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comgateway / onenowservice charge increase without announcement


Let me share my terrible shipping experience using comgateway. I have ordered an few products from some US online shops, and I would like to use the "Delivery For Me" service provided by comgateway. (Comgateway will provide an address for storage, and then ship the packages international)

After all my packages have arrived comgateway, and I would like to pay for the shipping fee/service charge. I found out the fees are 10% more that I expected. After I communicate with the customer service of comgateway, I realized that the charges are increased on the same day.

The charge is unacceptable and so I want to find someone to collect back my packages, but the customer service told me I DO NOT have the right to get back my packages by any method and I MUST use the shipping services provided by them.

Finally, I am forced to accept this arrangement and pay the service charge.

Poor ME!


  • Fa
    fair opinion Jul 17, 2016

    I just really thought of sharing my experience with this shipper here before anywhere else, first thing integrity and trust, I found them trusty in the sense that they do your order, they process your requirement however the problem is that it is not in timely manner - so if you want to catch a sale items it is very unlikely to do so due to their poor performance. the 2nd important thing is the quality of shipping itself, they tend to show that they are saving but in fact they are not they enforce many times putting items in poly bags in such pathetic and unprofessional way. Hidden costs are also there whenever you ask for anything: re-packing (bag has cost and the box has cost higher / consolidation (although they mislead saying free somewhere but it is not) so you end up paying extra money on your shipments for things available for free with other providers similar. If you forward items from other merchants – they seems like to open them and manipulate with them but not in the normal professional way, frequently I found labels are cut and internal packing of specific item is removed (from merchants I tried 100s times and I knew they never do such thing) and of course they are fan of through-ing your original invoices from time to time no matter how you stress how important is to keep – in addition if they buy something for you they will never provide you with an invoice even masked as prove of the source, item authenticity or genuineness. Also there overall shipping cost is high and not having great discount with international couriers as they pretend to say. Overall I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.

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  • Wa
    Ware Nov 19, 2015

    I have used them previously and it was expensive but Atleast the process worked - this time, having made a purchase to be sent to comgateway, I have been UNABLE TO:
    Login NOR have a new password sent to me via following the forgotten password link
    Contact them via live chat
    Send emails - they respond claiming my emails appear as scrambled text and they cannot read

    I have a feeling the previous dealing with them was buy for me service - perhaps they only accept this and do not accept simply receiving and forwarding parcels as they cannot claim extra money that way - it is all appearing very shady currently and I am extremely disappointed as they fooled me into thinking they were legit by undertaking earlier dealings successfully.
    As is stated in other user complaints - there is no way to call them, only email or chat and as I explained above - THEY CLAIM CANNOT READ MY EMAILS, LIVE CHAT IS NOT FUNCTIONING AT ALL & I'M UNABLE TO EVEN GET A NEW LOGIN PASSWORD SENT TO MY EMAIL since it seems I've forgotten password as it won't let me sign in.

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  • Da
    David L Schneider Aug 07, 2015

    I shipped packages from this company and a lot of times they do not give you a detailed invoice even though they repack and check the shipment. Last week i shipped what I thought was everything and then receive an email from their customer service that an unlisted item was missing something and they claimed they emailed me August 2nd and had not. They did not offer to ship the unlisted package since I did not know about it and wanted me to pay full price for the now listed package after i complained. I told them to keep the package and cancel my account.

    I would encourage everyone to boycot this company: "They will compromised your account and keep on telling to ask a refund for the merchants. When you ask about your parcels they will say that they can never disclose any information about your parcels."

    Also file complaints with their states attorney general to investigate them for violation of the privacy act.

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  • Om
    Omer Hatim Jul 31, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You guys even not welcoming the new customer
    I moved from Dubai and come to Sudan and i was thinking that you ship to Sudan too but you guys not even we've DHL here and you claim that you ship whole the world at least give us one reason why you don't ship to here

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  • Om
    Omer Hatim Jul 31, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just wanna ask them why they don't ship to the Sudan

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  • Jd
    jdv 78 Oct 20, 2014

    WARNING: STAY AWAY...NEVER attempt and deliver your goods to Comgateway. When they received your items they will never notify you and never confirmed that they received your parcels.When you go to there website and you can no longer open account they will automatically close it without your knowledge.

    They will compromised your account and keep on telling to ask a refund for the merchants. When you ask about your parcels they will say that they can never disclose any information about your parcels.


