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D Oct 11, 2018

I visited Clarins today at Aeon Mid Valley, and I purchased a Tonic oil bottle from my beauty therapist Ms Yuen. I came home and opened it to find a sealed bottle, and the product having a strong wonderful scent. However, back in 18/07/19- I also purchased a bottle of Eau contour oil, and came home and noticed that the bottle was not sealed, and the bottle appeared to be not full.
Secondly, today I also wanted to redeem the beauty discovery kit, which meant the double serum and the same elderly lady who attended to me back in July gave me some other replacement of neck lifting cream and firming cream and both were small sample packs. I am truly dissapointed with - one, the purchase of a opened/used bottle of contour oil and secondly, the replacement of the sample packs in place of the beauty discovery kit when it clearly stated double serum samples. Please kindly address this complaint, as it is truly disappointing to be associated with a reputed brand such as Clarins.

The photos below shows the seal that I am referring to which came with the bottle that I purchased today which I did not received in the previous bottle that I purchased.

service and product
service and product
service and product

  • Updated by Devi20 · Oct 11, 2018

    The date mentioned is 18/07/18 correction there.

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