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complaining about harassment by team leader

My Name is Sibesh Ghosh I have worked in Cognizant from 30/07/2018 to 15/01/2019 My account was MSCRM.I was recruited as an .net resource there but after joining I came to know that I have been put in MSCRM account, that was also not an issue for me.After that we have gone through a training session but that was totally worthless .The worst thing was still waiting for me.Now I have been allocated in the project Lead by Kasturi Chatterjee (having associate id 249083) She always try to find any opportunity to humiliate me infornt of whole ODC whether I am guilty or not.She never follows office decorum.The only thing she know is to scrole her subordinat, And she likes to be surrounded by her foot lickers.Unfortunately she is so technically weak that she wanted her all work load will be distribued to her subordinate.I have taken the whole thing to my manager Mr.Amitava Biswas (having associate id 131242) But he has not taken any action at all.After that I have resigned from my job or else she has bounded me to give resignation.After resigned my HR manager Mr.Tirthankar Bose has called me and ask me the reason behind my resignation I have shared all the things there he has assured me he will take proper action ask me to send one mail to him stating all incident, I have done all the thing according his instruction, But after that I have been mailed that my last working date has been preponed from 21/01/2019 to 15/01/2019.Now my question is that without informing candidate how can they do that.I believe that they have also managed the HR manager .After my resignation Kasturi has done same things to two other guys also.So its my request to all to think twice before going to MSCRM account of Cognizant.Its is the one of the most worst account of Cognizant as per work culture .I know that I am doing this complain after few months of my resignation but I recently come to know of this portal from my friend.

cognizant technology solutions

Exactly the same sequence of events being played out in my case A) isolation of an employee who speaks up against wrong doings in cognizant. B) hr, cts threatens him with...

complaining about an employee who is mentally harassing another employee of your company

11570 This is with reference to Employee ID 718833 name Rohit singh who has been mentally harassing another employee at your workplace, Employee ID 670449- Ms Puja Agarwal. Attaching...

physically and verbally harassing

When I joined the project in coimbatore from starting my coworker is verbally harassing me, I don't know Tamil language I am from Hindi . Today when I was working in my place then...

I am complaining about an employee name anupam pradhan he works as application development analyst n cognisant

11570 The employee from cognizant his name Anupam pradhan he works as application development analyst in cognizant, manyata embassy tech park, as been using foul language, violating...

fake offer

I was offered a job, in the role of Associate- Projects in your company on March 25th, 2019 . I was directed by your HR Manager to register at One Cognizant Portal, and I...

experience letter

My employee number was 113623. I joined Cognizant in 2004 and resigned in 2011. I have requested for experience letter in the appropriate format on Jul 8th 2019. I was asked to forward my request to Bharat Chandak and later to his supervisor Kevin Mepyans. I have still not received my experience letter after 3 weeks. My current email id is [protected]

date of joining

I am Rashmi I got the offer letter in 28 April and the students in some colleges who got offer letter in February got the call letter and date of joining on June 14 and we have not received please send me the information regarding this issue as we are very much eager about... My interview was held in Feb 22 but still joining is not relased when did you get joining how long we wait ?? PLZZ reply... eagerly waiting for reply pls sir/mam

asking information

I am Chinni Juluru.I got the offer letter in February and the students in some colleges who got offer letter in February got the call letter and date of joining on June 14 and we...

recruitment through fake experience letter

I have seen many fake experience recruitment in last 3-4 months and its sure as one of my team mate is lacking basic knowledge even after showing an experience of more than...

my job

Hi, This Mamatha, my employee I'd 508528, I had worked with Cognizant 2.9 years, I came our from cognizant by getting married moved to vizag. In cognizant after 1.8 months give...

hr rude behaviour

I had a interview in CTS and got selected in that also received the offer letter with DOJ. And I have my recruitement HR Manju with email I'd Manju.[protected] and hi...

