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8X8 / Lack of service Equipment malfunctions

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Tony: I got packet 8 after sun rockets demise. The service was not good from the onset. Dial tones would not come on the calls would drop. I have 30 pages of email to their service dept. To top it off their equipment uniden 160p handset would hijack my internet connection. The I was told the problem was with my isp if I removed their equipment it worked fine. I spent hours on the phone hours resetting their equipment told it would continue happening unless I changed isp. I canceled credit card. I contacted fcc contacted florida attorney general. Finally they conceded and canceled every thing on 0923/2008 not over yet first of november I get another bill for service I have not had for now 5 months but billed for two months. I called then again. 20 minutes on the phone we got no where. No notes on update of case I resubmitted case to fcc and copied packet 8 stay way away from them.. It's a sad state of affairs when you pay for a service don't get it then told the problem is on your side and it will not go away. They cancel it then re instate it they should be investigated for fraud.


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  13th of Jan, 2009
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Avoid Packet 8 Voip!

In July, 2008, Packet 8 cold-called me about switching from Vonage to their service. Buying the sales pitch, I agreed, provided they could port my current number. They assured me they could. I told them from the beginning I would not activate until the number was ported, as I didn't want to switch phone #'s twice.

After the 30-day trial ended, I began getting monthly service charges. A couple of months went by before I found they made a mistake and linked my LNP request to a canceled account. A couple of months later (Nov) they stated I had to fill out a LOA form, which they said they'd email me to, but never did. By December, they told me I had to submit a LNP request online AGAIN. Several times that I called I was told the LNP specialist wasn't available, but they'd call me right back (THEY NEVER DID).

By January 13, 2009 (6 mos later!), the number still wasn't ported, nor had I activated the service. That did not stop them from charging me $143.49 in service fees for a service that I had not used a single second.

I had to cancel the account. For that, they wanted to charge me an additional $75!!! Fortunately - in the one thing they did right - they waived the disconnect fee.

I have tried to work with Packet 8 on two separate occassions, and they have failed to make it work, I have paid them over $170 but they have never provided me with a single minute of phone service. I strongly urge you to think twice before purchasing their service.
  26th of Nov, 2009
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I had similar experience. My primary residence line is 8x8, which stopped working for outgoing calls. In a 3.5 month period, the outgoing calls feature worked for only 15 days. I tried opening 5 tickets and finally gave up. Initially, they said it is the ISP's problem. We checked with the ISP and ran other tests and also borrowed a friend's Vonage box to make sure the ISP was not at fault.
When I told 8x8 about all the facts, they would still insist that is ISP's fault.
They have a strange practice of closing the tickets as fast as possible, irrespective of the solution to the problem. After 3 months, I gave up and switched from 8x8. But, they wouldn't refund the annual fees. They basically charged me for a full one year for a service that was delivered only for 15 days.
Avoid this company.
  5th of Oct, 2011
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Similar problems here. I used ShaperProbe from GA Tech (http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~partha/diffprobe/shaperprobe.html) and it showed that my own findings with Comcast agree with theirs, too much shaping & policing to support VoIP reliably. Comcast will completely police-out VoIP and VPN traffic at times and act as if they know nothing about it, all the while my calls are choppy or just drop out, or my VPN drops out. I don't understand why 8x8's VoIP test failed to detect the Comcast shaping/policing. If they are going to provide a hosted VoIP service they MUST provide a more accurate test. The onus is on them if they are collecting the money for a service that must be sufficiently reliable to support 911 calls.

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