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  • Ch
    Choo10 Jun 08, 2014

    Today will be the last time I use commgateway. I bought two straw hats and the weight they charge will be for 12 kilos! I am using repack as no way two straw hats is 12 kilos. With repack (and they make money out of this service) they say the weight is now 6 kilos which I find ridiculous. Well now shipping cost more than my bloody straw hats!

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  • Ol
    olivialiem Apr 14, 2014

    Comgateway/onenow is really2 cheating on the customer.
    I have made order recently. They are working in a service area. But the service is quite bad.
    ****** 13 apr 2014
    I have paid for my order plus 13 usd "buyforme" service and another insurance fees. But they never read on customer notes. I have mentioned for the free shipping code. But they still charging me with the shipping fees. Sad.. I should read all the review about their service before decided to buy.

    ******** 13 apr 2014
    20 mins after I placed the order I tried to click "cancel order button" but it encounter error. The order status is still shown "in progress" at that time... They are really smart on cheating the customer.. they dont give any phone number on their website. Live chat only monday to friday.. then I sent an email 40 mins after I submit the order.

    ***** 14 apr 2014, The next day 9am singapore time.
    My order status is processing and cancel button is no longer appear in the screen.

    ***** 14 apr 2014, 11am singapore time.
    They are replying my email saying that my order has been proceed by the buyforme team. Cannot be cancelled. But they can help for return. They also charge me for us local shipping cost. OMG, never read my notes about free shipping.. or they wants the shipping money.. i really disappointed..Its a very bad service I ever engage with.

    I had just sent email to them asking for my order number to the merchant and asking if its possible to call to the merchant and inatruct them not to ship the order.

    I hope that they will help the customer. Will update again later.
    This website should be closed & blacklisted.

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  • An
    andie82 May 10, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    well, my package of around 200$ was posted by comgateway using fedex around 64 days ago. the package is not delivered till date.
    fedex just says its in transit to destination.
    it has been saying this for more than a month now.
    and comgateway just says we are in touch with fedex and will tell you soon.
    what the hell man!
    you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that the package is already lost!
    and comgateway is just not telling me how to file an insurance claim!
    I am disgusted!

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  • Ge
    GerardP Apr 29, 2013

    I am DISGUSTED with comGateway.

    1st purchase okay. After my 2nd purchase and before they posted it, they changed their delivery policy. They then made it my issue.

    The belligerent, rigid and contemptuous manner in which I experienced them has me sworn off them for good.

    Use them at your peril.

    You've been warned.

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  • Pr
    prasanth Nakka Feb 28, 2013

    hey friends use the service buy for me in comgateway, because it is a kind like cash on delivery, so that we can be paying only if it is right in weight. Thanks

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  • Xi
    xiaotianshi Nov 01, 2012

    I'll re-type the previous post, cos somehow it got some weird text added to it! =O

    Im honestly surprised that so many pple dont like comgateway. Ive been using them for more than 1 year and have shipped more than 10 shipments so far thru them, and I really really love their service!
    Its so much faster than vpost, especially for DBS cardholders who get free express upgrade.
    But for this latest shipment, I paid 1 ago, and they havent shipped it yet because Im using the repacking service. I hope they ship it really soon. I wish they would repack faster haha, but on the website it said it takes 1-2 business days, so I was expecting to have to wait a while.
    But usually, all my other CGW shipments are shipped by the next day and reach me within 3 to 4 days (from USA all the way to singapore!), really fast!!

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  • Xi
    xiaotianshi Nov 01, 2012

    I'm honestly surprised that so many pple don't like comgateway. I've been using them for more than 1 year and have shipped more than 10 shipments so far thru them, and I really really love their service!
    It's so much faster than vpost, especially for DBS cardholders who get free express upgrade.
    But for this latest shipment, I paid 2 days ago, and they haven't shipped it yet because I'm using the repacking service. I hope they ship it really soon. That's why i did an online search, to find out how long the repacking service takes.
    But usually, all my other CGW shipments are shipped by the next day and reach me within 3 to 4 days (from USA all the way to singapore!), really fast!!

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  • Pe
    peterppp Dec 30, 2011

    I used comGateway recently and it was the worst online company I have used to date.