[Resolved] Cognizant charged me $9.99 for no reason

I was charged $9.99 yesterday when I was at home and did not do any transaction. The amount appears on my credit card and at the time when I was at home sleeping! Luckily bank called me and confirmed if it was me who initiated it but I did not and blocked my card. The website also does not gove any idea as to why I was charged this amount. I have no way to cancel this transaction either. This is some serious scam.

  • Resolution Statement

    Wrong complaint against some cognizant, problem with site

backdoor people

One person name mallichetty manjunath and phone numbers are [protected] and [protected] are betraying unemployed people. He will tell that he will make you select in the interview...


Sir, one of your female staff in your company at pune, name SHRISHTI SHUKLA, contact number : +91... misguided out representative. She asked for money to give some confidential...

financial fraud - noel correia - canada recruitment manager

We are a sharing this information as we are group of cognizant past and new consultants and have been working on various projects at client sites in Toronto and are company well-wishers. We do not wish to be named at this time and hence would not reveal the identity at this stage.

This is regarding Manager from the Canada recruitment team - Noel Correia. He has be reaching out to majority of the existing & prospective hire consultants via phone calls, in person meetings at client locations etc. and proposing us to contract with a company called Arisoft - or InfoMaximum -

He also has another accomplice in this racket called Satya Kumar Babu. Satya initiates the initial discussions with all the new and prospective new joinee consultants and get a slot for Noel to meet with us. Noel Correia further comes and meets us with the solicitation to Join Arisoft or Infomaximum.

Whether we are Citizens, PR holders or Visa holders it is our choice which pays rolling or staffing company we use for our contracts with cognizant. We cannot be getting pressurizing follow-ups via phone calls, meetings at clients sites during the work week on these topics. When we deny the offer he further asks us for a slot to meet after work and is ready to drop us to any part of the city for this in person discussion. Some of us who denied the meetings were threatened that if you do not comply on contracting through above choices our Job offer may be pulled back and we may get lower dollar rate with other vendors.

When these type of solicitations started happening regularly with many of the consultants and when these discussions came forward commonly among the group. We all decided to find the reasons behind these incidences. Some of us asked both Noel and Satya to send us an email regarding this topic and there was not official communication extended by either of them and they only keep these discussions verbal which makes the situation even more suspicious.

Few of us had some contacts locally working at Arisoft and who have used Arisoft for contracts with various consulting companies / end clients in the past. We were shocked to find out that the company owner named Imtiaz Lodhi has been doing this type of underhand dealings with Noel Corriea for last several years. Noel & Imtiaz have even created another company called Info maximum to transact on these type of shady deals. Imtiaz Lodhi has managed to place consultants in various organizations though this route where Noel Corriea has worked in the past. Noel & Satya in return get a kick back margin of few dollars for every hour rate paid to the consultants for every candidate that joins through Arisoft or Infomaximum as additional income for the whole year or via family vacation packages paid to the travel agency directly by Arisoft.

Infomaximum does not even have a company address and proper whereabouts listed, how can we all give them our payrolling responsibility on which our families depend for survival in Canada. We cannot lose our hard earned money to some illegitimate middlemen and be pressurized on joining a specific company for a benefit of few people. These are highly unethical activities that are taking place on the company premises without anyone talking any action against these corporate thieves.

financial fraud - noel correia - canada recruitment manager

  • Updated by Senthil K Iyengar · Jan 22, 2020

    we are group of consultants in canada who have been the victim on noel's scheme to defraud cognizant. He is sexually abusive and has violent behavior towards everyone in the company. We did investigation on his previous employer CGI and have found out that he was fired due to his behavior issues and mental ill health. Post review of his credit history we also found out that he has also did some fraudulent transactions with some bank due to which Canada revenue agency has opened an investigation against him which is found in the government public records. We are surprised that reputed comapanyies are being ignorant of this information and still employ this fraudulent crook

