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I asked a local foster to watch my sons autism assistance dog for a day or two because I was having bad thoughts and severe side effects from new meds my psychiatrist put me on. I was going to the local ER and didn't know if I would be put into the hospital or not. Needless to say they said it was the meds and released me only about 4-5 hours later. A note was sent to 4 paws later explaining about the meds. I planned on picking up Godzilla from the local foster the next evening...but before I could pick him up I received a called from Jennifer lutes, one of the trainers at 4 paws, she informed me Godzilla would be going back to the 4 paws facility in Ohio. I asked why and she gave me no explanation. To date 4 paws has had Godzilla for three weeks now with no explanation other than the following from Karen shirk...Godzilla is not at 4 paws, no on will talk to me and a discussion has to take place with a board of volunteers before they will respond to me. I have asked what they are discussing, what's going on and I get no response. My son Noah is absolutely distraught over not having his dog. He refuses to leave the house, go anywhere, do anything, etc because he doesn't have his Godzilla dog. I have a signed contract with 4 paws for Godzilla and I've not broken any of the contract rules. We just want our Godzilla back. Karen even threaten me with calling the police if I came to 4 paws to talk with her...she won't give me any kind of answers nor will Jennifer lutes. I need some help and don't have money for an attorney.

4 Paws for Ability
4 Paws for Ability

Aug 06, 2016

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