Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Companyrestrooms and employees

I've been to the park multiple times this summer and never had an issue until this past weekend. We were at the park Oct. 4th, 5th, and 6th.

The restrooms on Saturday were absolutely horrible.
**My daughter started to go into a stall and the girl before her told her not to go in because there was no toilet paper
**The floors were sticky, poop was flung on the wall and door of one of the stalls and it ran down
**There was the back of pad stuck to the floor with blood on it
**The toiletries bin was overflowing onto the floor

We were at Guest Services in the evening on Saturday, when we came out, we were asked if we'd like our photo taken by a young kid named Ty. We said yes and while we were answering, he asked another couple! When my daughter and her friend were taking a photo she said "hold on" and he told her "I already took the picture. You should have said something before I said one".

The Coke station the frontier area, across from the Kettle corn and funnel cakes location ran out of syrup and ice as well. TONS of people were wanting drinks and we couldn't get anything

Sunday was better except for the employees at Panda Express. Our party split up and both of us had a bad experience there, hours apart! I also saw on Facebook that others did as well.

Our experience was... The last person on the line gave us a plate that wasn't our and we told her this. She double checked with the guy behind us in line--not his either. She then asked the person that takes your order and she told her we ordered it. I took it to the cashier (was sitting by the door, had brown hair and glasses) and SHE is the one who I talked to a manager about. I told her we didn't order it and was told it was ours. She said "you can buy it if you want it". I repeated myself. She then went and asked the girl who gave it to us and she told her the exact same thing as us. She then asked "Amari". She came back and said "Amari said she didnt say that". She then got a smart mouth with us and I asked for a manager, his name is Jeff. She was being overly nice to everyone after me and I told him that and that you could tell she was nervous about me speaking with him. She then mouths off "Im not nervous". I asked him "did you just hear her?" He kept offering us more food and I told him no multiple times that I wanted an apology from her not food and he refused to have her apologize, instead, he apologized for her. Next thing you know, we had another plate on table--even after I told him no. That was a nice gesture, but her apologizing for her behavior would've been better.

Oct 07, 2019

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