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M Nov 20, 2018
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Good day,

We purchased a demo model silver ford bmax, with 15 000 on the clock end of 2016, which was only driven by one of your employees as per what we were told when we purchased this car by our sales person.

We have had this car for 2 years and have had problems none stop, from the get go. This car was not cheap and we spent over R 200 000 with Ford on this car and to be back and forth like this is now a major problem for us and frankly very disappointing being a first time buyer.

Breakdown of events:
* 1 month after we purchased our Ford Bmax 1.0 ecoboost at Kempster ford Bluff branch, we had endless problems with our car. Break pads were worn out after a month of us having the car. Ford then replaced brake discs and pads as per sales person and service department. We were upset initially due to a fairly new car which should of gone for checks before leaving the floor and it already had break issues. None the less breaks and pads were replaced and fitted and we were on our way.

* Not even 3 months later we had the same problem yet again. We were told break discs had to be replaced once again and were told how much this would cost us. We were furious at this stage as this is impossible we just got brand new discs and pads fitted. The manager agreed to replace this for us AGAIN, so not sure if they were replaced the first time round as we were told they were. The manager then replaced this no charge for us so we were calmer.

* 3 weeks +- after our breaks being done we heard a binding sound happening with the breaks so we found ourselves back at Ford. We were told that what was fitted were from a bad batch and they had many come backs from customers so this was replaced. In this time we replaced break light bulbs 4 times and brought this to Ford's attention. Of which we were told they picked up no electrical faults when testing. Ford replaced the bulbs for us. I took the car back as there was sound every time i opened and closed the boot I thought they left something in there but they said there was nothing. The noise is still there today. I see there is something loose something wasn't tightened. When I did ask for this to be changed recently I was told that it's going to cost me as I have to replace globe and the fittings Etc so I have left it like that

* Breaks still not right couple weeks later we were told maybe I am breaking too hard which is impossible, I am a careful driver who speeds down etc when breaking and still it was too short of a time for the breaks to be worn. They then skimmed my brand new breaks to try see if that helps the situation. But it didnt.

* My radio also played up not even a month of having this car. Nothing was changing from my steering, voice prompt didnt work, blue tooth wasnt working and usb, the cd would play but didn't skip it would only fast forward. It would fast forward a song instead of skipping it. Its like it was confused by what i wanted it to do and then start flashing sometimes. The car that go in and it still does give issues from time to time currently.

* Now by this time i had an engine light that came on which i brought the car in for as well. So breaks were skimmed and light was off when i left that day. Justin last too long as the light came on again.

* I took my car in for 60 000 service 18 January 2018. I told them about the light still being on all this time, this was now over a month with this light on. I was told its a computer thing goes on and off. I shouldn't have to be coming in so often to have my car sorted out. Everyone knows Mrs Cader. Oh and also the skimming they did didn't work, it was worse. Well the car had the engine light off when i drove off their floor that afternoon and i was told they skimmed the breaks again, gave it a more rough edge, this is now second time that brand new breaks have been skimmed in under 2 months. I was told that it will have a sound for maybe another 50k they also aligned the back as it was out so maybe that is why the breaks gave in like this. Well guess what the next morning the light was on AGAIN. Breaks still making a noise and did more than 50k. Breaks were changed again.

* Numerous tests were done they picked up that the injectors were the problem and what could be causing the light to keep coming on.

* April 2018 we established that the injectors needed to be replaced as per work shop and the light would go off so we replaced the injectors and the light did stay off but 5/6 months later the light is on again.

* Again tests picked up that it was the injectors which couldn't be impossible as they were changed in April they then put the same injectors onto another car and the injectors were all working fine. After further tests they then picked up it was actually a pipe. They said some faulty pipe problem they found caused the light to come on. But was told this will not affect anything in the car or running of it. I must come back if it comes back on. Well the light was on the very next morning again. And I brought this to their attention AGAIN. This pipe was causing blockage or oxygen flow that is why the light was on that is what they could pick up so they ordered my pipe fitting and I was told that it is safe for me to drive my car as is until the pipe arrives it was not going to cause any harm again.

* I had my car not even a week after leaving Ford again and I noticed that my car started losing power while driving, it wasn't going up hills properly at all of which I informed them immediately via email. The car was then booked in for the pipe to be changed and I did ask that they please check why this car has been losing power it was getting worse and worse. My car got the pipe fixed and I drove off Ford floor, this wasn't even 5 minutes and noticed that the car was still losing power, it wasn't as bad but power was still being lost by the time I fetch my son and gone home which is all on the Bluff the light was on yet again. My husband took the car in the next morning to Ford and we were told that they would need to strip my engine to find out what the problem is, it looks like it could be the cilender head. Again this was not a second-hand car it was a 2016 model bought in 2016 and only 15000 on the clock.

As a first time buyer i am tired of all the problems and I have a VERY BITTER taste regarding ever purchasing a Ford again. I drove a Nissen NP200 ''van'' which aint the smoothest of rides but for 5 years I NEVER EVER had so many problems. My breaks were changed once and i did way more driving than i do now.

This is now beyond critical and something needs to be done. I feel like I'm stuck with a problem for the next 4 years until I am able to afford to buy another car and try get rid of this one and that is just sad because this car was my first buy and all I have done is be in and out of Ford getting it fixed for just a moment.

I'm so thankful that I have extended warranties because if I didn't what was I going to do with a car that literally was not going to be running.

I don't think that it is fair that I've had to put up with the car that is only giving me problems nor do I think that it is fair I had to pay for a problem car that was actually discontinued a week or so later after purchasing, I wish someone told us that.

I'm a sales rep therefore use company petrol to get around. Now every time my car has gone into Ford to be fixed and one time it was for almost a month, I've had to fork out petrol from my own pocket of which No-one reimbursed me and Ford yet again costed me money. This is something that should never have happened and I don't think it's fair on me as your customer.

I understand customer service very very well and having my customers happy and coming back day in and day out is vitally important for the running of my business and for doors to stay open.

Ford needs give me another car even if it's my current mileage that is fine but this cant go on. I'm paying so much money for what????? I really feel that I've been patient with Ford and I don't think it's right your staff have to deal with the customers that are unhappy as I am. I have heard so many times while I've been sitting in the waiting area and I've heard customers scream and shout customers who are unhappy with the vehicles. The staff are amazing and try their best but the Ford product I beg to differ.

Please Look up my registration ND550060 you will see just how many issues we have had and just how many times I've been in with my supposedly demo car. It's just sad. I have spoken to the dealer principal before. And even the last time I complained to customer care I was told to speak to the dealer principal which I did. He tries his best with his clients. You see he doesn't have the authority to rectify this issue at hand and I'm hoping this email gets to the right people, gets seen and heard and someone can understand my frustration and sort out this problem.

I have sent a similar email before. I was told they cannot replace the car unless they re do finance etc and start the whole process again, honestly I think thats bull. I got financed as I could afford it and Ford got their money in full, the deal went through and now I'm stuck with the problem that Ford doesn't want to rectify. Fixing a problem that is reoccurring for two solid years is actually not rectifying it but prolonging everything and causing a customer to be more upset. This car needs to be changed I need another car and the Junk that I was sold needs to go back to where it comes from and where it was made.

If this cannot be dealt with in s civil way between Ford and myself I will have to take this matter further legally.

I will await your prompt response.

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