Coach USA Bus Companyreckless and dangerous bus driver

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Some of these NJ Transit/Coach USA bus drivers are rude and dangerous that they put too many lives in dangers. It seem like every time I get online or get news alerts there is another reckless bus driver doing something inappropriate or killing innocent citizens passengers or pedestrians. I recalled how this one particular bus driver had a terrible and volatile and nasty temper on bus 709. This driver had blown pass me a few times when I flagged him to stop. I know the driver saw me because he and I had made eye contact with one another. He had an evil blanket look when he saw me along with this devilish grin. I could not understand why he will not stop for me anymore. Yes, we exchange words about I did not pay for a two way far; which was a lie. I told the driver I will not ever try to escape for paying. The drive appears to me to be under an influence on some type of substance (drugs or alcohol). The short stubby bus driver had an accent as if he was from the islands like Haiti or Jamaican. I was a passenger on bus 709 a few times.

I was shocked when I did not see the driver anymore on bus 709. A few years late I started taken bus 708 I was shocked to see this bus driver again. I said to the creator, oh hell you must do not really like me. I witness this bus driver exchange unpleasant word with a young boy about fare. The boy told the driver who you think you are cursing at; you do not know who you are messing with. The bus driver responded to the boy and said, "No you do not know who you dealing with because I will end your life and get away with it. And, still, have my job while you are die. I got away with killing a boy before and I will get away with it again because the bus company will have my back. They will take my word over yours. I get away with everything and nothing will happen to me. I am the most dangerous bus driver you do not want to deal with. When I heard him said that I shocked my head.

Most of all I was taken back when he sought brag about ending a boy's life then get away with it. Who does this? This driver is deadly to pedestrians and passenger. He should not be operating a bus. I am surprised to learn that this driver is still operating a bus. NJ Transit needs to lose their transportation business license along with Coach USA. I hope Romaine get what's coming to him. He is a sick man. Who brags about killing someone?
This man needs to be under the jail. He needs to be FIRED ASAP! The bus companies should be shamed to allow a deranged person without any interpersonal skills to deal with passengers. This job is not for him. I am glad I came across this site.


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    Grieving Mother Mar 13, 2018

    I read your compliment, and I have some questions to ask you. May you please email me at [email protected]? I think this is the driver you speak of was the one killed, my son. Here is a link to my son's story Here is a picture of the driver in the middle. I truly appreciated you contact me.

    Thank you.

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