Christopher & Bankscredit card customer service and policies

C Oct 04, 2019

I placed an online order on 8/8/19 and immediately set up a payment to pay the balance off on the next statement. The payment didn't process, apparently because 8/8/19 also happens to be the close of the billing cycle. They did not send me a statement for 8/9/19 that would have shown the payment didn't happen. On 9/9/19 I received a statement for the amount purchased on 8/8/19 PLUS a $29 late fee and interest. I immediately paid the purchase amount, not the late fee. I contacted the credit card customer service multiple times to get the late fee waived since a flaw in their system didn't process the payment I set up. They refused to consider the waiver. After continued messages, my card is now cancelled and they threatened to report the unpaid late fee to the credit card bureaus. I paid their ransom late fee and will NEVER shop with this store again, and definitely will never deal with a credit card company that doesn't allow you to set up auto payment of the credit card balance every month. Their system is VERY archaic and the customer service people at the credit card company are real jerks.

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