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Chacon Autos review: Shady tactics

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First I would like to state that I originally had a positive relationship with Chacon Autos and understood the underlying principals of the company in order to help second chance financers maintain a car. My account representative Christine in Dallas, Texas was very helpful and understanding. I obtained my car with Chacon Autos in June 2010. I was doing ok with payments, a couple of times I was late and had to pay a double payment which I did pay when I said I would. I was able to keep full coverage insurance for the most part sometimes it would lapse and I would restart the policy but everything worked out.
Just recently around the 1st of April 2011 my car was repoed because of no insurance. While I understand the losses the company would face if I was in a car accident so this is not my complaint. Here is the situation that occurred that leads me to believe that this is a crooked company. I was notified by my account manager that because I had no insurance that the company was looking at repossession of my car. I was going through a hard situation where the majority of my money went on providing a place to stay for me and my son and I explained this situation. I also included the fact that I had gotten liability insurance because I was running low on funds for the month. Since I was running late on my payment and I did not have full coverage insurance my account representative said we can work with you on a late payment but you have to get full coverage insurance or they will repo your car. I then asked about the deferred loan that was supposed to be available to help you maintain insurance and she did not know what I was talking about. This information was told to me at the signing of the contract sale of the car and it was also a deciding factor when I purchased the car.
After hearing this I agreed to get full coverage insurance the next day. I called the insurance department in Dallas about which deductible I needed while I was in the Insurance office and the lady on the other line in the insurance department kept asking my insurance representative where they were located and hassling her about standard or limited full coverage which they have never done before. Then I went to go get paper work out of my car and my car was gone when Chacon Autos knew I was at the insurance agency getting insurance. This is so unethical because when you know someone is taking care of the situation you told them to do in order to rectify the problem normal business ethics would allow for this transaction to take place and then if it is not taken care of, then complete whatever adverse action is needed to at that time.
Even though my business with this company is over I want others to know how shady Chacon Autos is and how ruthless their tactics are when they claim to be a help to people in need of a second chance.


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Apr 17, 2011 10:20 pm EDT

Sorry dude, but sounds like it was a situation where you are better off without the car. Plus by your own telling of the story it sounds as though they gave you alot more then just a second chance, and it became a hassle for them to keep you as a 'customer' and them at a constant state of loss. Sorry about your luck, but they did no wrong, they simple gave you several chances, and when they realized it wasn't getting better, they had to cut their losses.


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