Cathedral Hygienescam 5 year contracts

C Jul 16, 2019

Unfair Terms and One-sided Contracts

This company mis sold us a 5 year contract to supply air freshners and wash room soap.
The sales rep installed a toilet air freshener in the office space which caused headaches and people to feel ill within two weeks we asked for it to be removed.
Then started the scenario from hell! Constant hounding to pay up a 5 year contract even though the product was installed incorrectly by themselves, ridiculous fees to pay for the air freshener which are £20 on amazon. Ridiculous fees to have a qualified technician remove the offending air freshener. (really 1 screw)

Chasing with debit collection agency (Another department of theirs funny that they are so geared up for this!) for full 5 year fees.

Avoid them at all costs this is a scam artist company with terrible customer service

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