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M Aug 03, 2018

I purchased a 30' X 60' steel building in March of 2018 from All Steel NW in March of 2018. It was quoted at 4-6wks. Once I paid the deposit, All Steel refered me to their manufacrurer, Coast to Coast Carports. First problem was that I couldn't get drawings. With the building coming in 4-6wks, I needed to get my concrete pad started. Courtney, the sales girl at All Steel NW informed me that a foundation wasn't required, that these buildings could be put up on a dirt floor. I poured a concrete slabs, went to the county and was informed that it did need a foundation in this county. Requested drwgs again, multiple conversations with Courtney and Jennie at All Steel and way too many conversations with Yolanda. Yolanda finally sent drawings and surprise, the building does need a foundation.

I should have known, shouldn't have relied on a sales girl's advice and should have talked to the county before I poured the slab but, someone should have sent me a copy of my drawings long before 3+ weeks had passed.

I dealt with the problems with the county and then couldn't get scheduled for construction. Spoke with 4 different girls. Each time I called, a new one answered the phone and said the last one wasn't there anymore. First, they were out of 12ga material and once they got it then I'd be put on the schedule. That would take a few weeks. Next, they had the material and she would get me scheduled in a few weeks. Literally one day later, I was scheduled for early the next week, 4 days away.

Through the process of not getting dates and only estimates of "a few weeks" I asked some of these girls if I could speak with a supervisor. Each time they advised me that she was busy and when I insisted (4 times) they transferred me to her phone where I left a voice mail for Jen. Never received a return call.

Spoke with a nice girl today to finalize payment and I told her that I was happy with my garage but not with the service and planned to warn everyone about the lousy service. She (Delores) asked what she could do to make things right and I told her it was too late but a call from Jen mupight help. She said she would make that happen. I didn't expect it but surprise, Jen did call about 4hrs later.

Jen is the supervisor that I left 4 messages for and her explanation of why she didn't return them is that she never received them. Well, either she's not telling the truth or I made up the whole thing or else their messaging system doesn't work. Either way, the customer service is horrible and reading the other reviews on line, seems like maybe they are OK with that. At least they know it's bad and other than firing girls and hiring new ones (4 different girls in less than a month), they don't seem interested in fixing things.

Bottom line, good garage, good installation, good price but the customer Regards, service is the worst. Seems that Jen is ultimately responsible??
Mark Johnson

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