Citibankdel g del mundo

Del has been my private banker for many years now & he's really not doing a good job like all private bankers should be doing, which is taking care of my wealth.
He'll only call me when he wants me to buy the stocks or bank notes that he suggested because he can get a commission. He'll take a while or may be not replying my email when he doesn't need me for anything.
I'm complaining today because I really can't stand this kind of bad treatment anymore. When I called up Citibank to complain, they asked me to talk to him but the main reason I called & complained because I need to change to someone better.
Lasts nite (my time) I send an email to Del g Del Mundo, Edmond Lu & Sarah Wan regarding how to fill in the form for reactivate my trading account because I haven't been trading for a long time & I really wanted to trade last night. None of them reply to my e mail till this moment. Do you know how much money I lost.
Can Citigold please ask someone to contact me & change a really good & sincere personal banker for me.
How can Citigold appoint him as Vice President? He doesn't even take care of his client at all besides his personal benefit.
It is really a very disappointing service from Citibank.

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