Coinbaseholding funds for 25-days

S Sep 05, 2018

I opened a bitcoin account with $150 on Aug 28, 2018. They instantly deducted the funds from my bank account electronically. I went to use some of the funds a few days later to try to make a purchase using bitcoin and I had zero available. I learned there was a 48-hour hold and so I waited a few more days. When I tried to make a purchase again, I learned that now there's a 25-day hold on my funds! I called Coinbase and was told they normally do that and they'd escalate my account to see if that hold time could be reduced. I called back a week later and discovered that request was rejected. Nobody was going to call or write to tell me. I then sold my bitcoin and the funds went into my cash wallet, but I still cannot get those funds transferred back to my bank account because the 25 days is not up yet. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!! I want my money out of Coinbase now!

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