  • No
    Noel Correia Sep 18, 2019

    This is addressed to who so ever it may concern. My name is Noel Correia and I work at Cognizant where I am the Talent Acquisition Leader. Based on the above allegation made Cognizant's legal and compliance teams have investigated this allegation and has also reached out to the individual or individuals that have made this allegation against me. These individuals have not come forward and refuse to identify themselves. In addition a thorough investigation has been concluded by the Legal and Compliance team at Cognizant where I still continue to be employed.
    They have determined that this is a defamation of my character and have concluded that I am a victim of character assassination. None of the above has been proven as true.
    I have initiated legal proceedings to have this expunged from the internet but this does take time and in the interim I continue to be a victim of this pishing posting.
    Anyone who needs clarification can reach Cognizant's Legal and Compliance team.

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offer not yet released

11570 Hi Cognizant Team, I had attended interview on 07/07/2018 and completed three rounds(2 Technical & 1 HR round) on same day at Varalakshmi Tech Park, Kandanchavadi for PLSQL...

interview completed 28 apr 2018 skill tsql

I have been completed interview on 28th Apr 2018 and same day HR told you will get offer with in a month. Post HR discussion i received a email like "to upload photo and then your...

offer letter

Actually I got my offer letter on 18th June from [protected] and I got my joining date on 25th june, 2018 and I got a mail that my DOJ has been postponed...

offer letter not received

I appeared for an interview in Kolkata for Informatica, on 21st Jan 2018 and cleared 3 rounds of technical interview. HR discussion was also done on salary, joining etc. After...

offer letter not released.

Hi All,

I was selected in Cognizant on 21st April, 2018 for MSTR technology. After three rounds of interview I got selected and was told to wait for offer for 2 weeks but didnt get any mail. When I dropped them a mail regarding the same there wasn't any reply. They select candidates for nothing and waste their time and when any queries reagrding the offer is asked there is no reply.
Very unethical behaviours by these HR in Cognizant. It happened with me last year and I didnt recieve any offer letter. I have wasted around 6-7 hours with no use. Simply fooling people in name of interviews.
Would never recommend this company to anyone.

  • Sm
    smGupta Jul 26, 2019

    Same Scenario i also faced, I went in drive and there i was given two technical rounds successfully after that HR gave me form to fill, and I filled that. After two weeks i mailed to them even not getting any update regarding HR discussion and so on. They reply me in mail that they have rejected me because they don't have suitable requirement match to my profile. then why they have taken my interview all the information i mentioned on my cv. They run drive every weekend and just make fool to candidates and waste their time as well as money. So i am really disappointed with this fake drive.

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CTS Cognizant — manager attitude

I am an employee of CTS, working as PA. After making 2 year work, my manager... hell put low rating irrespective of doing all technical, documentation and hectic works. I asked...

manager is mentally harassing and torturing me forcing me to quit

My Manager Aradip Barman is constantly harassing me mentally, I've been trying for a relocation to Gurgaon since 6 months because my fiancé stays there. First they were not ready to give me release approval at any cost for which I was unable to get any allocation in Gurgaon. Now that it's been 2 weeks I'm released and finally got a call from a Gurgaon opportunity, he is constantly forcing me to stay back and ruin my personal life and aspirations. Indirectly threatening me to terminate. He and my talent manager both have teamed up to harass me constantly.

backdoor process

11570 Hi, I am dhanya.I got a call from one Mr.Hari, he said he is a cognizant hr in ramanujam IT park in chennai.He said about the backdoor process to enter into cognizant.about the...

Cognizant — visa abusing companies are now getting awarded

In Illinois, Cognizant was awarded a $74.1 million contract in June to upgrade the state's Medicaid systems to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known...

Cognizant finally visa abuse is stopping

H-1B visa row: Dismal Indian students say USA no more a 'land of opportunities': LINK :
New York [USA], Feb. 24 : As uncertainty looms regarding the latest developments on approval of the H-1B visa, Indian students in the United States have expressed their concern about non-approval of a work permit, stating that the lack of clarity is only increasing their anxiety.

