Chipotle Mexican Grillone employee was extremely rude and the other had no sense of urgency when another asked for help.

Sa Oct 21, 2019

10/20/19 I placed an online order that said my order "guaranteed" to be ready at 7:30pm. I got there at around 7:35pm. When i got there, there was a Doordash employee and a man sitting buy the online order shelf. There were 2 other customers in line already there as well. A large family of about 6 came in after me and waited in line. Since i had an online order i stood over by the shelf. There were 4 girls total working (if i can even call it that). Only one was making the food and the other was cooking it. The other 2 seem to have been lollygaging like there wasnt a ton of customer waiting to order and/or waiting for their prepaid online order. The one girl (lets call her employee 1) who was making the food asked the other employee (lets call her employee 2) who was cleaning tables to help her. She dragged her feet while continuing to spray and wipe down another table before going over to "help". At about 7:40 the Doordash employee got up to ask about her customer orders. Employee 1 told her the chips would be about 8 minutes. The other employee (lets call her employee 3) that was there finally decided she was going to work. By this time, 4 other online orders came in waiting for their food. All the while me, Doordash and the man are still waiting for our food 30 minutes after my "guaranteed" time. Finally the Doordash employee gets her food and leaves angered. The man gets his food, he leaves. One girl who cam in well after me gets her online order and leaves. 3 more people who came in after me get their orders and they leave. So i get up and tell employee 3 those 4 people who just got their food came in well after me and my food should have been ready by 7:30 its now past 8pm! She checks the 2 bags that are in front of her and neither was mine. Employee 3 checked a bag that was over by the online order computer and it was mine. She tells me "oh youre food has been done, its over here" in annoyed tone like im supposed to know that bag by that work station was mine. I looked in the bag, it was 1 burrito and 1 burrito bowl. I ordered 2 burritos. I went back up to tell employee 3 this isnt my order. She said "you said that was your last name right?" I said yes, but this is not what i ordered! I tried to show her the confirmation on my phone because the receipt that was in my bag was all oily and was illegible. She said ill just ready the receipt. She had to reprint the receipt because she couldnt ready it (which i tried to tell her). They finally make my food (i was hoping it was correct). Got home and tried to figure out which one was mine and which was my husbands. One was to have extra barbaccoa and spicy stuff and the other was regular with mild spice. They put extra in mine and not my husbands. So no only did i have to wait 40 minutes after my "guarantee" time, my order was still incorrect.

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