    I bought 4 shirts and 3 x 100ml of cosmetics, and they charged me a total of 6.5kg volume weight when in fact the actual weight was less than 2kg. They refused to repack the items for me, saying that would destroy the boxes. Nonsense. They just wanted to charge more.

    I used their services as I have an Amex promotion. However, they refused to acknowledge the promo, and said I should have registered on their cousin website called That is not even accurate, and yet another attempt to cheat customers.

    I made a complaint via email to their customer services, and their reply was rude, and a flat NO. They do not even offer a telephone number for me to call. Basically, they just do not want to talk to you, and they can just hide away behind emails.

    Very lousy and impersonal service, and they will not address your concerns. I do not advise using them.

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  • On
    onigiriloves Dec 24, 2011

    I agree with robleandramax!

    I used CGW serveral times, i am unhappy but i've no choice.. i've to buy from the US >< I would've used borderlinx if i have a Citibank card. So much cheaper plus additional discounts..

    Back to CGW(*HATE*)..

    I purchased some stuff and it arrived at my US address. I was so pissed when i saw a couple of my package's weight.

    Package 1:
    Net weight:0.51kg(on the fedex tracking site, my item was only 0.41kg)
    Vol. weight: 0.51 kg
    Chargeable weight: 1kg

    Package 2:
    Net weight: 1 kg
    Vol. weight: 2.03kg
    Chargeable weight: 2.5kg

    They charged me for a mere 10g and 30g. I feel so unfair. As someone posted that Comgateway do not go all out to re-pack customer's packages, they might not be serious in measuring the dimensions. and it seems that their weighing scale has got some problem because fedex is VERY accurate. I've requested for a re-weigh and re-measure for both package but no response was given. What a lousy service. They suck and the live chat isn't 24/7. Extremely UN-Customer-centric.

    I seriously hate the volumetric weight too. Why do i have to pay for the merchant's fault? They stuff in a bunch off crappy air bags to "protect my item" but in fact my items are things like coloured pencils, ink pad etc. When my package arrive at my door step, i realised that i've paid $30 USD to ship air. Sounds ridiculous, right? Why cant CGW just remove those unnecessary "protection" to help customer save cost when they open the boxes to check the stuff. I thought they were there to help. And repacking for US$7/10 is just too much. You can't return the package because they will charge(extremely high) for that too -.-

    For this particular shipment, i am going to be charged 19kg but net weight is only 10.23kg. Gosh.. now i realise that i'm paying US$52 to clean up the mess the merchants made.

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  • Ro
    robleandramax Dec 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello. After using ComGateway 5 times with no problems I thought I'd try them again for Christmas presents.
    Something has changed. They are now unresponsive, unhelpful and I think downright dishonest, just trying to rip-off their customers. Why I started to use them is to get consolidation and repacking savings. What they are doing now is over exaggerating the volumetric weight, not consolidating, not allowing repacking and simply ripping us off. After 5 emails where their arrogance is astounding, I am getting nowhere and unfortunately, they have me by the balls as they've got my shipment. The latest one is going to be charged for 26kg when it only weighs 11kg...but it is only clothes! 1 blazer, 4 jackets, 1 shirt & 3 t-shirts.
    Ripped off - never to use comgateway again.
    I'm buying from Macys and will go direct from now on.

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  • Yu
    Yuri Novianto Sep 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Comgateway is Organization fraudsters masquerading as a company
    My goods are not delivered, my account blocked
    the reason I committed fraud.
    When i ask notice from merchant they cannot prove it

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  • Ra
    Rachel Lee 2205 Jul 15, 2011

