!

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  • Br
      21st of Mar, 2019

    I also received a violation notice and was not in this state at this time, does anyone have any idea if we paid this ... was it fraudulent?

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