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nice'n easy

I've just been reading an earlier complaint about a similar product to the one I'm writing about: Clairol nice'n easy Foam, Colour 5A (medium ash brown). Like the previous writer, I have been using this product in its previous form (shampoo, not foam) and the colour was as described. This time (first time I've used the foam) the same colour came out pitch black. It's completely unsuitable for my age and colouring, and looks ridiculous. I'm not sure how to proceed with this complaint, but would like to warn other potential users that what you see is not what you may get!

unpredicatable results

Careful the new foam is unpredictable & clairol does not stand behind their product! In fact i doubt that...

changing dyes

I have used Clairol Nice and Easy Light Ash Blonde 102 for approximately 3/4 years. I have tried many of the blone ones in this range and many other hair dyes (Wella, Loreal, Garnier etc) and found Clairol 102 to be the best as it took out the reds in my hair. My hairdresser even commented on how natural it looks.

The packaging was changed a few weeks ago and I was aprehensive to use it but the website insisted it was just the box that had changed. I did as I always do, the same routine I have done every 8 weeks or so for 3/4 years (My hair has never been damaged by constant colouring either) and when my hair was dried it had a very obvious red tint to it.

Everyone has commented that my hair is looking ginger/red and i find this very upsetting as i now have to find a new hair dye and spend even more money at the hairdressers correcting it - the whole point of the self dye is to save money.

I am upset about the fact that they can just change something, probably because they have found a cheaper ingredient. They obviously wont change back to the original 102 colourings so can anyone suggest a new one or at least where i can get a stock of the old one?

mis-leading customers

I believe their website is inaccurate and/or misleading. Recently I had purchased and used Clairol Natural...

awful customer service

I have expeience a severe allery to semi permanent hair color. by this company. My face is swollen to the max. i can't leave my home for severe days. It itches and pus comes from the scalp. It's very painful. I can't sleep at night. I want to sue this company but don't know where to begin. It has to be something they are putting in the product and we as the consumers are not aware. I look like the elephant woman. I only used a small amount. I had a job interview this week too.

awful experience

This is regarding Miss Clairol 44 (Red Copper) NEW Cover-Precision Formula. Have used MC 44 for ages, a...