    I have to agree with all the comments above about Comgateway services. As I was ordering items from 3 different companies, I thought it would be cheaper to consolidate it all into 1 shipment and also easier for tracking purposes. I get an 3 emails from informing me that my items have been received. Checking on the shipping weight gave me a shock!
    Box 1 - Actual weight = 4.98kg, chargeable weight = 16kg, volumetric weight = 15.71kg
    Box 2 - Actual weight = 9.8kg, chargeable weight = 16.5kg, volumetric weight = 16.28kg
    Box 3 - Actual weight = 1.97kg, chargeable weight = 2kg, volumetric weight = 1.27kg
    I immediately went to their Live Chat service to ask for the first 2 boxes to be repacked given the large difference between the Actual weight and the volumetric weight. The consultant who dealt with me was named Crystal. She gave the usual spiel of how consolidating the shipment would save cost (yeah right?!) After pointing out to her that in no way would I be saving cost given the huge difference between the actual weight and the chargeable weight, she finally said that she would get it reassessed for repacking.
    This morning I got another 2 emails from them about packages arriving, so I went in to check and lo and behold, it's Box 1 and 2 again and nope.. no repacking still the same weight and charges as the first round.
    Deciding that the Live Chat would not help, I wrote in to their customer service, and was given the standard list of reasons why the boxes couldn't be repacked, even though I pointed out that the contents were soft toys and pet treats which do not require much padding. I even did the calculation to show that with the volumetric weight calculation I would be paying almost 3-4 times the shipping cost compared to them repacking the items into a smaller box.
    And for Box 3 - if we were to go by the volumetric weight, the chargeable weight should be 1.5kg not 2 kg which is closer to the actual weight of the box? They are not consistent in how they apply their charging principles.
    Well this will be the absolute last time I use them. They really do not know how to do business. If anyone has a contact to their management from past experience and succeeded in getting their boxes repacked, I would really like to know.

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  • En
    endrica Jul 08, 2011

    Today, 8th july, i know Comgateway SUCKS!

    Their system is ridiculous. I ordered something on amazon. If i were to use amazon international shipping it will be about US$18. I used comgateway because i already have about 7-8 packages at comgateway, i thought i can save on base shipping, so i sent in via free super saver shipping to comgateway. It turned out to be a volumetric weight of 5kg.

    Before i order the item, i asked amazon again and again like thrice(yea.. i'm a fussy person) what is the size of the box. They told me the box is only 7.1*7.8*7.4". Which i calculated with their formula and got only 1.5kg vol. weight at most.

    I talked to Comgateway about my fustrations through livechat, the lady simply wants to shake me off. This is the evidence.

    wenjin : [16:17:01]- Package Height: 7.10 inches
    Package Length: 7.80 inches
    Package Width: 7.40 inches
    wenjin : [16:17:28]- the vol. weight should only be 1.349kg
    Hazel : [16:17:43]- As per our system, the dimension is; Dimensions: 45.5 x 22.5 x 23.5 (cm) /17.91 x 8.86 x 9.25 (inch)
    Hazel : [16:17:47]- Dim Weight: 4.81 kg /10.60 lbs Actual Weight: 1.04 kg /2.29 lbs
    Hazel : [16:17:55]- For measurements in cm:
    (width x height x depth) / 5, 000 = volumetric weight in kg
    For measurements in inches:
    (width x height x depth) / 138 = volumetric weight in lbs

    wenjin : [16:19:25]- alright if amazon packed a box in a box,
    wenjin : [16:19:32]- why am i not offered a repack?
    wenjin : [16:19:45]- item should only be 1.5kg chargeable weight
    Hazel : [16:20:14]- If I may explain, our repacking team, while is constantly trying to reduce the shipping weight has clear instructions not to compromise safe shipping guidelines. If you have made purchases which may be identified as fragile or breakable, you may like to refrain from selecting the re-packing option.
    Hazel : [16:20:35]- The safety of your items may be compromised if the package is repacked (e.g. electronics, fragile items) Your items may not besuitable to be compressed into a smaller shipping carton (e.g. toys, appliances etc)
    Hazel : [16:20:44]- Thank you for using our Live Chat service. Goodbye & have a good day!
    wenjin : [16:20:51]- i understand the saftety policy but
    wenjin : [16:21:13]- can you check that properly?
    wenjin : [16:21:24]- it is really weird
    Hazel : [16:21:36]- I may put up a repack assessment for you, be advised there will be a repacking fee of 7 USD, the processing time required for repack will be 2-3 business days. In the case whereby the repack assessment is deemed as not repackable, you will not require to pay any fee. Do you wish to proceed?

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  • So
    sodisgruntled Jun 09, 2011

    Comgateway is by far the worst of these companies offering such services. I have used them all, and while the rest have their flaws, my recent experience with Comgateway is the deal breaker.

