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2-10 Warranty is a horrible company. I have an AC unit that went out on 6/29/2009. It is now 7/17/2009 and has been about 90-100 degrees everyday. They have not still fixed the unit. I have made nearly 70, yes 70 calls to them with never once a call back. They do not live up to their end of the deal, do not care. Good luck to you 2-10 warranty holders that have something break on them. If there is ever a class action lawsuit filed against this company, please contact me for any assistance.

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  • Bo
      Feb 10, 2011
    2-10 warranty - failure to provide service we paid for
    2-10 Warranty
    New York
    United States

    We have placed 4 service calls in the last 5 months.
    1. Furnace that stopped working on Jan 29, 2011.
    2. A chemical water pump which burned out on Jan 20, 2011
    3. Garage door spring placed on Oct 27, 2010
    4. Micro wave / oven are not functioning properly. Placed on Jan 28, 2011

    Needless to say it has been a long winter. Anyway I have placed over 50 calls to 2-10 to try and rectify these issue. the furnace was considered an emergency considering the temps on Jan 29 was 19 degrees. The furnace finaly works today Feb 9, 2011. It only took 2 weeks to have it repaired, and they would not pay the contractor. I had to pay the entire bill. The contractor never heard of such a thing.

    They couldn't find a contractor to come to the hiuse to fix the door and chemical pump. I was told I would be reimbursed minus the $75 fee. I haven't been paid for the garage door, and now they claim the pump isn't covered, yet they genereated a work order for it to be repaired/replaced.

    They sent an appliance repairman to look at the appliances, because the appliances are over 25 years old, replacement parts are not avaialable. The repairman had to pull the microwave out to get the model # and same for the oven. After 10 days I called to see what the outcome is and they told me they would get back to me. They called me and wated the model # of both appliances. Thats what I paid the $75 for, and then they wanted a picture as well. I sent the picture and they still are delaying the process.

    I wish there was some way I could warn other people who live under the false hope that should their heat go out in the middle of winter for 2 weeks it will be taken care of. You never talk to the same person twice, even if you get a name and mention it, it really doesn't matter. They will never give you a supervisor or a contact number or email address.

    I have found it almost impossible to find a contractor that will work for them. I can't believe that Realty Companys still offer this crapping contract to persective buyers. In fact the contractors that they do get to come out are not what I would call "Top Notch".

    I am wondering if it is a bit of a scam. Most of the guys that came out know what is and isn't covered it seems and they go ahead and do the work first then call for the authorization, which is usually denied, then you are stuck for the full bill.

    I have to believe that 2-10 is not providing the service which they call us to renew every year. They even sold my wife the extra coverage to cover the chemical pump, which they now are authorizing it to be serviced.

    Does anyone know any recourse that can be taken? I have contacted the Realty company that sold this to us and mentioned that they should research what they sell. My wife is so afraid that somehting major will go wrong that she keeps taking out the insurance. we have had them since 2007 and have had a total of10 service calls. Only two were actually covered. It always seems that the contractor does the work and then your stuck for the bill.

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  • Mr
      Aug 20, 2011
    2-10 warranty - failure to provide service we paid for
    2-10 warranty
    United States

    I have had the worst experience with 2-10 warranty. Most of the contractors they sent over were creeps.
    I just found out they decided not to renew my subscription with out notifying me. No reasons given.
    Do not do business with them, they take your money and do not deliver.
    Total scam

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