Castlerock Securitylawsuit over 4 deaths


Numerous allegations of bad faith regarding automatically renewing contracts (and a refusal to notify or cancel them) have been noted here. that alone should be reason enough to think twice before using or staying with castlerock. howerver it gets much much worse.

Castlerock security of arlington heights, illinois used to be called security associates international (sai) until it was acquired by castlerock in 2008.

In 2007, sai (which in now castlerock), was accused of improperly responding to a california fire alarm. two firefighters and two residents in the burning home died!!! here is the complete report from the local fire department spelling out castlerock's misconduct.

Here is a story about one of the firefighters widows who sued

Http:// 2008-08-21/bay-area/[protected]_ 1_fire-district-firefighter-s - death-fire-department

Additionally, sai and castlerock security have better business ratings of d - and f respectively.

Http:// business-reviews/burglar - alarm-systems-dealers - monitoring-and-service/ security-associates - international-in-arlington - heights-il-[protected]


Please keep these unpleasant facts in when deciding if you want to use castlerock and feel free to pass these important facts around.

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