    I ordered 6 items from one merchant via their Buy For Me service for a total of USD719.00. Some time later, I received a notification that a package had arrived at the Comgateway facility. The total value of the package was stated as USD719.00, which led me to believe that all 6 items had arrived. I even looked at the merchant invoice, which was a very blur scanned copy, and I could not make out what was what. Trusting that since Comgateway was charging me for the total order in full, including the Buy For Me service charge and GST, everything was in order, I paid for shipping and released the package for delivery to me in Singapore.
    The next day, I received another notification that a package had arrived at their facility. So I went on their help chatline to find out what was going on. They said it could be that the merchant had split the shipments so the order was going to them in more than 1 package. The package I had delivered to me only had 1 item (USD119.00). So I asked why I was charged GST for USD719 when the value of the item was USD119. At USD119, i should not have had to pay GST at all as SGD400 is the limit before you have to pay GST. After a long conversation, the operator said Comgateway will refund the GST cost and will send an email by the end of the day to say so.

    I waited till the next day and no email about the refund arrived. Instead I got another notification that a package had arrived at the Comgateway facility. I logged into my account to check. There was only 1 package, not 2, even though I received 2 notifications. So I went on the chatline again. The operator told me that the second notification was "a glitch in the system" (!). Even though it is ridiculous that Comgateway should have such glitches in their system, I decided not to pursue it. Instead I asked why I had not received the email about my refund as promised. This operator, Jaymie, while much friendlier, also did not offer any explanation as to why I did not receive an email as promised. Instead he said that they will need to check the package currently at their facility to see how many items are in it to confirm how many items were in it. He also promised that they will get back to me in 2-3 days OR LESS because I needed the package delivered urgently.

    I waited 5 days and still no news whatsoever. So I went on the chatline again. I got someone called Hazel, who said that 30 May was a holiday in the US. That's 1 day out of 5 that I waited, and does not explain the other 4 days of waiting. I pointed that out to her. No apology was given. On the issue of the refund, I was told that instead of a refund, they will indicate that the value of this package is USD100 so I will not have to pay anymore GST. However, I will have to wait 2-3 days for them to process this. I told her the package was urgent and needed to be delivered quickly. After a long exchange, she finally said that they can upgrade it to express shipping BUT it will take 2-3 days for them to process the upgrade!!! What would be the point of express shipping if it takes 2-3 days to process? Plus, it was already mid-week. Even if they could process it immediately, delivery will coincide with the weekend, when courier services do not deliver. This means I'll get it on Monday, which is the same timeframe for standard delivery. I might was well settle for standard shipping because it will take the same time for the package to get to me. I told her as much and was told that was the best they could do. While waiting for her replies, which take as long as half an hour, I checked my account again and saw that the value of the item was changed, to USD110, and not USD100 which she said. I told her so. After another long while, she said that they can change it to USD100 but it will take 2-3 days to process. ARGH! This conversation took more than 2 hours because she was so slow to respond. And as if that was not bad enough, she suddenly terminated the chat abruptly!

    So I had to go onto the chatline again and explain everything again. This time, the operator, Garcia, said that they would waive the base charge for the shipment (a miserable USD11.00)and I would only have to pay a total of USD25.65 for shipping. I asked if that was all i have to pay, He said yes. While still online, I went through the checkout process. The shipping charge was USD59.48. Minus the base charge waiver and other remaining credits I had, I had to pay USD47.70, not USD25.65. I asked why this is so. He checked. Time passed. He said he made a mistake on his calculation. I pointed out that the USD11.00 waiver on the base charge was not good enough because with fuel surcharge, the refund is only really worth USD4.00. I said they needed to do more. He said if I was not happy with the offer, I can return the items to the merchant!

    And how long will it take to process the waiver, I asked? The reply: 2-3 days!!!

    This entire chat took 3 hours. Plus the earlier chat with the ineffective Hazel, i spent a total of 5 hours online. Why? Because they would take so long to respond. Sometimes, more than 30 minutes. I even had time to take a shower while waiting for replies!

    And as if that was not bad enough, I was suddenly told that the chat had exceeded the time limit and could be auto-terminated! And then, guess what? It was abruptly terminated.

    I ordered the items with a 2 week timeframe for comgateway to process and deliver to Singapore. But with Congateway's inefficiency, delays and inability to deliver things by deadlines as promised, they have delayed the items by one whole week! But do they care? NO.

