Clarinscrème solaire anti-rides visage; sun wrinkle control cream for face

F Apr 28, 2018

I use this product since 2013. I purchased it always at the shops in the Netherlands. So long I was satisfy and enjoyed this product for my rosacea face. There was no changes everytime i bought a new one that I was able to notice until my last purchase about 2 weeks ago (april 2018) at ici paris xl arnhem. From this last purchased I smell a strong parfume that terribly shocked me (I didn't say that it is a bad smell, I just don't like it). I never thought that such of product should have additional aroma. Because earlier it had almost no aroma/parfume, and it just fine. I am disappoint and definitely won't use this product anymore. Now I become doubtfull for others Clarin's product. Because i also noticed a slight change of smell from product Cleansing Milk (normal or dry skin). But because the changes is not so radical, I still can enjoy it.
Is it the time to move to other brand?

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