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I was so embarrassed when I went to purchase dinner for my family and my card got declined. I honestly couldn't believe it because I knew there was money on it. I called the customer service number and they basically said that none of the cards are working and that they was a technical problem. That to me was so scary. We have agents all over the US that need there money and couldn't access it. One of my agents couldn't get gas and was stuck. I'm flabbergasted by something like this happening and i'm scared to leave a $1 on my card after this. Hopefully this will never happen again.

Oct 05, 2019
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  • Fu
      17h ago

    Absolutely unprofessional and unacceptable. Imagine if Chase or literally ANY card issuer had every card suddenly stop working and withholding your funds because of a "system issue" (or a system "upgrade" as the agent struggled to convey in broken English). If a Comdata account is holding any amount of your money, I strongly suggest you take it all out and entrust it to an actual bank or CU, because Comdata apparently cannot be trusted to perform the simplest of their basic functions. Since I'm stranded here for another two hours (at least I think that's what the agent was trying to say based on three repetitions of a basic response) I suppose I'll burn time by writing this cautionary review, considering which institution will get my business, and hoping my mother doesn't pass away before I can get to the hospital. Don't give them a chance to do something similar to you, find an institution that won't suddenly drop the ball for no reason and leave you suddenly and arbitrarily penniless in the obviously likely case that you might need to SPEND YOUR MONEY.

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