I have used PayPal to attempt to update my winzip software because I was repeatedly told it was out of date. What came up was WinZip 24 pro edition. I didn't really want that but for peace of mind, I accepted it as I still haven't managed to get satisfaction from cleverbridge over being charged for an antivirus software charge which I have previously canceled. When this complaint is fixed I will look for the files regarding that problem.

I am 84 born 07/12/1934. I have several serious illnesses and do not need these problems. I don't even want to go through all of this.. I can never seem to get cleverbridge to communicate. The rate tings happen I will probably be deceased before I get anything sorted. If this does not help get things fixed I will contact PayPal to see if they can help.

I have a tax invoice from cleverbridge
Reference number [protected] which invoices me for $Au 35:72 total
Under payment details, it states your PayPal payment has been successfully authorized. Your PayPal agreement for cleverbridge is now active.

Every time I have attempted to finalize this download I am asked to pay again.I have no idea of how to add copies of paperwork.

Sep 30, 2019

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