    They have no sense of accountability or responsibility. They kept telling me that I should have checked the merchant invoice. If Comgateway itself cannot understand a merchant's invoice and made the mistake, how could they expect their customers who are laymen to understand the invoice?? It is simply preposterous!
    By then I was fuming mad, but it seemed like I was dealing with a brick wall so I gave up. I paid for my shipping and released it for delivery. I did not receive a shipping notice as per the usual procedure that day. Or the next day. Or the day after that. or the day after that. It took them 6 DAYS to inform me that my items are being shipped! 6 DAYS!! Oh and it's been upgraded to express shipping.

    So, if you are looking for a reliable service that takes responsibility for their mistakes, DO NOT USE COMGATEWAY. If you are looking for a company that is efficient and delivers your items in a timely manner, DO NOT USE COMGATEWAY. If you are looking for a company that delivers on its promises and deadlines, DO NOT USE COMGATEWAY. If you are looking for a hassle-free service, DO NOT USE COMGATEWAY.


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  • An
    annoyedele Jan 31, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was overcharge $100 for shipping to Australia because the box they sent the item in was double the size it should have been. I tried to get them to repack and they refused as they said the package needed to be in that size box for protection - bull @#^&. I was shipping a Lego set, in a box. It weighed 9kg but the volumetric weight ended up at 30kg even though on their site it is plainly quoted that "The repack option" or "Repackaging" is only applicable to packages where the volumetric weight is >3 kg higher than actual weight and when the package is suitable for repacking." They still refused to repack. In the end I paid the price and I have been trying to argue it ever since. Does anyone know who I should address a letter to? I really want to pursue this.

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  • Ju
    judeho Jan 24, 2011

    yes i got the same girl janel too and i must say she is only good at giving lip service.
    i asked the reason for my order that takes 2 day just to be processed after reception and after 3 days yet to be shipped.
    i needed the item for a trip pretty urgently she said she ll get it rushed.Inbetween there are alot of fustrations when my conversation is being cut v frequently.(hopefully not intentional)
    after 5 days it still under processed and yet to have a shipping number.
    As expected i missed my item and i left for the trip without it.This is after 10 days after payment
    And i opted for express service.
    When i started with comgateway, i liked their service as they shipped almost immediately after payment.And now in order to cut cost(?) they ship in bulk?
    i was really disappointed and borderlinx in comparsion is much more reliable.I ordered something via its service later than comgateway just to make a comparison and it arrived sooner even though the payment for shippment is later than com.
    Its really disappointing.

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  • Em
    emynalia Jan 21, 2011

    Janel : Hello emmynalia, Welcome to comGateway Live Chat Service. You are now chatting with Janel. Our subject discussion you have chosen today will be about Others. How may I assist you?
    Janel : [10:11:53]- Hi
    emmynalia : [10:12:01]- hi janel
    emmynalia : [10:12:40]- i hav receive an email from you about my order already arrive in us address
    Janel : [10:13:02]- May I have the merchant tracking number?
    emmynalia : [10:14:42]- hold on ..
    emmynalia : [10:15:52]- RCPT011711170224
    emmynalia : [10:16:12]- i was wondering...why i shld pay the shipping cost?
    emmynalia : [10:16:38]- this is re-ordering item after i get wrong item from comgetaway
    emmynalia : [10:17:00]- i have paid before for last shipment (wrong item)
    Janel : [10:19:16]- Please hold a moment while I check on your query.
    emmynalia : [10:21:09]- see the invoice from the merchant and find things that my order is not sufficient .. may be because out of stock or whatever.
    Janel : [10:22:19]- You mean the current package you received has sufficient order?
    emmynalia : [10:23:14]- yes.. i have order 4 jeans but in invoice only show 3 jeans
    emmynalia : [10:23:37]- it does not matter, but what about the remaining balance? whether you will return it to me or what?
    Janel : [10:27:16]- Kindly note that you would need to pay for the international shipment as we have already credited USD 25 to your account as we have used our promotional rewards to enable you to buy the items at a cheaper price.