Under U.S. President Donald Trump's administration, there was a motion passed for more stringent laws to be implemented with regards to issuing H-1B visas to foreign nationals, which permit them to take up job in the States.

Earlier this year, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said India's concerns about the US' H-1B visa policy under the new administration have been conveyed to the US.

Swarup's comments came in the wake of the legislation mandating that the minimum salary of H-1B visa holders be increased to $130, 000 from $60, 000, was introduced in the US House of Representatives by Congressman Zoe Lofgren.

According to an Indian student pursuing Masters at the New York University (NYU), one of the biggest concerns is the proposed hike in minimum salary required to apply for an H-1B visa.

"Rumours have surfaced of an increase in minimum salary to be around USD 1, 30, 000. Most companies do not offer such a huge amount when it's your first job, whichever industry it may be. Filing visa applications during this financial year does not seem possible at the minute. Students and tourists will have to think twice before coming here, " the student told ANI here.

Echoing a similar opinion, another Indian student pursuing her Masters at Parsons School of Design claimed that with the current political situation, students are not likely to consider moving to the States to pursue their education or career.

"At this point in time, students are feeling more welcomed in countries like Japan, Australia and Canada. The stability being offered in these countries is being considered by students looking to study or work abroad, " she stated.

Earlier this week, the Department of Homeland Security released memos regarding the implementation of two of the President's executive orders, designed to protect the homeland.

These two memos provide explicit guidance to DHS staff on how to carry out two executive orders signed by the President on January 25th -- one dealing with interior enforcement and one with border security.

Trump had taken a hard line against illegal immigration during his campaign, at times suggesting he would seek to create a nationwide 'deportation force' to expel as many of the nation's estimated 11 million unauthorised immigrants as possible.

The new guidelines, intended as a road map toward implementing a pair of executive actions Trump signed last month, call for the hiring of thousands of additional enforcement agents, expanding the pool of immigrants who are prioritised for removal, speeding up deportation hearings and enlisting local law enforcement to help make arrests.

Experts say that if passed, the new visa legislation will make it very difficult for American companies to use H-1B visas to hire foreign workers, including IT professionals from India.

  • Updated by [email protected] · Feb 23, 2017

  • Updated by [email protected] · Feb 23, 2017

    Updated: Wed, Jul 20 2011. 03 12 PM IST
    New Delhi: After Infosys Ltd, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. has become embroiled in a lawsuit in the US over alleged misuse of H-1B visas.
    Eighteen employees of Molina Healthcare Inc., a Cognizant customer, have filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles court alleging they were replaced by lowly paid workers from Cognizant, according to a news report by the Economic Times. The story was first reported by US-based magazine Computerworld last week.
    The lawsuit, filed in April, contends that over the years Molina’s information technology (IT) department became dominated by Indians and US workers were marginalized.
    In its response to the Economic Times report, a Cognizant spokesperson said, “It is Cognizant’s view that this lawsuit is without merit and we will vigorously contest it and pursue all legal remedies that may be available to us.”
    US authorities have increased scrutiny of work visa applications recently and rejection rates have gone up significantly. There has also been a steep hike in the visa application fee.
    This has emerged as a bone of contention between Indian and the US authorities. External affairs minister S.M. Krishna raised the issue with US secretary of state Hillary Clinton during her recent visit to New Delhi.
    “I also took the opportunity to convey to Clinton the concerns of our IT companies in sending their professionals to execute projects and conduct business in the US. I highlighted that Indian IT companies are contributing to the US economy through investments, employment and supporting US competitiveness, ” said Krishna.
    N. Chandrasekaran, chief executive of India’s largest software services exporter, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS), said on Monday that visa rejections have gone up and “what that means is we need to do lot more planning beforehand for the project.”
    Infosys, India’s second-largest software services firm, found itself the target of a grand jury investigation by the US when one of its employees, Jack Pallmer, filed a suit against the company in February alleging it was bringing workers from India to work on business visas, which prohibits gainful employment

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    How Trump’s Win Will Impact Cognizant - Market Realist

    Defying pre-poll statistics, Donald Trump’s surprise election win had a dampening effect on Cognizant, as the company is focused on the high-growth and high-profit ...

