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my name is George Harris I'm a comdata cardholder with my card ending in 1349, $895 or shall we say two whole checks were taken out of my account entirely the day they were deposited in the last two weeks of December 2017. After coming back from visiting the family I was expecting to have that to come back home to and pay rent. When i came home I had no money to pay my bills. No money for food. I was temp. Employee living month to month. I called comdata and explained the situation. They informed me of two fraudulent charges on my card and that someone named Lauren had taken the funds. They said they would file a dispute and get back to me in 21 days. I wound up homeless for a few weeks. Around May I check to see if the money was back on the new card they sent me. To my surprise nothing. I got a phone call I never got an email. When I called comdata back they said that there was never a fraud dispute filed and that they would begin filing proper filing process and start a fraud dispute and call me back in 21 days and let me know how that goes.I have spoken to six people no seven people since then that said the same thing and said it was being disputed. one even said they'll send me an email about the dispute and the goddamn email was just the email to sign up with for text alerts. It is the end of July and now I'm going to be out of work for 7 weeks due to injury. My had got cut off. So I called this morning. all they did was told me that there was never a dispute before and that they were going to send it to dispute and that they were fraudulent charges from somebody named Lauren again and that they will call me within 21 days and let me know what's going on with my friends are back.I asked to speak with a supervisor because all the people before have said the same thing and everybody before when I asked him if a dispute had already been filed they said no so basically I was getting the runaround. As I write this it is going on 2 hours I've been on this phone call and they just keep putting me on. And just now they sent me two [censored] voice mail to have it recorded message and then hung up on me who's the second time they've done some s*** like that would have hung up on me and I would burn this [censored] place down if I could right now [censored] comdata. if anyone is experiencing anything like this please contact me and maybe we can have a successful class suit. 9197917745. I will be contacting the better business bureau and the IRS and making reports to the feds and the police and the fraud department this is not the first time that something like this happen if you check on Yelp there's a man named Larry that $1, 000 was stolen from his account and you guys gave him the runaround for the same thing it was a gentleman from Jersey and $1, 000 was stolen from his account in Brooklyn they knew it and you kept giving him the runaround like how you know somebody named Lauren from a different state stole My money and you keep giving me the runaround for 6 months.

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    Just tried to call again and have the matter handled there still no email from the dispute department and he hung up on me

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    Also every time I call all the agents are either busy or when I finally get them they talk over my or put me on hold right after saying they're sending it to dispute.they never listen to the fact that it they never file the dispute. Or that every time I call back they say there's no record of a dispute. Someone please help me!

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    Again on hold while they send it to dispute because the phone call before that sent it to disputes they have no record of so again I'm leaving to a unless supervisor. I they never put me through to admin. Can I please speak to someone in charge


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    Waldy King Jan 05, 2020

    Im going through the same thing right now with my account $443 was taken from me on Dec 15 an i called soon as i saw unauthorized transactions wasn't made by me an i filed a dispute. Got a email from fraud dispute team an they DENIED me!! After reading over it i seen they DOUBLED the refund amount to $843???? I never said that much was took out of my account..So now i filed ANOTHER dispute an now waiting..ive just been calling every since i did it to make sure im updated an so are them..

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