    emmynalia : [10:28:06]- international shipment?
    emmynalia : [10:28:37]- i have paid the shipment before this for the wrong item..u mean i have to paid i more time for the same package???
    Janel : [10:30:15]- Yes, you would need to pay for international shipment as we have already gievn you USD 25 to your card. You may use this for your international purchase since you have requested for the items to be re-ordered.
    emmynalia : [10:31:33]- hah?
    emmynalia : [10:31:50]- my card?
    emmynalia : [10:32:18]- wait .. sorry.. i do not understand
    emmynalia : [10:33:23]- i get wrong item, and u take back from me the wrong item and ask me to wait until 2 month for u find out about this..and i request u to reorder my order and know i have to pay again
    emmynalia : [10:34:12]- and now i hav to pay again..
    Janel : [10:35:21]- On 1st December, we have also given you a USD 5 dollar voucher.
    Janel : [10:35:26]- Our option was to assess your package for a claim, but you requested to re-order instead. As such, you would need to pay the shipping.
    Janel : [10:35:32]- In total, we have refunded you USD 30.90.
    Janel : [10:35:37]- Thank you for your kind understanding.
    emmynalia : [10:36:25]- oh dear...
    emmynalia : [10:38:01]- ok janel..u said u have given me usd25
    Janel : [10:38:35]- USD 25.90 + USD 5=USD 30.90
    emmynalia : [10:39:30]- that is for what?
    emmynalia : [10:40:34]- ok 25.90 is shld b balance form usd134.90
    emmynalia : [10:40:39]- right?
    emmynalia : [10:41:08]- previous order is usd 134.90
    emmynalia : [10:41:19]- latest order only 109.00
    emmynalia : [10:41:31]- for 134.90 i have pay for the shipping
    emmynalia : [10:41:36]- but i get wrong item
    emmynalia : [10:42:05]- and when u re order my order for usd109..i still have to paid for the shipping???
    emmynalia : [10:42:29]- what kind of business r u doing?
    emmynalia : [10:43:36]- u said u have credit to my card usd25.90? is correct?
    Janel : [10:45:18]- Kindly note that this is in no way our fault as the items were ordered correctly when you have first declared. Please note that we have assessed the claim but you requested that you want the items ordered again instead. As such as we have extended a USD 5 for this shipment.
    Janel : [10:45:22]- As a gesture of goodwill, we can only extend another USD 5. In total, you will hev USD 10 to offset your international shipping.
    Janel : [10:45:35]- Kindly note that this decision is final
    emmynalia : [10:46:26]- oh god...
    emmynalia : [10:46:43]- this is not the way i run this business
    emmynalia : [10:47:54]- now u only order 3 jeans instead 4
    emmynalia : [10:48:20]- yeah i know... i cant not do anything about this..
    Janel : [10:48:27]- Then, you would have the option of returning the package
    Janel : [10:48:32]- Kindly advise.
    emmynalia : [10:49:22]- returning the package?
    Janel : [10:53:44]- We will provide you with a USD 10 voucher in total for this shipment. You may chosen to ship it and offset the shipping charge with this voucher or return the package.
    emmynalia : [10:56:44]- ok
    emmynalia : [11:00:49]- I was really afraid to use your service again in the future. I had to pay 2 times the cost of shipping to an order. instead of 4 jeans that I ordered, I only get 3 pieces only.

    emmynalia : [11:01:02]- thank you for your help janel
    Janel : [11:01:55]-
    No worries.
    Janel : [11:02:00]- Please advise if you would like for us to credit another USD 5 voucher, so in total there will be USD 10. You can use for your international shipping.
    emmynalia : [11:02:19]- yes sure janel
    Janel : [11:03:13]- Sure, we will credit a USD 5 voucher. It will be processed into your account in 3-5 business days.
    emmynalia : [11:03:39]- please credit that usd5 to me..and ill proceed with the international shipping..tq
    emmynalia : [11:03:49]- I will not say anything else, after all of your decisions are final. thanks for the service you provide.

    Janel : [11:04:03]- Ok, noted. You may wait for our email.
    emmynalia : [11:04:23]- thanks janel
    Janel : [11:04:42]- Thank you for using our Live Chat service. Goodbye & have a good day!

    1) i dont receive anything about usd25.90 to my card
    2) prv oder usd 134.90 (wrong item)
    currt oder usd 109
    (nothing refund for me)
    3) for the prev oder i have already paid the intl shipping cost).. and for the currt they ask me to pay again..WTF
    4) they have said nothing about if i request for re-ordering..i shld pay the intl shipping cost again.
    5) so many thing..for my advice..dont ever2 use comgeteway/hopshopgo service...they r Bloody [email protected] blood Sucker..

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  • Ja
    Jaques Sep 10, 2009

    Problem solved after communicate with their Quality Assurance Manager. And I have got my refund of shipping fee right now!

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