Clay Cooley Galleria of Chevrolet Dallassales

D Apr 06, 2018

Worst experience ever at the Galleria Chevrolet location! I drove from FT.Hood/Killeen TX (+160miles) to buy a 2014 sonic rs and Tiffany assured me the last 3 days that the car was there and that if it was sold they would let me know. The day prior Tiffany called to confirm that I was still driving up there and that the Sonic was still there. At abound 920am Friday someone called me to confirm that I will be there by 1045 and that the Sonic was there. Soon I step through the door I ask for Veronica? Met with her, I sat down while she went to look for the keys. She comes back saying she couldn't find it and that she would check with the service department for the keys but said alex would start the paperwork. alex confirm that the car was sold the night prior and said they had another sonic in stock, a little higher in price in an LT model. I stopped him short and asked if it was a 6 Speed Manual and he said, no it was an automatic. I firmly said I wanted a 6speed manual. He said he'll be right back to look around and I told him that there was only 2 in the state. So I waited about 5min. While waiting I called Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet in FT. Worth about their 2016 Sonic RS and they still had it, so I hung up the phone and left the dealer. Alex and the other chick was at the front desk with other people talking next to the front door.

PS: The 2014 Sonic RS had 54k mile, at $10, 998? which was roughly $1k over NADA price of non Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). No pictures asked if pics could be sent to my phone day prior, none was texted to my phone.
If you're going to have a sales person in a professional environment, shouldn't hire a female with a tattoo of lips between her breasts. My fault, I should've realized that's a sign of a hood rat working for ratty business.

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