  • Updated by [email protected] · Feb 23, 2017

  • Updated by [email protected] · Feb 23, 2017

    Outsourcing company Cognizant tumbled as the company's business model may face greater scrutiny under a Trump administration. Cisco tumbles as rival Hewlett Packard Enterprises reports earnings.

  • Updated by [email protected] · Feb 28, 2017

    file petition here :

    H-1B program is flawed beyond repair. It should be abolished in favor of something smarter. Corporations have no place being immigration middle men. Immigration is about something much more pure and sacrosanct than corporate profits. It needs to be abolished in favor of permanent immigration as opposed to corporate sponsorship. Immigration should be limited to 5% of net job gains each year. In years when we have job loss, It should be restricted. Off course there will be more people would applying than we have openings for. Then acceptance should be based on first come first serve basis. The case is about economics and national interest, and has nothing to do with race. The reason H1B visa holders are so easily exploited is because of corporate sponsorship. Green cards in sustainable numbers would make them equal players in the labor market. An H-1B visa amounts to second class labor and corporate sponsorship gives companies leverage against American workers wages and salary. This hurts American workers directly and it hurts us as a nation indirectly.

Cognizant — reimbursement issue due to careless handling of uhc help desk

I applied for the reimbursement claim for my father's hospitalization. My id is 617628. Though I confirmed everything on coverage process before hand by doing multiple calls to...

suicide letter - harassment & demotivating - intolerance

Hi My name is Jatling Shekhar bearing employee id: 573092. DOJ: 05-06-2016 in Cognizant(Hyderabad). I Was hired for google adwords however management put me in other process where...

managers and harassment of female associates!!!

Cognizant is a cool company to work with.However most of the projects here are ruined by poor management.To get a better rating, to avail an emergency leave or even to get a...

worst company for old hard working employees

Worst company to work for old hard working employees. We didn't get any promotion or raise since 10 years not because we didn't perform well because we failed to clean lick...

misleading last minute information about interview

I was shortlisted for an interview with CTS . They called me on 23.12.2015 to inform that i will be having a ninterview with Pune Funcmtional people on 24.12.2015 @ 2 PM. M...

Cognizant — illegal software

Do not let this get intercepted. My name is Cheryl Ciance. I live in Cavalier apartments, Newark, de. People use your software, version 7.0 illegally in about 2, 000 apartment...

"trainees pain & cry"

In a branch of cognizant in metukupam, located at premises of ASV suntech park the new job trainees suffer a lot with a high job time of 10.30 hrs a day with a weekly one day...

misleading new joiners with incorrect job role and unethical hiring

Hi Friends, I am writing this incident so as to make aware for folks who are looking forward to join CTS (Cognizant) for specific accounts/projects. Please don't make your...

Cognizant — extremely rude

I interviewed on campus with the company, had no issues. A week later I get an email saying the following day I would be interviewed at their headquarters in New Jersey. Within 5...

Cognizant Business Services Corporation — scam

This company contacted me with a job offer. I went through the interview process and was introduce to my "online supervisor" Scott Rutledge. He briefed me about the job...

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Limitedforcing employees to streatch late night

I need to bring this concern about women employees in Cognizant(UBS), Hyderabad and seek your suggestions. Some projects/accounts are ignoring the serious concerns of women associates and ladies are being forced to work in night shift or do the over time till mid night. Specially, OTC Margin Project is harassing the ladies employees even if they are having serious health issues or pregnancy. Ladies are simply forced to work in night shift or stretch till late night even if they finish their work on time. Celebrating only Woman’s Day and Mother’s Day is not enough if they do not take care of such concerns. Can you please advise me where to raise this issue? Thanks for your help!

  • Cy
    Cyrene Jacob Apr 01, 2014

    First try raising this with the HR. There must be an HR alias which is sent to multiple people at mulitple levels. Keep as many people in the loop as possible

    If there is no response, then create your own 'path'.

    I'd suggest get an informal meeting, get all the women to join a forum or have a meeting or mass 'drive' arranged to voice your concerns. You can do this in the cafeteria or any large meeting room. Surely, you are using Outlook Exchange. So getting a meeting request sent to all will not be a problem.

    This kind of employer attitude is unacceptable and needs to be taken up.

    It is extremely important that you voice your concern and collectively doing this will have maximum impact. All the best!

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team lead - total harrasment

I was working with cognizant for almost 4 years and they spoiled my professional career totally. They dont have any good techology projects nor are they good at it. all they have is stupid testing projects all over the globe which is of no use outside, and for these useless projects, managers do a lot of harrasment, especially please be aware of "Shrividhya Swamy", she's one cruel human on earth.She's so dominating and crooked and people literally get suffocated under her. CTS will go no where with people like her in the management side, all employee friendly funda is no more applicable to cts.

Cognizant Technologyhuman resources taking bribe to select unqualified candidates


Dear Sir,

We would like put in front of you some of the worst things that are happening in our HUMAN RESOURCE Department (HRD) of PERANGUDI cognizant Branch.

Some of the HRD people of this PERANGUDI Branch are spoiling the image of our esteemed organization very badly.Mr KANNAN, HR In charge, Mr. P V S KUMAR HR Manager and one lady executive are misusing their office capacity by recruiting NON SUITABLE persons at various capacities in our branch by taking bribe and some personal benefits. These people are very badly using their power and spoiling our company image by recruiting the unfit and non suitable candidates.

One example we would like quote here for cross checking.

Sir, recently these above said three HR personal recruited a person by name Mr. K.HARI KRISHNA (who is very close relative of Mr. PVS KUMAR).

1) This HARIKRISHNA does not have even one required qualifications for the post to which he recruited.

2) He is a very ordinary person with very very less marks in SSC, INTERMEDIATE and in DEGREE ALSO. Even FIRST class also not there.

3) Not only this he possessed MBA degree in MARKETING, where he recruited on the basis of MBA(HR).His MBA percentage is also very less.

4) He has around 8 to 9 years gap between studies. These years he wasted his time and loitered very badly.

5) His knowledge in English and his communication skills and his HR skills are literally zero. He can’t talk at least with other people in own mother tongue TELUGU.

6) His short previous experience also not related HR Department. He worked as MARKETING executive in a small private firm and that also very short term.

Sir, if you dig like this you can find out various non suitable qualities in him. He is really unfit for the post but still he was selected because he is close relative of Mr. P V S KUMAR.Mr HARI KRISHNA is not fit for attender post but now is in the post where he is judging the other candidates suitability for a job in our organization. This is really ridiculous.

we are really wondering how this HARI KRISHNA got appointment where as lot of suitable candidates with lot of hopes are waiting out side for their opportunity to serve our organization. Serving our esteemed company requires a hard and dedicated people not like HARI KRISHNA and co. This purely because of KANNAN and P V S KUMAR and LADY executive who are getting personal gainings. For their selfishness they are scarifying the company image very badly.

Sir, for the sake of the our company and suitable and desired candidates who are having lot hopes of getting an opportunity to serve our company, please take proper and stringent action on above said three HR personnel. Please remove the persons like Mr. HARI KRISHNA from the services and give opportunity for the right candidates.

Hope you will do the right thing and save our company image and save the desired candidates hopes and dreams by taking very stringent action above said three executives and removing Mr.HARI KRISHNA from the services and give opportunity to right persons.

Hope you will respond quickly for the good cause.

Thanking you sir.


gratuity not paid

It's been almost 10 months when I left Cognizant Technology Solutions but they haven't paid Gratuity yet. I have sent number of emails to Cognizant HR, Payroll, finance...